Friday, November 18, 2011

Reiki and Common Sense

Yesterday I surprised myself. More than twice. For Reiki is a Partnership in Spirit. Three things happened yesterday that let me know I have changed for the better, and that being in partnership with Spirit one can see that Spirit holds up their end of the bargain very right.

On a popular social network site, I saw an argument brewing between an Occupy Movement and Teaparty-ers in the comments section. I broke it up. Using Reiki and Universal Light Principles, I broke it up with Love, Respect, and Redirection to 'follow your heart'. I also added one of my father's favorite quotes, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." by Dale Carnegie, and advised everyone to 'save their breath and follow their hearts." I got the arguers to apologize and wish everybody Happy Thanksgiving.

I was surprised at myself for the power behind my conviction to step in and say something, to fight for Peace. It is a good sign things are working for what is correct in this new post 11-11-11 state.

Call on OB had been awful. I had not gotten much sleep. On the way home I concentrated on my next-door-neighbor, a widow, and realized she could help watch my son when an emergency came up. She was moving my trash can back into position as I drove up. Our Waste Disposal guy really mades it impossible to drive into the garage after he's been through the street. She had questions. About rats (our neighborhood is wooded and therefore full of them). I am a 'good ratter' and I checked out her house for her, and helped her rebait a big trap. I also helped her by giving her a timer and a radio to keep the rats thinking she was at home when she went on her cruise to Panama. Tired, exhausted, I chose to help my neighbor, giving up the only sleep I may have had. There was a strength in me, a conviction, as her newness to life alone contrasted with my fending for myself for most of my adult life. "I will help you. Do not worry." came a strength I did not know I had or ever developed. It was nice.

There is a new restaurant in town. Kinda famous. I didn't know it, but when I was driving my son to the therapist (for helping him process what Dad hit did to him emotionally) it 'stood out' and registered on my psychic consciousness. Later, as I waited during my son's session, guess what was in the paper in the food section? SAME PLACE. So one the way back home, we were both starving, and I stopped. The synchronicity helped me to push my reluctant son into 'just trying it' and 'sometimes it is nice to try something new.'. We both LOVED it. And now I have a new reward for him after his work on therapy, which can be quite painful. And to think he had wanted Taco Bell...LOL.

As a grounded Reiki practitioner, I pray and meditate every day. In the car and in little 'gaps' in my day. The energy sent by the Divine on 11-11-11 created a vortex, a flow of energy coming into our world.

This is the opposite of how we help souls cross to the Light in Psychic Development Circle. We start the vortex linking both of the worlds, and then Spirit takes over and continues it.

Spirit handed the 11-11-11 energy flow to us. Now it is our choice whether to continue the wave of Love/Light/Freedom with our hearts, or not. I am sure by the things I have been experiencing, that the wave is flowing forth from me. Jump on and ride the most wonderful Wave you have ever experienced.



Reiki Doc