Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dr. Oz--Super STAR!

I've met Mehmet Oz.


I have met Mehmet Oz, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Back in the day, in San Diego, California, at the Society of Cardiac Anesthesiologists February Transesophageal Echo Workshops. I think the first time I heard him speak was in 2002. He talked about valves or TEE and Cardiac Surgery from the surgeons' point of view.

Mike Roizen, MD, a Cardiac Anesthesiologist, spoke too.

The star of the conference was Dr. Carlos Duran, a surgeon who pioneered the Duran Classification for the Mitral Valve. As always, there are many competitive pairs of surgeons who absolutely HATE each other, for example, De Bakey and Cooley, Carpentier and Duran, and Jamieson and Starnes. Carpentier has the OTHER nomenclature system.

Anyway, Dr. Duran got old, and good of Dr. Oz took his place in leading the pig heart dissection session. That's when I met him. He gave me advice on how to dissect the heart. That was like, he's a total surgeon and I'm a total anesthesiologist LOL. Who would have known twenty years later he would be Dr. Oz the health guru and I would be Reiki Doc!

One of the things I admire most about Dr. Oz is he brought Reiki openly into the O.R. With Meredith Kendall, RN, MSN, Reiki Master, who wrote the book 'Reiki Nurse'. (note--there is a separate post about her, earlier)

My mother LOVES Dr. Oz. She listens to everything he has to say. When I came up with the campylobacter jejuni from the raw goat milk, she said, "Dr. Oz says to be very careful about those things raw, especially dairy!". How he got her to listen is an act of God! She never listened to me on anything! Wouldn't even let me look in her ears with the otoscope when I had to practice. But the way he translates health to the masses is in itself a wonderful thing.

Did you know he meditates each morning?

He is one step ahead of us. A Light Bearer. One to lead the way. A Super Star, in Spirit terms.

Check him out, if you haven't had a chance. It's a good thing. Heck, my mom even knows what the omentum is because of him. Do you? ; )

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc