Monday, November 28, 2011

On The Collective Consciousness

Have you ever seen the Will Farrell movie Elf?

Isn't it wonderful?

I love the part where Jovie sings, and everyone else in the crowd, even hardened New Yorkers like Buddy's dad sing too. It makes me cry it is so wonderful. And the really amazing part is I can explain it to you, what is happening, in proper terms.

"I am a rock....I am an island....and the rock feels no pain...and and island never cries" the Simon and Garfunkel song, The Boxer, is illusion. As simple as that. No one is an island.

We are not our bodies.

We are more.

Let's move up on the chakras. How many are there? For the most part, people say seven. I add a few extra, because that's what my spiritual teacher taught me. There are actually more, in some practices.

Red/Black--the root chakra. It grabs onto the earth and is involved with survival. Not sex for pleasure/love. Raw passion to procreate.

Orange--a little below the navel.  This one is the world of emotion. Love, the feelings, either good or bad, creativity. I would say that the entire Home and Garden Network is a lot about Orange. The food network, too.

Yellow--solar plexus. Personal power, mentally fit, will. My way or the highway. Ever wonder why there are so many diabetics? Because our yellow chakras are on overload around here! Way out of balance.

Green--heart chakra. Love and nurturing and all its strengths.

Pink--about three centimeters up, at the sternal notch. Love in its purest integrity, angelic harmony and Light.

Blue-throat. Everyone is talking and no one is listening? Blue is about  communication.

Indigo--pituitary. Clairvoyance. Intuition. Now we are getting to the good stuff!

White--crown. ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE THE HEAD!! Yes! That is your connection to God Source. It is YOU and you don't even know it. It is outside your body! About six centimeters up.

Silver--don't know what it's called, except silver. It is a big sparkly disco ball of light. And again, this one keeps you connected to good and higher things. This one is about five centimeters above the white one. (by the way, the white one is whiter than white, the color of Heaven)

Gold--sparkly and about five centimeters up above the silver one. Angels' color is gold. Somehow this one keeps you connected to all that higher higher stuff! I also know that it protects.

We have 'higher selves'. It's where we go when we sleep. I never realized it until know, but I am sitting in my patient's higher self while I work with them in the OR! Those top three chakras, white, silver and gold.

Well guess what? They connect. To each other. That's how things are 'catchy' metaphysically. We are all connected through the higher chakras in some way, where we are linked like a network or something, and for lack of a better term, it is called The Collective Consciousness.

Jovie, follows her heart, senses that Buddy is in real trouble, overcomes her fear of singing in public, and  uses her faith in Buddy's statement 'the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to Sing Out Loud and Clear'. By activating The Collective Consiousness, the meter on Santa's Sleigh went up. And she saved Buddy's life, and saved Christmas.

Brave girl.


Reiki Doc