Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dr. Oz--Super STAR!

I've met Mehmet Oz.


I have met Mehmet Oz, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Back in the day, in San Diego, California, at the Society of Cardiac Anesthesiologists February Transesophageal Echo Workshops. I think the first time I heard him speak was in 2002. He talked about valves or TEE and Cardiac Surgery from the surgeons' point of view.

Mike Roizen, MD, a Cardiac Anesthesiologist, spoke too.

The star of the conference was Dr. Carlos Duran, a surgeon who pioneered the Duran Classification for the Mitral Valve. As always, there are many competitive pairs of surgeons who absolutely HATE each other, for example, De Bakey and Cooley, Carpentier and Duran, and Jamieson and Starnes. Carpentier has the OTHER nomenclature system.

Anyway, Dr. Duran got old, and good of Dr. Oz took his place in leading the pig heart dissection session. That's when I met him. He gave me advice on how to dissect the heart. That was like, he's a total surgeon and I'm a total anesthesiologist LOL. Who would have known twenty years later he would be Dr. Oz the health guru and I would be Reiki Doc!

One of the things I admire most about Dr. Oz is he brought Reiki openly into the O.R. With Meredith Kendall, RN, MSN, Reiki Master, who wrote the book 'Reiki Nurse'. (note--there is a separate post about her, earlier)

My mother LOVES Dr. Oz. She listens to everything he has to say. When I came up with the campylobacter jejuni from the raw goat milk, she said, "Dr. Oz says to be very careful about those things raw, especially dairy!". How he got her to listen is an act of God! She never listened to me on anything! Wouldn't even let me look in her ears with the otoscope when I had to practice. But the way he translates health to the masses is in itself a wonderful thing.

Did you know he meditates each morning?

He is one step ahead of us. A Light Bearer. One to lead the way. A Super Star, in Spirit terms.

Check him out, if you haven't had a chance. It's a good thing. Heck, my mom even knows what the omentum is because of him. Do you? ; )

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

On Healing the Earth

There is a little-known modality of healing called DPH. This stands for Divine Peace Healing. It is new, and I would like to explain to you a little bit more about it.

We co-create Peace and Heal Mother Earth on many locations. It is a focused light energy. We direct this to specific places for the purposes of:

1. Healing the Negative Imprints upon the Land(s) of Intent

2. Healing Mother Earth's pain in those locations

3. Requesting assistance to help the souls in those areas who have not yet traveled to the Light

4. Removal of any curses and hexes in the Land(s) of Intent

To do this requires about five minutes. But, it takes a class on learning how to do it, and also an attunement to be able to actually heal.

Subjects as special projects have come up. One of them peaked right before the Egypt situation erupted.  As it did, we transferred the Egypt group to our main healing lists. We pray for the Tsunami group, and currently the Four Corners Group.

As I heal, I feel a direct connection to Mother Earth. And I know healing does some good. It helps to know I am doing SOMETHING, opening up the path for Divine Intervention to step in.

Sometimes, in the OR, I ask Spirit to help with things. To heal my patient in a special way that I am not quite trained to do. I know a healer who does exactly this, and I wish with all my heart I could be trained to do her skill. But there is no training course open yet. But I know the work needs to be done, and I ask Spirit to step in and do this healing for me. Spirit does. In special situations.

So, if you are interested, and want to make something better for our Dear Mother who gives us so much, ask Spirit to direct you in this path. Intent is all that is needed. A daily prayer in the car on the way to work or home is all it takes. And it helps the Earth so much.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reiki and Magic

Magic is the ability to manifest. This means, that the mind is used to make things come to be.

Back in the dark ages, some witches came to be a little excited about what they were able to do. Perhaps in their excitement they were able to share with too many people who were not ready to accept this. Perhaps the witches were careless in their show of their new skill. Whatever happened, the result is the same: witch hunts, persecution, and death.

I have been to Salem. I have met the witch Laurie Cabot. I found her books incredibly useful and explanatory. My Auntie said, "The witches were good people who got treated really bad. They were really smart about healing and helping others. They were just like everybody else." When I met Laurie, I found this myself. She was kind, gracious, and even remembered my Auntie from their younger days in Massachussetts growing up. All I felt was love and light.

Although I never got any spell to work, I took away with me the balance of male and female, of masculine and feminine, of earth and sky. I also learned to 'go into alpha', a mind state where it is very close to what you may experience as daydreaming.  Your mind wanders off, while you are still aware and can set an intent.

That is all there is to it.

And voodoo. I have the Erzulie app on my phone. I LOVE it. Voodoo has nothing to do with sticking pins into dolls. Voodoo is the ancient African belief that everything is alive. Alive! And has its own vibration. Rocks. Trees. Plants. Buildings. People. Animals. The sky. ALL.

Is that not quantum physics in a nutshell?

Everything has its own vibration. It's signature. It's sense. And it also possesses an intelligence, a consciousness, has feelings, a heart and soul. So you talk to it. Yes, you kind of interact with EVERYTHING in a loving way.

This is not the stuff of little bags to kill people or bring luck. That is human form. Setting altars for intent, and knowing that someone cares enough to listen on the other side, that is voodoo. Making a business of it? Doesn't that make it like anything else, where there are good ones and the not so great?

I have not chosen to speak like this before for soul memories run deep.  As a witch who cannot make a spell that works, and as a fan of voodoo that has not yet seen 'success' other than a sense of calm from a little bag of blue tidbits hidden in my bra, I came to Reiki. The time is right and things now manifest.

Reiki is more structured and has discipline. It is experienced and felt. The Reiki energy has a quality to it that buzzes and causes you to feel peace and no pain. What is remarkable about it, is that one can perceive as well as send, so that in healing one can adjust the energy, the balance, and the symbols/tones one sends to the patient. I have adapted a form of Reiki that is used intraoperatively, on the sly, that is free (included in the services of anesthesia).  I can tell what is going on with my patient in preop holding, and make them calmer. I can see a past life in a c-section, and calm the soul that is afraid they are dying again. I know the future outcome of a disease process, and offer the knowing understanding and support that soul needs, a look in the eye of comfort. (I have been called "Braco" by another lightworker) My drugs and equipment that I select for the care of a patient are inspired by spirit AND many years of clinical experience. Reiki helps my son sleep, to seek balance. Reiki helps my heart, and gives me hope on my path, for life is not an easy road so far. It will improve.

Why do I write all this? Why do I share? Out of love. Love for you, for Laurie Cabot, for Marie Laveau, for Mikao Usui-sensei, and for all that have made the path a little brighter for me. We are one, in this together. And we need to wake up and smell the coffee to what is going on in our life on Earth. We are connected, both in body to Mother Earth and in Spirit to God in Heaven. Practice your faith. Seek Nature. Be gentle, kind, and loving. Help others any way you can. You can help plants, and trees, and rocks if you think people are really not worth the effort. It will help.  You may help animals if you prefer.

Think good thoughts. Love everybody. Forgive. It is Right.


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 28, 2011

On The Collective Consciousness

Have you ever seen the Will Farrell movie Elf?

Isn't it wonderful?

I love the part where Jovie sings, and everyone else in the crowd, even hardened New Yorkers like Buddy's dad sing too. It makes me cry it is so wonderful. And the really amazing part is I can explain it to you, what is happening, in proper terms.

