Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reiki and the Birth Plan

Today I came on shift, and the nurse in one of the rooms handed me the Birth Plan of the patient in her care.

Anytime we see birthing balls we get the OR ready for cesarean section...just kidding! But I have noticed a pattern I think is a sort of manifestation effect in those who don't want an operation for their birth.

This was a Hypnobirth. Some of the key elements of a Hypnobirth are a dark room, quiet, no touching, and euphemisms to be used by the staff. For exaple:

"pressure wave" is substituted for the words "contractions" and "labor pains"

"birthing" is substituted for "delivery"

"pressure and comfort" --" we do not use the word pain at any time, we use instead pressure, and create comfort with our minds."

The moms listen to their Hypnobirth CD and are cued to the words "release" and "peace"

I didn't really look forward to it. But on the way to the cafeteria, I ran into the dad and mother-in-law. I played dumb and let them discover I am the OB anesthesiologist. Dad asked me when is too late to place it? I explained the difference between a still and a moving target.

He asked me to understand she has a lot of yoga friends and was not trying to be difficult. I shook his hand and said I am a Reiki Master. Completely taken aback, he said, "I am too! I mean two. Level two. I take Reiki Master next."

When I went to the room, I asked him in Japanese to send the distance Reiki as he stepped out for the procedure. I don't think he understood. There was a wonderful dragon tattoo on her lumbar area with the Om symbol. I got it in, and she was calm and comfortable. She was like this, not needing any help, the whole time on the Labor Deck.

"you may as well staple the c section consent to the birth plan." said our charge nurse, a practical Midwesterner.

Sure enough, emergent trip to the OR.

In that moment, I gave Reiki and was moved to give Karuna Reiki as I administered my standard care. She responded.

And I understood. In her past life she had died in the childbirth experience.

This is where the fear is from. So, it is right for them to go to the OR. To "undo" the damage that was inflicted upon the soul by a grand "do over".


My Karuna voice spoke directly to her soul as she was panicking over dying as the incision was being made and the child wrested from her womb. It said, "you will be okay THIS TIME." It worked.

Later in tears she said to me, "you are SO SWEET!" and to the surgeons (and me?) "you are such strong women!"

I cracked the code.

Past life and Abraham Hicks attract Natural Birthing. Birth plans written in fear, and as she said, "that was what I was afraid of all along (surgery)" lead to surgery. Surgery survived helps the soul heal an old wound it has carried many lifetimes.


Reiki Doc