Saturday, July 2, 2016

XP -- Gaia News Brief 2 July 2016

Ross asked me to share with you my opinions on the Kryon channeling event I was 'nudged' by Spirit to attend today.

I'll break it up into three parts--before the event, during the event, and after the event--just to be organized in my thoughts.

Buying The Ticket
I REALLY did not want to go. I had just read the book The Gaia Effect and was rather miffed. I didn't like it. I didn't like how the author, Monika--really gives much of her energy to this 'cause'.

When it comes right down to it, I simply don't TRUST people who do not meditate, who do not 'resonate' with my own truth, and travel all over the world giving New Age lectures.

Although this had gone on for years in my area, I had never really bothered to attend. Spirit wanted me to go.

I stalled. I called at the very last minute and guess what?

Only one ticket was left.

I was meant to go.

I had spiritual back-up in case this was another Cobra.  I got sucked into that and am very thankful I listened to the advice of Alexandra Meadors and got out when I could.

The only reason I went to the first Cobra seminar, is that I knew from Spirit an Archon would be present at the event, and my energy was sent there to block it. Both Alexandra and I were 'blinded' to accomplish our own individual assignments.  I know the truth now, so does she, and we both severed all ties to that group.

To be honest, I didn't even want to go to Kryon and be with the crowd. There's a certain kind of personality who attends, and although most of the time I don't mind, I just wasn't in the mood to 'hang out' on a beautiful Saturday in summer.

My path is one of obedience. Some people live lives of poverty to achieve the same spiritual goals. Both lives are difficult.

So I paid the money, bought the ticket, and planned to go.

At The Event
I was late. I got held up at the post office. They take forever to look up your packages when you get that little slip at your house. I went in line for the international package I had to send. I had completed the small customs form. I was told to fill out the large one. So I got out of line, got in the pick up your package line, filled out the large customs form, and nobody came to the window. The line to mail the international package was short, so I went into it, switching back to the original line.

The clerks said, 'why did you put it in this Priority Mail box? It's expensive!'.  I had looked up the smaller box, it was affordable to Sweden. But Spirit has guided me--to the letter--what to make, what box, what to put in the box, and how.

This is a classic example of 3D not being able to understand is very does not dawn on some people that some things are more important than money! And they are!

I told the lady I would pay whatever price because that box had to go out TODAY! (Spirit was nudging me the whole time, strong.)

Well the nicest thing happened.  I asked the person to please share the cost with me for the postage--I hadn't expected it to be so high.

She offered to pay for all of it. It was sixty six dollars!  I was thankful and appreciated how it worked out.

This is the law of obedience in a nutshell--you don't KNOW how it's going to turn out, but you trust your guides--and somehow in ways you'd never imagine it just does.

I also have a nice surprise.  When I THINK about people, somehow, they show up. Either they send me a message or a card, or they communicate with me on some social media.  Allie hadn't written to me in a year.  I kept wondering if she was okay? Was she mad with me? Had she died? But in my box was a beautiful birthday card, complete with an island and tropical music.  It was a generous and thoughtful thing to do. Allie talks to Metatron. She was one of the first to tell me he's not that bad. I used to be very against him, because of all the New Agers giving him qualities I didn't like, saying messages were from him (when in fact they weren't) Metatron and I are very close. He sponsored my father, who was from New Hampshire like Allie.  What Allie and a lot of you don't know, is I was incarnate there too, as my dad's maternal grandmother, who went by the name of Emma Houle and died of tuberculosis when my grandmother was only four.  I love the energy of that area very much. I visited once, in 1993, and felt immediately home. I must admit, however, it felt eerie to be standing on your own grave. We visited the cemetery for my grandmother, who was traveling with us, and also my Aunt Edna. It was kind of hard to take in. Now both Aunt Edna and my grandma are in Heaven. Come to think of it, all of my father's family, including him--two parents and four kids...are there.

So I arrived. The lady Amanda with the tickets said, 'I was WONDERING about you Carla!'

I had a stern talking to with Kryon once I sat--with my mind. I said, 'Kryon, all of these people belong to Gaia, and I want them to come home. There is to be NO COMMUNICATION of any kind which would lead them astray.'  I showed him Ross, my Council, and how I meant business.

Ross and I together flashed a blast of the brightest cleansing energy we have ever sent (we work as one unit when we do this), too. It cleansed every connection ever affiliated with the Kryon work--to souls.)

The people were exactly as I thought, except perhaps a little more financially well-off. Lots of grey, lots of nice clothes, lots of fancy New Age 'accessories'.  So I sat.

Lee has a very nice Keynote  power-point type presentation. I didn't want to pay attention at all because it was like an infomercial at the start--here's my book, here's this trip, here's another trip, here's my card deck--I didn't pay one hundred dollars to be told to buy MORE. But the people sitting around me were all into it, and I realized, this is their 'guy', and he is a celebrity to them, and they go way back. They buy all of his things. Just like I used to do with that person I don't want to say that name a second time.

I saw 'me' in them, at least, the 'me' I was in 2011 and 2012.

This in itself was a 'test' of sorts of my own on Spirit. I KNOW Kryon is a collective--not really a 'person'.  I can sense it. And I wanted to know if Lee or Kryon could 'pick up' who I am?  Would anyone say anything? Is this when I come 'out'? Is that why Spirit is sending me?

(BTW I had been guided exactly what to wear. No makeup. Navy blue polkadot dress. White sandals. White sweater with the lace back. Hair up in a bun as if I didn't care--I didn't even brush it. I had put it up like that for the shower and Spirit said--wear it like that. So I did. Oddly enough, I wasn't allowed to wear fragrance. I was told there would be many who are sensitive to it, and not to wear it at all. So I followed that guidance too.  To the letter.)