"I am a rock....I am an island....and the rock feels no pain...and and island never cries" the Simon and Garfunkel song, The Boxer, is illusion. As simple as that. No one is an island.

We are not our bodies.

We are more.

Let's move up on the chakras. How many are there? For the most part, people say seven. I add a few extra, because that's what my spiritual teacher taught me. There are actually more, in some practices.

Red/Black--the root chakra. It grabs onto the earth and is involved with survival. Not sex for pleasure/love. Raw passion to procreate.

Orange--a little below the navel.  This one is the world of emotion. Love, the feelings, either good or bad, creativity. I would say that the entire Home and Garden Network is a lot about Orange. The food network, too.

Yellow--solar plexus. Personal power, mentally fit, will. My way or the highway. Ever wonder why there are so many diabetics? Because our yellow chakras are on overload around here! Way out of balance.

Green--heart chakra. Love and nurturing and all its strengths.

Pink--about three centimeters up, at the sternal notch. Love in its purest integrity, angelic harmony and Light.

Blue-throat. Everyone is talking and no one is listening? Blue is about  communication.

Indigo--pituitary. Clairvoyance. Intuition. Now we are getting to the good stuff!

White--crown. ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE THE HEAD!! Yes! That is your connection to God Source. It is YOU and you don't even know it. It is outside your body! About six centimeters up.

Silver--don't know what it's called, except silver. It is a big sparkly disco ball of light. And again, this one keeps you connected to good and higher things. This one is about five centimeters above the white one. (by the way, the white one is whiter than white, the color of Heaven)

Gold--sparkly and about five centimeters up above the silver one. Angels' color is gold. Somehow this one keeps you connected to all that higher higher stuff! I also know that it protects.

We have 'higher selves'. It's where we go when we sleep. I never realized it until know, but I am sitting in my patient's higher self while I work with them in the OR! Those top three chakras, white, silver and gold.

Well guess what? They connect. To each other. That's how things are 'catchy' metaphysically. We are all connected through the higher chakras in some way, where we are linked like a network or something, and for lack of a better term, it is called The Collective Consciousness.

Jovie, follows her heart, senses that Buddy is in real trouble, overcomes her fear of singing in public, and  uses her faith in Buddy's statement 'the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to Sing Out Loud and Clear'. By activating The Collective Consiousness, the meter on Santa's Sleigh went up. And she saved Buddy's life, and saved Christmas.

Brave girl.


Reiki Doc

My Day Off

I got the day off from work today.

How did I do it?

With an ER doctor's note. I have contagious diarrhea, dehydration, and a white blood cell count over 13.

What happens when you are sick at work? Somebody ELSE has to do YOUR WORK. So, the guy on twenty-four hour call Sunday, gets to do a forty-eight hour call through Monday on Labor and Delivery. Fortunately, he is used to doing back-to-back calls, and is my friend.

He actually escorted me to the ER yesterday, from a respectful, 'I don't want to catch what you have' distance.

How did I get sick?

I am human.

In my quest for what made me 'feel better' I had started eating raw foods. Some of my friends are into it, raw dairy, raw meat. I would just do the raw produce and raw dairy.

Last week on Tuesday I had eaten raw when I was on OB call. Raw pizza, raw cayenne hummus, little peppers to dip, and raw goat milk. Although I bought from a well-known natural food store, I made the mistake of not actually knowing my growers like my friends do. The raw Hawaiian, she buys her dairy frozen from Pennsylvania Amish and ships it all the way out to Big Island.

I still felt good though, except sleepy, on Wednesday after my Tuesday call. I spent the day with my son, watching T.V. because I couldn't do much of anything else. Thanksgiving was cancelled by my family. Someone has a transplanted solid organ, and the steroid dose just got adjusted. My son had an ear infection. So on Thanksgiving day, we stayed at home. I cooked, but my oven is small. I made the stuffing, outside the turkey in a casserole. But I let it sit warm on the stove. This could have been culprit number two.

Friday, 'Black Friday' as the shopping industry calls it, is NOT an OR holiday. I was slated to work. I had orange juice with some SpiruTein powder in it. When I am pressed for time, I substitute a meal with that. We left the house extra early to take my son, who had no school, to my mother's who lives twenty minutes on the other side of my work. Mid morning, I got the chills, and couldn't shake them. I had hot water bottle, blankets, and was taking care of patients in the OR. I told the charge nurse I didn't feel good. I wanted to know when I could go home. She would have to call my buddy back, and he had just told me he was picking the kids up from his dad because his wife was going shopping. So I worked, sick, the whole day. I got home to my mother's and crashed for four hours, shivering under a blanket.

Saturday, seven a.m., I was back at work on Labor and Delivery. I had just dropped my son off at his dad's at six. Instead of checking the OR and saying hi, I lay in an old dirty bed. When the cleaning lady came by at eight, I went to the cafeteria. Cafeteria hours are strange on weekends. One hour for breakfast, two for lunch and closed in between. I got Coke, Sprite, bananas, Cheerios, a yogurt, fruit, and white toast. I came back and lay in bed, shivering. At noon, c-section. But RN couldn't get i.v. I did but it wasn't easy. I went back to bed until two a.m. Epidural. I didn't even do the paperwork. Just the electronic orders. Three a.m. epidural. Six twenty a.m. epidural.

Illness has a purpose. I want these two days off more than anything. I needed a rest. I have needed vacation for two months. I am working way too hard for my body. Add to it the hours I keep, so I drop my son off and make sure he gets picked up. And the fact that there is trouble from his father.

Can you believe his father and grandmother didn't want to take him to the doctor on Tuesday? They only agreed when I had said I had paid the copay in advance? And that yesterday he asked me to give him the money that he had spent on the medicine? I gave him fifty bucks. Our son couldn't believe it. His father is l-o-w.

If I didn't know, underneath it all, that love and kindness are going to win, I would fight it. But I haven't got much fight left.

So where's the Reiki?

I don't know. It's gone quiet. Sometimes when we learn powerful lessons, the help is unseen. And in my case, unheard. The kindness of the nurse and doctor in the ER meant so much to me. I apologized for the  RN having to bottle up my stool sample. It was that gross. I learned that ER gurneys are never comfortable. And that the warm blankets get cold after about ten minutes, and you shiver under the air conditioner. You hear the neighbor say, 'I can't pee' and a great big 'ah!' after a nurse puts in the foley. You see in their eyes that the overworked workers really care.

I learned I can put in epidurals flawlessly while sick.

And that I break.

And in my quest for 'raw natural food wholeness', I almost died. My potassium was low, and if I had not been making myself drink coke mixed with LR, a very nasty substance meant for i.v.'s, the potassium would have been much lower.  I was close to death. And now we are killing all the bacteria in my gut to get me well. And starting again.

Back to sleep. It is so nice to have a day off.


Reiki Doc

Friday, November 25, 2011

Reiki Holiday

The seasons are upon us.

What do I think?

I like them. Nostalgia is a good thing. But also, I am seeing past the commercialism that turned me off since I was a kid.

Wednesday night was the first night of our annual Holiday hobby: driving through the neighborhood looking for lights while listening to the holiday radio station.

