Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reiki and Telepathy During Epidural Placement, Part Two

I was prepping the back of a new mom, and in epidural mode of thought.

She said something and I said, "It's all good"

No sooner had I said it then the father, who was seated on the couch watching intently, and quiet, his voice popped into my head, "that's because you make the big bucks!".

I looked at him briefly, and thought back,"I am going to take good care of your wife and baby. I worked long and hard to do this. Watch and see for yourself." And I put it in flawlessly and quickly.

"Wow. You ARE good!" he thought, never saying a word. But the eyes. The eyes tell everything. From the tense body language and gaze (leaning forward, elbows in, chin on fist) to relaxed and seeing his wife feel better (leaned back, arms open, relaxed and smiling with good eye contact).

I am going to think of this telepathy as something that happens when I am focused and relaxed, and like an upgrade of sorts in communication.

In the near future interactions
Ike this are going to happen more often for more people. And the benefit is that no one is going to be able to lie. They may try but all will know the truth.


Reiki Doc