Monday, November 14, 2011

Reiki and the Greek Tourists

Today I went out to our favorite teppanyaki restaurant with my son.

Next to us, at the table, were two men with thick accents and an enormous appetite for food. They ordered five plates of sushi and one dinner to share. One had sake and the other, sparkling water.

They had an odd energy to them. I kept trying to place where they were from.

The blonde with a lot of jewelry directly across from my son said they were 'visiting relative from Greece'. She had the filet mignon and two bottles of Korbel mini.

Her husband, 'Big Daddy', as the cook called him, had a moustache, white hair, and ill-fitting dentures. He had a New York steak, shrimp, fried rice, and beer. He was paying. And I felt an uncomfortableness about the wife and husband over the guests who were spending their money.

What may have been wealth before retirement, estimating by the clothes and jewelry, was limited now.

Most locals, like us, use the buy-one get-one-free coupon from the newspaper. I've paid for the subscription several times over. I make it a game. They give me the bill, I give them the coupon, they take off the money, and I give them almost the amount discounted off in tip. They treat us like royalty there because of it. And my cute son.

So what was grating on an energetic pattern was the lack of control/desperation in the hosting couple, and the lack of humility on the guests. They were totally clueless to the hosts' dilemma.

Perhaps they were like our European relative, who through the war, thought our American family was rich. But one day, their quality of life surpassed ours. It was embarrassing for my grandmother, for in my childhood it took place. She didn't want to let them know they had more money than we did, but finally looking at her own pocketbook and the way the relatives felt entitled to it, she had to say No.

What I picked up on, is that humility is always right. The Greeks and the rest of our global economy could stand to put on a little sackcloth, tear it, and maybe rub in some ashes.

I prayed for those men. For the Light to fill them. For the angels to help them be strong, and a continuous source of Light to others when they return home this week.

Greek is going to have need of it.

The rest of Europe too.

And all of us everywhere else.


Reiki Doc