What started at first as a way to appease my son in his quest for bigger and better inflating Christmas Characters on the lawn, since we don't have a lawn and I couldn't figure out how to get the plug to reach out in front, has become a tradition.  Even though we have 'all the stuff' out front, and a new plug built in just for this purpose by an electrician friend, we like to go and see what our neighbors have to do.

This time I was struck by two things:
   1) These displays really are a 'light in the darkness' and evoke lots of joy in those who see them.
   2) the tiny apartment display on the balcony shed as much love, if not more, than the typical yard.

When else do you get to show how kind you are to strangers and coworkers and family?

It is a season built on love. And giving. And sharing for those who are less fortunate.

It has the power to STOP WARS, if only for a day and night.

It has the power to seek peace in families, reconciliation.

It also marks the passing of time.

Christmas is the time which reminds us all life, is a circle, and in the cycle of the year we start again.

I call it Christmas. Some have other names for it, like Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Solstice, Yule. No matter what, the concept is the same.

I found freedom from the 'Holiday: Commerce Day' when I let go of all expectation regarding the holiday. Yes, I still find discomfort from having to work instead of be with my family. And from being single at a time when couples and family are highlighted the most. Letting go means letting more light in from Source.

Enjoy your time with the Holidays. You may not pass this time again. Enjoy it. Just for you.

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reiki and Telepathy During Epidural Placement, Part Two

I was prepping the back of a new mom, and in epidural mode of thought.

She said something and I said, "It's all good"

No sooner had I said it then the father, who was seated on the couch watching intently, and quiet, his voice popped into my head, "that's because you make the big bucks!".

I looked at him briefly, and thought back,"I am going to take good care of your wife and baby. I worked long and hard to do this. Watch and see for yourself." And I put it in flawlessly and quickly.

"Wow. You ARE good!" he thought, never saying a word. But the eyes. The eyes tell everything. From the tense body language and gaze (leaning forward, elbows in, chin on fist) to relaxed and seeing his wife feel better (leaned back, arms open, relaxed and smiling with good eye contact).

I am going to think of this telepathy as something that happens when I am focused and relaxed, and like an upgrade of sorts in communication.

In the near future interactions
Ike this are going to happen more often for more people. And the benefit is that no one is going to be able to lie. They may try but all will know the truth.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I don't get sick

I have allergies and asthma. I catch every bug that comes along. In the hospital, the flu, bronchitis, and the rest run like a plague. Certain coworkers get it first. They come to work and Bam! Next you know you are not wanting to get out of bed.

Going through the Reiki training makes it worse. As you release old stuff energetically to make room for higher frequencies, you feel like you have a cold or worse. But it's the cleanse.

A Reiki cleanse is the only kind of cleanse I believe in. Liver flushes and colon cleanses make me laugh.

What I have done, as I have progressed through Reiki Master and beyond to Karuna Reiki Master, is to consciously try to keep my vibration up. I calibrated myself against the angel stone phenokites. A year ago I couldn't feel it. Now I can. Also, a light worker met me by surprise at someone else's home and exclaimed, 'wow! You could light up the entire city of Los Angeles with your light!'

How do I do it? Omit negative thoughts. Open my heart. Eat organic, non GMO foods, fair trade origin wherever possible, raw when I can, way less meat, still dairy (just had raw goat milk cocoa), and get as much of nature as possible. I am on a roll!

Now I understand how disease will go away: when you are vibrating at a very high vibration energetically, the germs can't connect to you as readily. And when they do, it's milder. I know my allergenic cycle on my LG washer, and my line dryer, and my HEPA Miele investments this year helped too.

But in the big picture, the more we raise our vibration, the less we get sick. We will catch our energetic imbalances before they manifest on the physical plane 3D.


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 21, 2011

Telepathic Communication during Shampoo at the Hair Salon

This actually happened right before the other:

I was lying back in the chair. My hairdresser and I have known each other for over ten years. We are close. We are very spiritual and talk openly, he Jewish and me, well, you know.

As he massaged and shampooed my hair, I deeply relaxed.

And his voice popped into my head, 'God loves you SO much.'

After the first surprise, with my mind, I said, 'thank you. I am so blessed and thankful to have you, too.'

Then, right after that, the patient from this morning popped in, and we had our conversation written in the other post from today.

Reiki and Death in the OR

I finished my case and was walking to the front desk to double-check my assignment. The PACU RN was asking for help to take a piece of equipment off a pole. "I am making epinephrine drip for Dr. X. She has a patient in the OR with a blood pressure of fifty. You should go and help if you have the time."

I walked in, and saw a patient with a head at an acute angle, nasal cannula, BP 116/70, spontaneously ventilating but unresponsive.

Immediately, I felt the quiet of the body (patient was not in it, it was 'quiet') and the spirit of the patient communicating to me in my mind, 'I am trying to die!'. I felt that the patient had wanted to go, but family would not let them, and here in the isolation of the OR the patient was taking their chance.

This is not good, I thought to myself, and started helping my colleague Dr. X.

That blood pressure was from epinephrine push code dose. It fell. Successive doses were not getting response. We intubated, took the headboard off the bed (the patient was not on the table yet), put it under the back, and started chest compressions. I placed an arterial line in the groin but the blood looked venous and there was not pulse. It must have been arterial, and the patient in electromechanical dissociation. There was electricity going fine from the SA node through the heart, but it was not pumping blood forward. Dr. X placed it again, but with chest compressions we saw waveforms. 

At this time, I gave Reiki. The transition symbol. There wasn't much time, but I did. To make it easier on all involved. I did it with my mind as I participated in the Code Blue.

The crash cart came into the room. A scribe started recording the code. We called the family, they wore a special suit over their clothes, and saw in the door as the team explained what was going on. I saw tears of heartbreak through the door. They didn't know I had taken tape off the eyes and the nurses had covered up everything with blankets to make it look prettier than it actually was. 

I had to go start another case, and Dr. X said it was okay to leave. They called the code later (that means to stop life-saving efforts, or 'heroics').

No one came to relieve me, even though I was first to go. That is because Dr. X had a lot of paperwork to do. When I was ready to go home, I walked in because some paperwork was missing and I thought I had left it in the room. Nothing had changed, and it was three hours later. Every death in the OR is a coroner's case.

Psychically, the room was quiet.

I was sitting back getting my hair washed about thirty minutes later at the salon, when I felt the deceased.

'What are you doing here?' I asked, in my mind.
'I bet you didn't expect to see me!' the patient said, and I saw two big bright angels flanking the patient, who was young and happy again.
I was thanked for my efforts. For the doctor work and the Reiki.

In a sly voice, I was told, 'you will make a great wife some day!'

I asked, 'how is this?' incredulously.

'I can see everything up here. The past, present and future. I can see everything. I know. I see all.'

And I said 'thanks!'

And the Spirit was gone.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reiki and the Birth Plan

Today I came on shift, and the nurse in one of the rooms handed me the Birth Plan of the patient in her care.

Anytime we see birthing balls we get the OR ready for cesarean section...just kidding! But I have noticed a pattern I think is a sort of manifestation effect in those who don't want an operation for their birth.

