Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reiki and being six

Tonight my son asked for Reiki after dinner.

After swim class, he seemed upset to learn he had this weekend with his father.

I reassured him that there was a friend of a friend (a counselor) that knew a lot about how to get along when there is trouble between a boy and his dad. And that we will get to talk to her. 

And he asked about the lady that does the tapping to get you better. We were supposed to go last Friday, but she cancelled. I never wanted to go to her again, but he really wants to go. What she does is Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is designed to help get trapped memories out of the body (and the energetic system) to restore harmony and health. Since I am sure our son and his father shared the last past life together with horrible relationship (my boy was my deceased grandfather, his father was my great-grandfather), I can see why his soul is drawn to this approach.

What did I see when I did Reiki on my son?

Well, first of all, he fessed up to what was bothering him. Yesterday in Spanish class after school, he misbehaved, and didn't get a chocolate but the other two girls did. My mom was horrified that the teacher would be so strict. I have been to the class. Let me tell you, that little Sandy is a total bitch. I don't blame my son for wanting to leave the class. She gets him in trouble and the teacher never believes him. Anyhow, tonight, he said his teacher said, 'I understand why you don't want to take Spanish but you shouldn't blame Sandy.' Poor kid.

On chakra balancing, his red (survival) and orange (feelings) were  normal. Of course! He just had his favorite spaghetti and meatballs dinner! But at yellow (personal power), he was imbalanced. Green, pink were also out of whack. Blue was fine (he is a talker! blue is communication) and purple (insight and intuition) was needing a jump start. White (crown chakra, connection to source) was A.O.K.
I balanced them. I also picked up the message that he needs to feel his feelings and validate them.

The social worker was interested in his case. I think it was the after school daycare teacher who noticed a behavior change and asked his main teacher what was wrong with him that made her ask for more information. Through Reiki, Karuna Reiki (TM),  counseling, and love and support, this one is going to get his best shot at a difficult relationship with Dad that has lasted over two lifetimes.

He fell asleep during Reiki. Bless his heart. That time change sure is hard on little ones. By the way, he is attuned as a Reiki Three practitioner, this six year old of mine. I trained him.


Reiki Doc