Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I don't get sick

I have allergies and asthma. I catch every bug that comes along. In the hospital, the flu, bronchitis, and the rest run like a plague. Certain coworkers get it first. They come to work and Bam! Next you know you are not wanting to get out of bed.

Going through the Reiki training makes it worse. As you release old stuff energetically to make room for higher frequencies, you feel like you have a cold or worse. But it's the cleanse.

A Reiki cleanse is the only kind of cleanse I believe in. Liver flushes and colon cleanses make me laugh.

What I have done, as I have progressed through Reiki Master and beyond to Karuna Reiki Master, is to consciously try to keep my vibration up. I calibrated myself against the angel stone phenokites. A year ago I couldn't feel it. Now I can. Also, a light worker met me by surprise at someone else's home and exclaimed, 'wow! You could light up the entire city of Los Angeles with your light!'

How do I do it? Omit negative thoughts. Open my heart. Eat organic, non GMO foods, fair trade origin wherever possible, raw when I can, way less meat, still dairy (just had raw goat milk cocoa), and get as much of nature as possible. I am on a roll!

Now I understand how disease will go away: when you are vibrating at a very high vibration energetically, the germs can't connect to you as readily. And when they do, it's milder. I know my allergenic cycle on my LG washer, and my line dryer, and my HEPA Miele investments this year helped too.

But in the big picture, the more we raise our vibration, the less we get sick. We will catch our energetic imbalances before they manifest on the physical plane 3D.


Reiki Doc