This was a Hypnobirth. Some of the key elements of a Hypnobirth are a dark room, quiet, no touching, and euphemisms to be used by the staff. For exaple:

"pressure wave" is substituted for the words "contractions" and "labor pains"

"birthing" is substituted for "delivery"

"pressure and comfort" --" we do not use the word pain at any time, we use instead pressure, and create comfort with our minds."

The moms listen to their Hypnobirth CD and are cued to the words "release" and "peace"

I didn't really look forward to it. But on the way to the cafeteria, I ran into the dad and mother-in-law. I played dumb and let them discover I am the OB anesthesiologist. Dad asked me when is too late to place it? I explained the difference between a still and a moving target.

He asked me to understand she has a lot of yoga friends and was not trying to be difficult. I shook his hand and said I am a Reiki Master. Completely taken aback, he said, "I am too! I mean two. Level two. I take Reiki Master next."

When I went to the room, I asked him in Japanese to send the distance Reiki as he stepped out for the procedure. I don't think he understood. There was a wonderful dragon tattoo on her lumbar area with the Om symbol. I got it in, and she was calm and comfortable. She was like this, not needing any help, the whole time on the Labor Deck.

"you may as well staple the c section consent to the birth plan." said our charge nurse, a practical Midwesterner.

Sure enough, emergent trip to the OR.

In that moment, I gave Reiki and was moved to give Karuna Reiki as I administered my standard care. She responded.

And I understood. In her past life she had died in the childbirth experience.

This is where the fear is from. So, it is right for them to go to the OR. To "undo" the damage that was inflicted upon the soul by a grand "do over".


My Karuna voice spoke directly to her soul as she was panicking over dying as the incision was being made and the child wrested from her womb. It said, "you will be okay THIS TIME." It worked.

Later in tears she said to me, "you are SO SWEET!" and to the surgeons (and me?) "you are such strong women!"

I cracked the code.

Past life and Abraham Hicks attract Natural Birthing. Birth plans written in fear, and as she said, "that was what I was afraid of all along (surgery)" lead to surgery. Surgery survived helps the soul heal an old wound it has carried many lifetimes.


Reiki Doc

Reiki Sees Chuck E Cheese

I wanted to run.

Saturday night at the local Chuck E Cheese where I often enjoyed myself in the past, and even once thrown a birthday party.


I saw everything through Reiki eyes.

From the workers walking away from the counter as we came up to order, to the child cutting in line ahead of us once we got there, and my son forking out twenty-five bucks on tokens with a buy one hundred get fifty free coupon, it felt surreal.

The pizza, the 'new crispy pizza' was a scientific wonder of dough. The edges were thin and the middle thick. Although the tomato sauce was 'spicier', there was at least fifty percent less cheese on the pizza. It was spread out thinner, and instead of two types of cheese as before, there was one, mozzerella.

Having worked for not one but two consumer products companies in my Chemical Engineering past, I knew 'new improved' always omitted the word 'cheaper' because that is the whole motivating factor behind a 'new and improved' in the first place: to make money. My son argued with me that the middle was doughier. He thought it had MORE cheese. But when I peeled it off and removed that layer, he saw it had less. My mom said on the phone that night, that 'they can't raise the prices any more at places because then people will not come' and due to the economy, newer cheaper products are cropping up everywhere.

This pizza took an hour. No one had delivered it. When I had to ask, at forty-five minutes, I was told 'the kitchen was really busy' and given a stack of seven tokens. We had just washed our hands, so we chose to wait. It takes seven minutes to bake a pizza. I know, I have been to Domino's take out.

Almost every machine was broken. That was a good thing. I put two and two together.

I had seen a clip on YouTube about subliminal programming in advertising and the media. I saw S-E-X hidden all drippy style in red letters. I saw close ups of anal sex going on in the background of a beach scene ad for like, coke or something like it to drink. A friend mentioned that all the Nazi propaganda experts came after the war to Madison Avenue.

And consumerism was born.

I have a problem with that when it comes to my son. Just as in medical school we used to jokingly refer to the smoking section at the hospital as the 'cancer induction ward', the play area at Chuck E Cheese is clearly the 'gambling induction ward'. As my mom said, lovingly, 'it is like Las Vegas for kids'.

That is  disturbing. The majority of the games are going away from games of skill such as pinball, skee ball, basketball to games of adrenaline (boat crashing speedboat race) and games of luck (how to get more tickets). There was a roulette type of game, the ones where the little hoe things push the tokens just like the one at Vegas that pushes the quarters, and a giant slot machine for tickets.

On top of that, I felt the energy. It was not happy. This place was a distraction from Source. Children were hypnotized, parents were worrying about money. I frankly like to watch the behavior of the moms once their kids are away. Do they play? Do they talk? Do they just sit? It is fascinating. Most adults alone are playing with their smart phones.

Now I understand why Spirit advises us to 'stay close to nature'. The man-made entertainment is solely concentrated on the almighty dollar, and how to siphon it off from you. There are games and tricks and annoyances that bring disharmony. To me, it was like watching highly skilled athletes playing in the ball pit and obstacle course at the play area, with all these wondrous beings of Light squandering their spiritual gifts on entertainment, such as Chuck E Cheese.

I told my son about my concerns. I had him lay out his prizes. I asked, "Twenty-five dollars went in to this place. Look at these toys. They are valued at eight dollars. Where did the other thirteen dollars go? Did it help you learn new skills for life? Did it produce thirteen dollars of fun?" I shared, "I spent twenty-three dollars on two dinky cups, a pizza that was not as good as Round Table, that was late. I got thirty-five tokens and seven extra. So many machines were not working, and the ones that did ran out of tickets and had to be fixed while we waited. So Chuck E Cheese did not hold up their end of the bargain for me."

I said, "As long as you know what is going on, fine, go and have a good time. But the trickery of children into becoming people who enjoy going to Vegas is not right with me. Just like people drink or smoke or take drugs, gambling can be something people can get hooked on to as well. I had a cousin who raided his wife's retirement money to take secret trips to Las Vegas during work. Be smart. Be wise. And know the game that they are playing on us first."


Reiki Doc

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reiki and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease of exclusion. Everything else is tested for, and ruled out as not causing the problem. There is a criteria list of like, seven things, and at lease three of them have to be on the list.

The patients suffer, seriously suffer, for most of their lives. And a big part of their constellation of symptoms is getting someone to give them a diagnosis.

I faced my patient with Reiki eyes when presented with one yesterday.

I have always been best at taking care of someone like this. Instinctively. The issue is control. They don't want to give it up. This is illogical because I have strong anesthetizing drugs. They are going to be unconscious in under five minutes once I get them to the room. So I play along with the patient in the Pre-Op holding area, listening attentively to all their symptoms and concerns. I let them decide whether or not to have the anxiolytic prior to going to the OR to decrease their stress levels first. For some, it is blissful haze, mercy, to be made unaware at that time. For others, chemically being 'altered' from the hypervigilant state is scary, frightening, and out of control.

I love them all, my fibromyalgia patients. Always have. A part of me thought there must be something bothering them, otherwise they would be okay, and that something just was not understood yet.

So here I am, a continuous source of Reiki, at the bedside, with a patient who is clearly in distress. Had a migraine in the morning, took some medication for it. And a litany of complaints that are earth-shattering to them, but in the big picture, not anywhere near as serious as the patient whose endometriosis turned out to be metastatic cancer in the OR last week.