Basically it's a dog and pony show. Lee has different 'themes' from Kryon. Lee is an engineer, I liked him. He is engaging, and funny. He does a nice job of presenting his data. As he went through his routine, I wondered how he could do six hours of channeling?Well, he didn't. It was perhaps thirty minutes in two fifteen minute chunks, one before lunch break (thirty minutes) and one at the end of the day.

I had connected my heart center to everyone present in the room. I also sent out today's Reiki Healing and Divine Peace Healing from that room. And I observed.

What I saw was a people who had been conditioned to listen to an expert. This expert was New Age--and he challenges the classic New Age 'party line' in some instances--but the format is the same. There is something I know, that you don't know, and I am going to tell you. Then we will BOTH know something most OTHER people don't know. My heart opened more to these souls who didn't know how to strengthen their OWN connection to Source enough to not need a Lee or a Kryon. And in THIS I understood I was not to judge either party, the lecturer or the attendee because we were simply not on the same page. 

During the first channeled message, I got a resonance with three things--I felt spirit talking to me directly. The first was I KNOW who you ARE.   The second was ONE person here very much wants PEACE.  And the third was you have been surrounded by a MILLION ANGELS saying just hang on, just hang on, just hang on a little longer! One other thing was getting used to a human being used to communicate for spirit, some explanation Kryon gave, giving me a 'peek' at why I 'sense' so much of Lee coming through in the channeling.

Scientist that I am, I thought, 'what if he says that to everyone? I know's a cool line, you know?'

I ate lunch where spirit told me to eat. I ordered what spirit said, 'a sandwich'.  It was huge, and I saved the other half in the fridge at the venue. I guess that was important too. (at the end of the day, I saw the back office. I saw what makes my favorite place 'tick'. It was nice.)

The afternoon was fascinating. Reincarnation ( a clip by ABC from YouTube)

I enjoyed very much the explanation of potentials--how things look from outside of time--in order to predict certain events.

Things I am skeptical about?
  • A Kryon prediction about the Pope stepping down (Illuminati would know this too)
  • Walk-ins are a way to share bodies for two souls, the one that doesn't want to go through the growing up process steps in at 8-10 years. (Divine Mother and Father say only one soul per body, not two. I have also witnessed a walk-in take place several times while giving anesthesia, since I am a psychic and medium and healer too.  By mutual agreement, one soul goes out and another goes in. The second one is highly trained to be undetectable, the exact same as much as possible, as the first. The first one, for some reason, is just 'done' and the second wants the learning experience. )
  • There wasn't any guidance to get others to 'connect more' to Spirit--and the invitation to 'meditate and honor the energy' of the space seemed 'hollow'. People just bolted.
  • How Lee kind of made fun of Jan, his ex who he says is close still, about her 'crystals', in a self-depreciating way. I didn't really SEE him honor her Divine Feminine. And SHE is the one who got him to open up. 

All in all, it was a worthwhile day. I learned a little. I think Lee as remarkable and genuine as he is, has a few pieces missing from the total picture because he isn't a psychic or a medium or a healer. (Ross is smiling over this one)

After The Event
On some level, things settled deep in my soul.

Kryon explained during the last channeled message, that people aren't going to have a 'blank slate' when they reincarnate again. Even I did, this time around, and I had to wake up when I was older. It took forever. NOW I have all the memories of my past lives, and now I am able to accept what is 'quantum'--Reiki, Galactic 'ways'--things like that. I'm fortunate to be able to achieve the same kind of deep healing little James Linegar was able to do in Japan, for I too have been very tortured as a soul from one incarnation to the next over what happened to me with Ross. 

Gaia will heal because the people who inhabit her aren't going to forget everything they learned while they were living; people will develop Soul Stewardship because they KNOW the choices they make while they are incarnate will make a lasting effect on the earth (in her grids).  It will take several generations, but war will disappear. Possibly faster depending on the Wild Cards who are incarnate (Tesla, Jobs were examples given of a Wild Card).

So I found I was able to do the tasks that needed to get done, and to go to sleep at a decent hour. 

I didn't force myself to do my paperwork I have been putting off. Instead I took care of other, lesser tasks that needed less 'brain power' on my part. 

Now I feel the call for Ross. It's time for me to go to sleep.

Ross got me the prettiest necklace for my birthday. It's one of a kind. It has a little heart. You might want to look for it in the pictures. 

He cares about me so much. 

I am healthy enough to feel his pain now, his insecurity. He doesn't have fear. I can see how it affected him, whatever it was I have been doing in my own pain and suffering and running. He acts as if he experienced my rejection of him at some time but I totally can't remember. And it hurts and makes me sad to think I ever did that to him at all. He's so polite he never would mention it or hold it against me, I know. But as I heal, I can feel things a year ago I couldn't, about him. 

One thing I know, is he and his teams are working 24/7 to help us heal from all the mess we have become due to The Powers That Were. 

(a joke Lee shared was the 'prediction' that Hillary is going to divorce Bill and marry Trump...just saying... LOL)

Anything can happen. I know there was a huge 'push' like this to get us out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. I think that one took quite some time too. It wasn't instant. 

Either way, it's cool. I'm cool. And I really like my crystals. (He explained how they are benevolent, they hold vibration, and they know us--all of which I agree).

(Ross just does the clap! clap! and lets me know he will speak tomorrow. )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

P.S. Carla's birthday is the seventh. It's not here yet. Ross was a little bit early due to postage. That's what came in the mail today and Carla had to sign for it.