Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reiki and Magic

Magic is the ability to manifest. This means, that the mind is used to make things come to be.

Back in the dark ages, some witches came to be a little excited about what they were able to do. Perhaps in their excitement they were able to share with too many people who were not ready to accept this. Perhaps the witches were careless in their show of their new skill. Whatever happened, the result is the same: witch hunts, persecution, and death.

I have been to Salem. I have met the witch Laurie Cabot. I found her books incredibly useful and explanatory. My Auntie said, "The witches were good people who got treated really bad. They were really smart about healing and helping others. They were just like everybody else." When I met Laurie, I found this myself. She was kind, gracious, and even remembered my Auntie from their younger days in Massachussetts growing up. All I felt was love and light.

Although I never got any spell to work, I took away with me the balance of male and female, of masculine and feminine, of earth and sky. I also learned to 'go into alpha', a mind state where it is very close to what you may experience as daydreaming.  Your mind wanders off, while you are still aware and can set an intent.

That is all there is to it.

And voodoo. I have the Erzulie app on my phone. I LOVE it. Voodoo has nothing to do with sticking pins into dolls. Voodoo is the ancient African belief that everything is alive. Alive! And has its own vibration. Rocks. Trees. Plants. Buildings. People. Animals. The sky. ALL.

Is that not quantum physics in a nutshell?

Everything has its own vibration. It's signature. It's sense. And it also possesses an intelligence, a consciousness, has feelings, a heart and soul. So you talk to it. Yes, you kind of interact with EVERYTHING in a loving way.

This is not the stuff of little bags to kill people or bring luck. That is human form. Setting altars for intent, and knowing that someone cares enough to listen on the other side, that is voodoo. Making a business of it? Doesn't that make it like anything else, where there are good ones and the not so great?

I have not chosen to speak like this before for soul memories run deep.  As a witch who cannot make a spell that works, and as a fan of voodoo that has not yet seen 'success' other than a sense of calm from a little bag of blue tidbits hidden in my bra, I came to Reiki. The time is right and things now manifest.

Reiki is more structured and has discipline. It is experienced and felt. The Reiki energy has a quality to it that buzzes and causes you to feel peace and no pain. What is remarkable about it, is that one can perceive as well as send, so that in healing one can adjust the energy, the balance, and the symbols/tones one sends to the patient. I have adapted a form of Reiki that is used intraoperatively, on the sly, that is free (included in the services of anesthesia).  I can tell what is going on with my patient in preop holding, and make them calmer. I can see a past life in a c-section, and calm the soul that is afraid they are dying again. I know the future outcome of a disease process, and offer the knowing understanding and support that soul needs, a look in the eye of comfort. (I have been called "Braco" by another lightworker) My drugs and equipment that I select for the care of a patient are inspired by spirit AND many years of clinical experience. Reiki helps my son sleep, to seek balance. Reiki helps my heart, and gives me hope on my path, for life is not an easy road so far. It will improve.

Why do I write all this? Why do I share? Out of love. Love for you, for Laurie Cabot, for Marie Laveau, for Mikao Usui-sensei, and for all that have made the path a little brighter for me. We are one, in this together. And we need to wake up and smell the coffee to what is going on in our life on Earth. We are connected, both in body to Mother Earth and in Spirit to God in Heaven. Practice your faith. Seek Nature. Be gentle, kind, and loving. Help others any way you can. You can help plants, and trees, and rocks if you think people are really not worth the effort. It will help.  You may help animals if you prefer.

Think good thoughts. Love everybody. Forgive. It is Right.


Reiki Doc