I was watching the interaction between doctor and patient. Surgeon was clearly upset. Patient wanted a perfectly normal and healthy part of the body out. (This is the second time I have seen this in two weeks). Patient was convinced this organ was the source of all her pain.

I watched the interaction between patient, parent, and child. There were no boundaries, energetically. Much drama, to the point of following the gurney to the OR and being asked to stay after point X. There were extra kisses and hugs at the door to the OR. It felt creepy to see the parent's energy the way I could as an 'open' practitioner.

Everything went well in the OR. As I was sitting there, while the surgical team took the body part out, I took advantace of the Bair Hugger all over the head of the patient to do some energy work.

I gave Diksha and I saw messages directed from Sai Maa to me. Usually I just feel energy. I was like, okay, cool. Then I started Reiki and did an energetic balance of the chakras. All of this takes me less than five minutes.

Once I connected in, metaphysically, I had a big 'aha' moment: molest. This poor child of God had suffered the agony of molest in an ongoing incestuous relationship. I picked up 'Uncle'. She had probably absorbed major and minor dark entities in the process. I had noted in her eyes 'she was not there' energetically. Probably negative entities too. But the difference between the two is that the dark entity causes pain. It enjoy it, the suffering of the host. The negative entities are like barnacles that are just hanging on, siphoning off life energy for their survival.  I did not feel the dark entities, who usually travel in pairs, a major and a minor together. But I have an agreement with my guides, at the start of every one of these interventions, to find all dark entities, take them out, and protect my patient.

I am protected with a golden net of energy so that dark entities and negative entities cannot attach to my energetic system. There is a whole world that is not seen, but has effects on us every day. I can talk more about that later.

The chakra pattern was like this, low on red, very low on orange, overactive on yellow, normal on green and pink, imbalanced but I am not sure on blue, indigo very quiet, and crown chakra I couldn't get in. Just couldn't. Had to give it to the guardian angel, because that's what you do when a soul refuses Reiki Energy. I gave symbols to calm the mind and the emotions, to protect for transition (dying) and make it easier,  and also symbols specifically designated for healing on a soul level. Reiki is for the body, Karuna Reiki is for the soul. I also spent some time working to open the third eye. Really whacking it open so it can see, with lots of energy but only a single tap in the physical plane.

And then I was done. The surgery was finished in less than two hours. I was glad to get out of the OR before dark on a Friday. But once I sever the energetic connection at the end of In-OR-Reiki, I don't get any kind of messages any more. I just did my job and went home. I have no clue how her future is going to go. But I made a difference. I am glad of it. And also, Reiki energy always blesses the healer too.

I didn't sleep all night. The embezzler cornered me, and I got emotional. I think I betrayed the group while trying to defend them. I think it is time to start looking for new work.


Reiki Doc

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reiki and Common Sense

Yesterday I surprised myself. More than twice. For Reiki is a Partnership in Spirit. Three things happened yesterday that let me know I have changed for the better, and that being in partnership with Spirit one can see that Spirit holds up their end of the bargain very right.

On a popular social network site, I saw an argument brewing between an Occupy Movement and Teaparty-ers in the comments section. I broke it up. Using Reiki and Universal Light Principles, I broke it up with Love, Respect, and Redirection to 'follow your heart'. I also added one of my father's favorite quotes, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." by Dale Carnegie, and advised everyone to 'save their breath and follow their hearts." I got the arguers to apologize and wish everybody Happy Thanksgiving.

I was surprised at myself for the power behind my conviction to step in and say something, to fight for Peace. It is a good sign things are working for what is correct in this new post 11-11-11 state.

Call on OB had been awful. I had not gotten much sleep. On the way home I concentrated on my next-door-neighbor, a widow, and realized she could help watch my son when an emergency came up. She was moving my trash can back into position as I drove up. Our Waste Disposal guy really mades it impossible to drive into the garage after he's been through the street. She had questions. About rats (our neighborhood is wooded and therefore full of them). I am a 'good ratter' and I checked out her house for her, and helped her rebait a big trap. I also helped her by giving her a timer and a radio to keep the rats thinking she was at home when she went on her cruise to Panama. Tired, exhausted, I chose to help my neighbor, giving up the only sleep I may have had. There was a strength in me, a conviction, as her newness to life alone contrasted with my fending for myself for most of my adult life. "I will help you. Do not worry." came a strength I did not know I had or ever developed. It was nice.

There is a new restaurant in town. Kinda famous. I didn't know it, but when I was driving my son to the therapist (for helping him process what Dad hit did to him emotionally) it 'stood out' and registered on my psychic consciousness. Later, as I waited during my son's session, guess what was in the paper in the food section? SAME PLACE. So one the way back home, we were both starving, and I stopped. The synchronicity helped me to push my reluctant son into 'just trying it' and 'sometimes it is nice to try something new.'. We both LOVED it. And now I have a new reward for him after his work on therapy, which can be quite painful. And to think he had wanted Taco Bell...LOL.

As a grounded Reiki practitioner, I pray and meditate every day. In the car and in little 'gaps' in my day. The energy sent by the Divine on 11-11-11 created a vortex, a flow of energy coming into our world.

This is the opposite of how we help souls cross to the Light in Psychic Development Circle. We start the vortex linking both of the worlds, and then Spirit takes over and continues it.

Spirit handed the 11-11-11 energy flow to us. Now it is our choice whether to continue the wave of Love/Light/Freedom with our hearts, or not. I am sure by the things I have been experiencing, that the wave is flowing forth from me. Jump on and ride the most wonderful Wave you have ever experienced.



Reiki Doc

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reiki Empowering Women in Childbirth

Today was anxiety day on the labor deck.

Not one but two women in the OR tried to look at the needle during placement of their spinal.

Miss PTSD (post traumatic distress disorder) had two anesthesiologists on her prior section miscommunicate, with each thinking the other had loaded up the epidural before incision. Yes, she felt it. In these situations, I have a formula: establish rapport, reduce anxiety by answering all questions, frame the perspective for the patient (baby is so exciting, and soon!), hold hands and do not chart prior to delivery, and medicate as needed for anxiety. And of course give Reiki throughout, especially while holding the patient's hand.

My colleagues in Obstetrics think that's just me being nice. No, I am using every tool at my disposal. I know it's effect is working because when they go to recovery room after the surgery, they have pain, throw up, get nervous, itch.

Miss Nurse-that-has-seen-too-much-and-is-now-a-patient had been off her meds
the whole pregnancy and was a basket case in pre-op. I spent twenty minutes sitting on her bed talking to her and her husband. For free. We are not compensated for talking. Only for work. But I knew she would miss out on an important life event if she gave in to the anxiety.

The plan worked flawlessly, of course until recovery room...

Miss Asian Persuasion with braces as an adult fooled me. Anxiety I could not see in prep, language barrier, compounded by urgency of surgery due to fetal distress. She confused pressure and pain, or had a poor block. She screamed during delivery of the infant. Of course, there was a six foot five inch linebacker obstetrician assisting, and pressing on the upper abdomen with a size nine glove paw of a hand.

