Friday, July 8, 2016

U R COURAGEOUS -- Gaia News Brief 8 July 2016

Yesterday I was given the gift of expanding my Consciousness; it's not a lot, but the part I have been given is beautiful and I want to share.

I could see how the angels see; I could appreciate the individuals in a very crowded place and love them from my heart because of it.

I saw how people are courageously going through their lives, with little or no inkling of the grander scope of Spirit behind their being here incarnate in the first place.

I saw and understood the miracle in how people are able to love one another, feed one another, get through illness, clothe themselves, support themselves and their families, put a roof over their heads, pay their bills, accepting every little hardship (some of them not so little) and SMILE and enjoy their families and friends.

It's like a beautiful bird with all its feathers plucked out, picked on by the other chickens in the pen, which is still laying eggs and struggling to get it's part of the chicken scratch and water and not being mean about it.

It's like the concentration camp people who share their last bit of bread with others to console them, even though they too are hungry and their own bread is not enough.

It's like the mother of triplets who are each developmentally/physically 'special needs' who embraces her life, her family, and makes the best of what she has been given by God with joy.

When you start to look around, the view is AMAZING and you are going to like what you see.

It's really nice!  It's breathtaking when you see with the eyes of Love...when you start to see people like their dog sees them...and to love them no matter what.

On Manifesting

My favorite vegan posted a vegan post, something along the lines 'all animals deserve to live'--on Facebook.

Everyone knows you are vegan.

Not everyone has the Consciousness yet to appreciate that you are 'holding the space for them'.

To post on Facebook, with all its good intentions, is 3D, duality-based.

To sit in meditation, and visualize the Lion with the Lamb and them not eating each how to drive the goal using the energy of 5D.

To see with your mind's eye people being happy and satisfied without meat...and meat being a thing of the how to bring the energy UP enough for this desired outcome to happen.

PETA shocks the world with images of vivisected animals. This is fear-based publicity. It is not compatible with the energies of 5D. This approach may have turned some people vegan in the past. But it's more like, our love for animals is more than your love for them.

Love everything and everybody.

Meat eaters will not stop eating the meat they love without being unconditionally loved to the point that their Consciousness raises.

Meat eaters might be willing to try a meatless meal first, or a meatless day...which is a huge plus and deserves encouragement for their efforts which might not seem much to a vegan but is HUGE HUGE HUGE for them and their cultural background and family of origin.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither is the future.

I'm visualizing the people in wheelchairs being made whole. I'm visualizing people in perfect health of mind, body and soul.  This is where I am 'holding the space'. And except for this brief mention of it here, I am not saying a word of it to a soul. Because words are not where the creative energies are. It's all in the intention. <3

You will have the future where animals are safe. There is no other outcome possible on Gaia. The question is when and where and how <3

I love you.

Ross' Work

Ross is a busy man. I can't begin to comprehend how he functions in his day to day. I do know I am not the focus of his work.  I leave it alone, his work.  I couldn't understand it, and I've made enough faux pas to leave him in the realm of his mastery, and love him as his wife and soul Twin.

I support him at home, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Even though I am here on assignment and under the Veil.

I think it's a burden I can't yet bear to be approached by others who know him on some level that is related to his work, and be expected to 'get it' or 'comprehend' the relationship between him and those he interacts with through his work.   If you know him and are close to him, if he doesn't tell you to disclose this to me, I think it is best--due to my delicate nature--to keep it mum until my consciousness is at the right level to handle it.

Thank you.


Carla had a birthday yesterday. It was her fifty-second.

I apologized to her in advance I couldn't be there.

There were no 'fireworks' for my arms or even in my presence.

Carla accepts this, and was delighted just to spend the day with her son.

Carla does not get enough time with me, because of who I am and my various work-related commitments.

I treasure the time--and I see it up the road--where I will be able to relax and enjoy her to myself.

(he is a little choked up--ed)  Carla made a wish for me.  On her blowing out the candle. Carla made a wish and gave it to me.

Her birthday wish that she waited all year long for was given as a 'free pass' for me to have my own wish--she transferred it to me.

That is the heart of my woman, and the mother of Anthony our boy (he is my spiritual child, although in the physical as the son of Jared)....

Carla I count the days!

I'm coming home. Soon!

I thank you for all your patience and generosity of soul.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple