Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Healing the Earth

There is a little-known modality of healing called DPH. This stands for Divine Peace Healing. It is new, and I would like to explain to you a little bit more about it.

We co-create Peace and Heal Mother Earth on many locations. It is a focused light energy. We direct this to specific places for the purposes of:

1. Healing the Negative Imprints upon the Land(s) of Intent

2. Healing Mother Earth's pain in those locations

3. Requesting assistance to help the souls in those areas who have not yet traveled to the Light

4. Removal of any curses and hexes in the Land(s) of Intent

To do this requires about five minutes. But, it takes a class on learning how to do it, and also an attunement to be able to actually heal.

Subjects as special projects have come up. One of them peaked right before the Egypt situation erupted.  As it did, we transferred the Egypt group to our main healing lists. We pray for the Tsunami group, and currently the Four Corners Group.

As I heal, I feel a direct connection to Mother Earth. And I know healing does some good. It helps to know I am doing SOMETHING, opening up the path for Divine Intervention to step in.

Sometimes, in the OR, I ask Spirit to help with things. To heal my patient in a special way that I am not quite trained to do. I know a healer who does exactly this, and I wish with all my heart I could be trained to do her skill. But there is no training course open yet. But I know the work needs to be done, and I ask Spirit to step in and do this healing for me. Spirit does. In special situations.

So, if you are interested, and want to make something better for our Dear Mother who gives us so much, ask Spirit to direct you in this path. Intent is all that is needed. A daily prayer in the car on the way to work or home is all it takes. And it helps the Earth so much.


Reiki Doc