After delivery she went out. Scramble the brains...lots of medication to erase the memory and deeply sedate. In recovery room she was all smiles. Go figure!

Slowly, with each laboring patient, with each woman in the OR, my message is 'you can!' 'You CAN!'. And they do.

Remember, women, it's your power. Take it! It is all in how you think about it. Not in birth plans, hypno births and birthing balls. You do not need external strategy and devices to give birth. Just go in each moment, breathe, and take advantage of the resources that are offered you. Select from anesthesia, nursing, obstetrics, perinatology, and all of our vast experience helping people just like you. It is your call.

'today you have given birth. you are the Queen!'

That is what my postpartum nurse said to me when she helped me take my shower in my room.

Peace and love, and Namaste,

reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to be in Many Places at Once

In Anesthesia, we provide 'coverage' for the hospital. There are many things that require the services of anesthesiologists. How do we do it, and what is it like?

Well, it starts with a good guess. There is a schedule of cases made the day before. Everyone has it. PreOp gets all the charts ready. Sometimes anesthesia gets a copy with all the room assignments made on it in advance. Then you can make plans, possibly even contacting your patient the night before to reassure them before surgery, and also ask any questions medically that may have been a concern for you.

Unfortunately, life is not scheduled. Some cases take long. Some patients forget not to eat and we cancel their case. Some are late. Some never show up. Some are delayed because of a surgical emergency in the case before theirs, or possibly with their surgeon at another hospital. And, some people did not know in advance they would have need of surgery. For example, a trauma patient. Or someone with an appendectomy.

How about having a baby? Well, that part of anesthesia is pretty consistent. Because there are not one but two lives at stake, at most hospitals there is always an anesthesiologist in house. Some take call from home, not more than twenty minutes from the hospital. The same is true for the doc covering the main OR overnight.

What if it's busy? We have a list. The line up changes every day. We call in two, then three. There are only two OR teams staffed at night though. In the Main OR.

Once, when I was a teacher, I had two rooms going. I had a resident in each room, and one was not stable so I was in that room a majority of the time.

The trauma beeper went off, and next thing I knew, down the hall was the trauma team rolling a gurney with a six year old girl and Chief Resident holding pressure on her leg.

She had walked into a sliding glass door and was in a pool of blood, her face white as a sheet.

So, I started that case. I got an extra i.v., started an arterial line, intubated her, and transfused blood in no particular order. All of it was in less than ten minutes. We never had to code her. I 'caught up' with the blood and the surgeons discovered a femoral artery laceration and got control of the bleeding.

I saved her life. And no one will ever know it.

Due to billing restrictions, I could only be in two places at the same time, supervising residents. My buddy came in from home, since we called him in, and his name went on the records as the anesthesiologist. I never signed a thing, although I charted all of it.

That is how you can be in three places at the same time as an anesthesiologist. Technically, I was.

It is my understanding that when people ascend, they shall be able to be in multiple places at once.

My psychic development teacher said once she saw Jesus, and he split himself into twelve Jesuses, and then put himself back, demonstrating that things are VERY DIFFERENT outside of the three dimensions! LOL

Let me finish with a story from the OR I heard today.
There was a patient that would not wake up. The anesthesiologist was trying and trying. This large patient just was sleepy as ever after surgery and the whole team had been standing around for a long time waiting for them to wake up.

A scrub tech came over and whispered something in the patients ear. The patient awoke with a start, opened both eye wide, and moved to the gurney when asked.

Everyone wondered what the scrub tech had said. He would not say a word of it to anyone for weeks.

What was it?

"You're dead and I am Jesus".

Hope you enjoyed that joke as much as I did.


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reiki and the Greek Tourists

Today I went out to our favorite teppanyaki restaurant with my son.

Next to us, at the table, were two men with thick accents and an enormous appetite for food. They ordered five plates of sushi and one dinner to share. One had sake and the other, sparkling water.

They had an odd energy to them. I kept trying to place where they were from.

The blonde with a lot of jewelry directly across from my son said they were 'visiting relative from Greece'. She had the filet mignon and two bottles of Korbel mini.

Her husband, 'Big Daddy', as the cook called him, had a moustache, white hair, and ill-fitting dentures. He had a New York steak, shrimp, fried rice, and beer. He was paying. And I felt an uncomfortableness about the wife and husband over the guests who were spending their money.

What may have been wealth before retirement, estimating by the clothes and jewelry, was limited now.

Most locals, like us, use the buy-one get-one-free coupon from the newspaper. I've paid for the subscription several times over. I make it a game. They give me the bill, I give them the coupon, they take off the money, and I give them almost the amount discounted off in tip. They treat us like royalty there because of it. And my cute son.

So what was grating on an energetic pattern was the lack of control/desperation in the hosting couple, and the lack of humility on the guests. They were totally clueless to the hosts' dilemma.

Perhaps they were like our European relative, who through the war, thought our American family was rich. But one day, their quality of life surpassed ours. It was embarrassing for my grandmother, for in my childhood it took place. She didn't want to let them know they had more money than we did, but finally looking at her own pocketbook and the way the relatives felt entitled to it, she had to say No.

What I picked up on, is that humility is always right. The Greeks and the rest of our global economy could stand to put on a little sackcloth, tear it, and maybe rub in some ashes.

I prayed for those men. For the Light to fill them. For the angels to help them be strong, and a continuous source of Light to others when they return home this week.

Greek is going to have need of it.

The rest of Europe too.

And all of us everywhere else.


Reiki Doc

Reiki and Monday Morning

There is a panda in that tree.
Right in the middle.
He is looking at you.

I wish I could hide like that.
Today is Monday.

I don't want to go to work.
For the same reason many patients don't want to go.
We are both afraid of the pain.

For them, it's surgery, disfigurement, maybe a bad diagnosis.
For me, it's the rush, the lack of food, the politics, and being locked in a dark room at the mercy of a surgeon who can take as long as they want to get done.

Me, on the other hand, between cases, get to interview a new patient, eat, use the restroom, make business calls, and relax. Try doing that in less than twenty minutes with a surgeon breathing down your back to go faster.

It's not fair. And I don't like it.
I miss my son and my home.

I desperately need vacation. I had two weeks in July. Two days in September. I am spent and there are no more days in sight.

I take lots of OB call because that call is like 'turtle',  not 'rabbit'. In exchange for a night of my life in my home, I get the next day and night off. I am sleepy, but free.

I hardly ever exercise. And I miss it.

Something is wrong with the practice of medicine. Where all the healers are all burnt up.

With Reiki, I can maintain, keep moving forward. I enjoy the Reiki part with my patients because in that brief moment, the energy is WAY UP. At my natural vibration. All the rest is like slogging through mud.
And being behind on my real work--my family, my friends, and my home.

I hope one day this lifestyle will change for all of us.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, November 12, 2011

11-11-11 11:11

I had been noticing a lot of changes in the world. Part of me has been looking to this time in the hopes that 'everything would be okay'. I wanted to feel the moment, to be in the moment, and since my son had no school on that day, I scheduled an overnight call on Obstetrics in order to be off with him at that time.

A colleague of mine left town this weekend, leaving the others to take up the slack. Both of us on call overnight, the main OR anesthesiologist and myself on OB, did not get sleep and were given the assignment to work all day.

