Monday, November 7, 2011

Service and Ascension

The sun is rising. Let us come to greet the new day.

Ascension is the raising of your energetic pattern.

That is it. Mother Earth is raising hers too.

It is a special time. Many of your are incarnate here because of it.

Did I want to ascend when I was a little girl? No. Once I heard of the end of the world, I hated it. And once I saw the movie, The Rapture, at a youth Christian activity I have dreaded every minute of it.

Look around you at the current situation. Is not everything falling apart? Insurance companies are but one of the ways that man tortures man. Earth versus man, spirit versus man are all going on.

As a seasoned Ascension Traveller, I want to share with you two points:
   --what you think will happen will. Why not think happy thoughts? You will calm others and yourself.
   --Look within. A lot of the battles being waged are invisible. Your heart is the key to unlock mystery.

How do I do it? I ground myself deep into Earth, by imagining a root-like tail from my tailbone extending down deep into the earth and wrapping on the core. And I do the same with 'roots' from the bottom of my feet. I think good thoughts and try to pluck out bad ones like one tends weeds in the garden.

I have no expectation for what is to follow. Only hope.

In the course of Ascension, my focus has shifted from my mind to my heart center. It is alive, my heart center and I communicate with it. It lets me know what is the right choice, because it tingles and resonates when I follow my True Path.

I felt really guided to write you this message.

I hope it helps. Have a great day.


Reiki Doc