Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reiki and Business

There is a hubbub at work going on right now with the anesthesiologists. Serious stuff.

The boss has skimmed three hundred thousand dollars off the pot from all of us at work.

You can't get hired as an anesthesiologist unless you:
1) Are invited by the group
2) Pass interviews
3) Are admitted to the medical staff

Then, you must be proctored on five cases. Half of those cases' billing fee goes to the one that proctors you.

Some place have a buy in:  30% of your earnings the first year, 20% the second, and 10% the third year. After that the group decides whether you are IN or OUT of the group. If OUT, sayonara baby. Time to find another job.

At my work we have four anesthesiologists who are not board certified. They are going to have a tough time marketing themselves. But with friends, they can have a chance.

My colleagues have been livid. Shocked. Angry. Upset. They have yelled at the boss, and made demands. A meeting last night was with the billing company and the boss, who said, "I made a mistake".

My take?

We have been lucky to work so far.
Nothing lasts forever.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

If he wanted compensation for administrative duties, he should have asked for it. It would have been given.

I feel sorry for him. Compassion. Karma is coming his way. Bad choices have consequences. How awful he felt the need to take from his own workers!

For the group? Those boys have watched too many action movies. 'Are you in?" they keep asking me. Yes. Of course. I don't want to work for a shithead who steals from me. But in my heart, I know the billing and administration are equally guilty, and I trust not.

I want to get a lawyer to protect me from the IRS. Those insurance companies paid in my name. I did not get all the money but I am liable for it any way.  I would like to 1099 big boss and be done with it.

I also think all of us should be paid the same. Not the new guy making less. Equal.

I am Universal. I am bigger than all of this. It is not worth my time and energy to get sucked in to all that drama. I see it as a micro Mubarek scenario. Or as my mother says, Maximilian and Carlota. LOL

Last night, in the OR, I did some soul searching.

I do not like what I do. Unless I am giving Reiki. For those few short minutes I feel alive. I also enjoy talking with my patients before surgery. When they are conscious.

Yesterday I worked from seven a.m. to nine p.m., and had business meeting until ten. Good thing today I have the day off. I did not connect energetically with my surgeons, patients, or coworkers. I felt trapped in a dark room. There are no breaks except between cases. And the last case was the worst--a robot hysterectomy followed by vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery. At nine p.m.???

Surely there has to be more balance. After ten hours of anesthesia, I just don't care and want to run.

My son was with my mother. He couldn't sleep. He wanted to make sure I was home and okay.

We are at the breaking point, this society. We need an intervention. In a big way. Big time business of medicine is jacked up. Mom says for every one Medicare fraud they catch there are one hundred still going undetected.

Big boss would never have fessed up if we had not confronted him. That is what is wrong with  medicine today. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When dealing with people's lives and health, it is just not the right thing to do.


Reiki Doc