I made a six o'clock appointment in the morning to go over the restructuring of the contract with the rest of the group with the embezzler who is in charge and in tight with administration.

I went straight to the Main OR after, and asked to be let out first, as was my right as the OB anesthesiologist post-call.

I went to the gastroenterology suite and started my day.

EGD's and colonoscopies and ERCP's on people as old as 98. But I had warned those I worked with that once 11:11 hit, I would be taking a one minute of silence to observe.

I got antsy. I saw on facebook that my friends had already had it, and they were one hour ahead of me.

At 11:00, as I sat at the front desk in GI, I felt it. Just like at Circle right before, when Spirit arrives. A tingly electricity in my whole body, one like the anticipation felt before a much-awaited event.

It lasted about thirty seconds, then it was gone.

As we started the case, the patient was difficult to anesthetize. Kept reaching up for the probe. I had to hold the hand down and inject propofol at the nearest port, because it was taking too long for it to take effect while I was injecting further downstream. I found myself wishing for A) patient to hold still and B) it to end quick. Between the charting, pre-op note in the computer, PACU orders, and this patient, I had no time to think.

11:11 passed while I was doing this. The procedure ended at 11:15. I was devastated. I told my friends in a text.

One said, 'it will come again tonight!'. I knew by military time we use in the hospital, it would be 23:11 and not right. (She was sweet and texted me again right before so I would not miss it but I was fast asleep).

Another, an ER RN, said, 'you did the right thing'.

Today, there was a message on YouTube from a subscription I follow. It is channeled and has pictures of clouds. It lags one day behind.

11-11-11 at 11:11 opened the portals to outer space. The 'worm holes' if you will, to allow inter-space travel. Much like on Star Trek.

One of the last suggestions given for the moment 11:11 that would happen at that time in each and every time zone, was 'to be in service'.  The Hawaiian RN was right!

I did the right thing.

Next big date is 12:21:12.  Time to start counting down. And the energy of the opening yesterday will continue throughout the time in between.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Changers: the surgeons of Light versus the surgeons of Dark

Today I saw the difference between good surgeons and bad surgeons played out in front of me. I also saw the power of negative thinking work to the detriment of a son, to the extent it was, as he called it, 'a life changer'.

In the morning was the gastroenterologist of Light. His patient's anesthesia was rocky. There was a strong gag reflex in a very large patient. He was not judging. He let me intervene. He ended the case quickly. We wrapped up with a discussion of how we could handle that clinical situation better in the future. On the next similar patient, we did as planned, and it went well.

During a delay, he told jokes. Everything was positive, appreciated, open, and calm.

The other gastroenterologist I worked with was of the same ilk. Older, kind, and very intellectual.

Then, like night and day, once back in the operating room suite, I saw Tom Jones in Indian culture: same accent, same hair, same build. He had the reputation of being mean. He was new. It was my first time with him. I was direct and professional. It turns out he has been fired at several places. So he comes to ours.

We are a haven for the surgeon who has been kicked out of his hospital! We have those that have made the paper for malpractice, several. I find that often they are actually nice, and many times, good at what they do.

Tom 'Raj' Jones took over an hour to put in a portacath. Everything was negative. And so it did manifest.
I was struck at how the patient--anxious pancreatic CA--matched up with the surgeon perfectly. Are they each other's lesson? Dr. Jones was nice with me. I am a Reiki Master! LOL. But with my colleague he was insulting and blaming his ineptitude on anesthesia.

What was next? A Patient who had coded in her last surgery. I tried my best to figure out what it was that caused it. Luckily, I manifested myself into another case, and someone else took this 'gem' for me.

So--with the surgeon I like, podiatrist Dr. Raza, who cusses and swears bilingually as he operates, the one with a false eye, I so may add...I enjoy working with him. It's easy. Monitored anesthesia care. Quick case. Go home.

No so fast--the doctor-patient-parent triad was phenomenal. The mother actually told the wife of the patient (who for some reason was not there) that the adult son was going to 'lose his foot'. He was insulted. Well, guess what? Dr. Raza, whom the scrub tech Viva said was so bad she 'would not let Raza give her a pedicure', screwed up. Not only was the foot more gangrenous, a transmetatarsal amp was indicated. But Raza couldn't do it because it was not on the consent. Raza asked for saw, Viva said no. Viva had nursing come into the room. So it was a debridement only, on an awake patient, who is an extreme sports enthusiast hearing about losing a foot.

Very strange day.

Thoughts are things. I have to go.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reiki and being six

Tonight my son asked for Reiki after dinner.

After swim class, he seemed upset to learn he had this weekend with his father.

I reassured him that there was a friend of a friend (a counselor) that knew a lot about how to get along when there is trouble between a boy and his dad. And that we will get to talk to her. 

And he asked about the lady that does the tapping to get you better. We were supposed to go last Friday, but she cancelled. I never wanted to go to her again, but he really wants to go. What she does is Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is designed to help get trapped memories out of the body (and the energetic system) to restore harmony and health. Since I am sure our son and his father shared the last past life together with horrible relationship (my boy was my deceased grandfather, his father was my great-grandfather), I can see why his soul is drawn to this approach.

What did I see when I did Reiki on my son?

Well, first of all, he fessed up to what was bothering him. Yesterday in Spanish class after school, he misbehaved, and didn't get a chocolate but the other two girls did. My mom was horrified that the teacher would be so strict. I have been to the class. Let me tell you, that little Sandy is a total bitch. I don't blame my son for wanting to leave the class. She gets him in trouble and the teacher never believes him. Anyhow, tonight, he said his teacher said, 'I understand why you don't want to take Spanish but you shouldn't blame Sandy.' Poor kid.

On chakra balancing, his red (survival) and orange (feelings) were  normal. Of course! He just had his favorite spaghetti and meatballs dinner! But at yellow (personal power), he was imbalanced. Green, pink were also out of whack. Blue was fine (he is a talker! blue is communication) and purple (insight and intuition) was needing a jump start. White (crown chakra, connection to source) was A.O.K.
I balanced them. I also picked up the message that he needs to feel his feelings and validate them.

The social worker was interested in his case. I think it was the after school daycare teacher who noticed a behavior change and asked his main teacher what was wrong with him that made her ask for more information. Through Reiki, Karuna Reiki (TM),  counseling, and love and support, this one is going to get his best shot at a difficult relationship with Dad that has lasted over two lifetimes.

He fell asleep during Reiki. Bless his heart. That time change sure is hard on little ones. By the way, he is attuned as a Reiki Three practitioner, this six year old of mine. I trained him.


Reiki Doc

Reiki and Business

There is a hubbub at work going on right now with the anesthesiologists. Serious stuff.

The boss has skimmed three hundred thousand dollars off the pot from all of us at work.

You can't get hired as an anesthesiologist unless you:
1) Are invited by the group
2) Pass interviews
3) Are admitted to the medical staff

Then, you must be proctored on five cases. Half of those cases' billing fee goes to the one that proctors you.

Some place have a buy in:  30% of your earnings the first year, 20% the second, and 10% the third year. After that the group decides whether you are IN or OUT of the group. If OUT, sayonara baby. Time to find another job.

At my work we have four anesthesiologists who are not board certified. They are going to have a tough time marketing themselves. But with friends, they can have a chance.

My colleagues have been livid. Shocked. Angry. Upset. They have yelled at the boss, and made demands. A meeting last night was with the billing company and the boss, who said, "I made a mistake".

My take?

We have been lucky to work so far.
Nothing lasts forever.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

If he wanted compensation for administrative duties, he should have asked for it. It would have been given.

I feel sorry for him. Compassion. Karma is coming his way. Bad choices have consequences. How awful he felt the need to take from his own workers!

For the group? Those boys have watched too many action movies. 'Are you in?" they keep asking me. Yes. Of course. I don't want to work for a shithead who steals from me. But in my heart, I know the billing and administration are equally guilty, and I trust not.

I want to get a lawyer to protect me from the IRS. Those insurance companies paid in my name. I did not get all the money but I am liable for it any way.  I would like to 1099 big boss and be done with it.

I also think all of us should be paid the same. Not the new guy making less. Equal.

I am Universal. I am bigger than all of this. It is not worth my time and energy to get sucked in to all that drama. I see it as a micro Mubarek scenario. Or as my mother says, Maximilian and Carlota. LOL

Last night, in the OR, I did some soul searching.

I do not like what I do. Unless I am giving Reiki. For those few short minutes I feel alive. I also enjoy talking with my patients before surgery. When they are conscious.

Yesterday I worked from seven a.m. to nine p.m., and had business meeting until ten. Good thing today I have the day off. I did not connect energetically with my surgeons, patients, or coworkers. I felt trapped in a dark room. There are no breaks except between cases. And the last case was the worst--a robot hysterectomy followed by vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery. At nine p.m.???

Surely there has to be more balance. After ten hours of anesthesia, I just don't care and want to run.

My son was with my mother. He couldn't sleep. He wanted to make sure I was home and okay.

We are at the breaking point, this society. We need an intervention. In a big way. Big time business of medicine is jacked up. Mom says for every one Medicare fraud they catch there are one hundred still going undetected.

Big boss would never have fessed up if we had not confronted him. That is what is wrong with  medicine today. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When dealing with people's lives and health, it is just not the right thing to do.


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 7, 2011

Service and Ascension

The sun is rising. Let us come to greet the new day.

Ascension is the raising of your energetic pattern.

That is it. Mother Earth is raising hers too.

It is a special time. Many of your are incarnate here because of it.

Did I want to ascend when I was a little girl? No. Once I heard of the end of the world, I hated it. And once I saw the movie, The Rapture, at a youth Christian activity I have dreaded every minute of it.

Look around you at the current situation. Is not everything falling apart? Insurance companies are but one of the ways that man tortures man. Earth versus man, spirit versus man are all going on.

As a seasoned Ascension Traveller, I want to share with you two points:
   --what you think will happen will. Why not think happy thoughts? You will calm others and yourself.
   --Look within. A lot of the battles being waged are invisible. Your heart is the key to unlock mystery.

How do I do it? I ground myself deep into Earth, by imagining a root-like tail from my tailbone extending down deep into the earth and wrapping on the core. And I do the same with 'roots' from the bottom of my feet. I think good thoughts and try to pluck out bad ones like one tends weeds in the garden.

I have no expectation for what is to follow. Only hope.

In the course of Ascension, my focus has shifted from my mind to my heart center. It is alive, my heart center and I communicate with it. It lets me know what is the right choice, because it tingles and resonates when I follow my True Path.

I felt really guided to write you this message.

I hope it helps. Have a great day.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reiki and the Being Catholic


My cousins went to Catholic school. They all had made their first communion. I hadn't. At Easter we went to the chapel with my cousins.

I was on the outside looking in. I wanted in.


I made my first communion and confirmation. I had something the same, every time I went. I could go anywhere in the world. It was nice to know I had a safe place to go where I could pray.

I went through University, Medical School, two marriages, and also being a single mom. It meant so much to me to baptise our son, although I was single. I tried to raise him in the Church, so he would have a place to go.

I had no problem praying through the priest. I prayed on my own, too. I saw angels, Jesus, and others. I was friends with a Visionary, who was famous in the world.

Priests asked me to pray for them in Confession.

I gave a lot of money to the Church. I liked helping.

I knew spirituality was a whole lot more. But I looked to the Church as a gym, for my spiritual workouts. A home base of sorts.


I see the Church as a stopping point for many. Through telepathy, I felt the priest today, the head pastor, wondering 'how am I going to keep this thing afloat financially?'. He asked not just for money, but for time. The parishioners thought that by going to church they had fulfilled their obligations to their spiritual development.

By intellectualizing the ephemeral, people have been lulled into a sense of security that is formulaic. If I go to church and pray, if I do X and Y, I will go to Heaven.

There is so much more to the Spiritual Life. Yes, it is organized, and effective to help the poor and unwanted, the Catholic Church. Look at Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

But there is freedom, too. I have not gone to church in months. Enjoyed myself. My free time. Today I went with new eyes. And I prayed. I prayed for all the other people at the mass to WAKE UP! To be alive in Spirit. Not to sacrifice so much time and finances. To work out, like at the gym, in prayer. Yes! To see who they really are in spirit. Co Creators. By the way,  I got a 'where are you letter' from the Pastor, who had wondered where his steady gift-giver had gone. ; ) On holiday! From Mass.

It is nice to sing. It is nice to smile. And to bring a continuous source of Reiki to those who need it most.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reiki Face to Face and Undercover

Today I went into the Nurses' Lounge to wait for a surgeon.

I saw Ron, the tall Scrub Tech, sitting at the high table on the stool with his head in his hands.

"Ron? What is the matter?' I asked.

"You know, I am having terrible pain. I am not having a good day." he replied.

Right then, I engaged. Reiki mode! I opened the Reiki source, without his knowing it, and scanned his body. I picked up right knee. "Tell, me, Ron, where does it hurt?"

It was the knees.

They were the reason he was discharged unwillingly from the military service. He had twelve years in, and would have been due for retirement. They were shot. He couldn't run. And therefore he was 'not deployable'.

As he talked, I mentally went through all the stages of a Reiki Healing, heart open with compassion, while sitting on the couch across the room, carrying on a conversation with him. I let him talk and be listened to, much in the way a counselor helps a client. Through the pauses I responded appropriately. But as he talked I sent Universal Healing Energy in.

I watched him. He smiled. He sat lighter. He actually wouldn't stop talking, but the surgeon had arrived and I had to go. I had long finished his Reiki treatment by then.

I knew his knees were related to his financial concerns and his red chakra. I balanced it for him as we spoke. I balanced all of them.

What else can a poor chronic pain patient do? Get a knee replacement? Hardly. He was much too young.

I gave him hope.

Isn't that what being a doctor is all about?

Reiki practitioners, you should try it. You don't need a table, or consent. Let the Universal Healing Energy in when it is needed most. Head in the hands is a sign of being at the end of one's rope. Act. Help. At once.

P.S. A childhood friend of mine posted on Facebook, "Everyone has been extra nice to me lately. Am I dying?"

I replied. "Everyone really is nicer now. It is real."

That was the first job as a lightworker where I helped to explain to a non-lightworker what is going on (with the Ascension). It made me smile.


Reiki Doc