Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Putting It All Together

Strongest vibration wins.

This is true of anything in the metaphysical realms, which percolates itself down to our Reality.

Strongest vibration wins.

Both sides know it, the side for Creator of All That Is, and the side that is against all that is Divine.

Strongest vibration wins.

Marc Gamma in conversation once explained Spirit gives us the example of we are walking in chest deep snow to blaze the trail for the others to follow.

It will be easier and easier for each group who comes on this trail after us.

And we are here to blaze the trail because we can.

This message from The Council explains the situation somewhat. As you can see, perception was written about on this site for the past two days.

The Council reads!  This is good.

Maybe we can help them help us.

This isn't the only image of 'heavy lifters' that came to mind. Yesterday actually, while I was pondering the awake, the asleep on the job, and the 'Oneness' I got this image from Spirit:

These two soldiers are ONE.

They both enlisted.

They both went to boot camp.

They faced the front lines together.

One fell.

The other didn't.

Both are going home due to the training and commitment of the one who didn't fall.

And the assumption is, between the two, as brothers in battle, one would do for the other what the other cannot do for themselves. And if the situation was reversed, the other would to for the one the exact same way.

According to the Council, this is a war on PERCEPTION.

The atoms are real (THANK GOD!)

The cells are real (THANK GOD!)

And the rest is like the elephant in the room full of blind people, each describing the part nearest to them, and completely unaware of the rest of the animal, that it's all together.

I can deal with this!

By dumping your 'trash'-- misperceptions and emotional baggage -- you allow your perception to perceive more truly

By raising your Vibration you allow your eyes to 'see' as they were intended to 'see'.  With your heart on the same wavelength--at least closer to it -- as Creator of All That Is. 

Only Creator can 'see' everything as it truly IS.

And remember, the little boy with the NDE (Near Death Experience) spoke of the changes to his mind--and it was 'the mind of Jesus' -- that knew all there is to know, just like everyone.

This is what we are creating together:  a world in which all beings are safe from harm, especially the kind of harm Service to Self is trying to 'normalize' for the population in general, and are using to control us.

We want a world where all babies are free to grow up in peace, and in love, to reach their full potential that has been written into their Life Scripts since before incarnation.

We might be chest deep in the snow, but we are always free to leave our unique mark in it. (And I DON"T mean 'yellow snow' LOL!)

Ant can lift five thousand times more it's body weight.

Ant is a good teacher.

Strongest vibration wins.

I wonder if we can make ours five thousand times stronger than what it naturally is?

It's worth a try!

Anthony has been sick. I kept him home from school yesterday. Today is Halloween, he wants to go. He's going to be JFK.

I'm starting to come down with something myself, and will take it easy today. I think I caught it from him.

My immune system is going to be super strong after this season! Flu twice (second was a recurrence I think) and now a cold. I'm using the blue flush and the green flush (Isabel attunes you to this) and the codes and lots of Reiki.


There is another way to move forward through the snow.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have five thousand.

Make your mark today.

Focus on the snow which blinds you to the wonder of all Life in the Higher Realms.

You will melt it; it will melt quickly, with all of your efforts together, and you shall be Home.

Strongest vibration wins!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, October 30, 2017

Stranger Than Strange Things

Anthony has a new show. Stranger Things. It's on Net-Flick-s.

He wanted to see if I liked it.

I watched it with him after the Seattle game.

To be honest, I watched the Seattle game because Ross told me to bond with Anthony. It's really hard for me to watch it. I see all the people in the stands going nuts over a touchdown. We have the Red Zone and it's like someone is changing the channel for you. I couldn't tell what game we were on half the time because it flips back and forth.

I have a hard time watching it because of my training. Both my medical training. And my spiritual one--by educating myself on the stranger than strange things. I see the unseen hand which is behind the whole thing, collecting the money from the whole 'amusement' of the game.

I saw 11, or L, or 'Jane' in Anthony's new show.

It was fascinating.

How she flips back and forth to different dimensions, and especially that place where it's just her and she remote views.

I was like, 'hey! I do that!'

My nose doesn't bleed. And I can be doing it and holding a conversation with you. I don't need a blindfold. (That's what being a medium is, right?)

I saw the episode where she goes to find her sister. Then we finished out the season.

That's when the predictive programming caught my attention. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen year old girl who just doesn't listen to her parental role models.  (There were two in the series, there's a red head named Max she does that too).

The androgynous caught my eye too. Jane and 'Max' don't quite fit into the 'I'm a woman' box or the 'I'm a man' box.

The anger giving her more power, especially the anger over her frank MK Ultra type programming experiences, were a tip off that's it's NOT from 'our team' but in fact predictive programming from Service to Self.

Then I saw how they tied the 'possessed' boy Will up on the bed. Twice. That's the sacrifice position.  (in their world, they do that to make the dark spirits go IN and not OUT of the child.)

I saw tunnels, and I laughed because I know there are elaborate tunnel systems all over the place for nefarious purposes for Service to Self--under many major attractions--and have been there since colonial times. And they do 'business' with otherworldly, icky creatures down in them too. Art imitates life, yes?

And the icky dog things that eat people. Isn't that what the little boy with the near death experience was talking about? Demon aliens that are here to eat people?

They show us these things to get us ready to accept them. It's called 'predictive programming'. It's a form of getting our 'consent'. Just like showing 9-11 twenty years ahead of its time on the Simpsons.

Truth IS stranger than fiction.

You know, it's really relaxing and fun to spend time with your family watching a movie, or your favorite show.

I get that.

I enjoy it too.

I mention the truth because it's good to keep in the back of your mind there's a lot of sophisticated psychological, and metaphysical 'stuff' being presented in the programming -- and your mind is absorbing it without your being aware of it because you are having fun.

It just is.

Anyone see the movie yet, the Kingsmen 2?


From my research--you are always welcome and free to follow my truth seeking folder on my channel, 77Picklehead on YouTube--the truth may be hidden in plain sight.

There's an interview with a rabbi...it will blow your mind.

It did me.

If you think about it, there's a lot of 'evidence' to destroy after 'rituals'.

I had always wondered why the McRib was around only a certain time of year.

I always wondered why it didn't taste 'right'.

I don't know, but it's possible the rabbi has a very plausible answer for it.

You never know.

What I do know is that symbol there on the cup is a bastardization of the Divine Peace Healing symbol for 'Knowledge and Divine Knowledge'.

That's right.

Whoever made that symbol wants the public to LACK 'Knowledge and Divine Knowledge'.

Whoever made that symbol knows what they are doing in a big way.

They even made the colors wrong. It's supposed to be violet or purple and yellow is the opposite.

Same thing here.

See the black zig zag on Charlie Brown's shirt?

It's a bastardization of the Divine Peace Healing symbol for 'Courage'.

'Courage' is a bright yellow zig zag just like that.

Again, on some level, conscious or unconscious, Charles Shultz knew.

Does Charlie Brown have courage? I think so, I like him.

If he had a white tee with a yellow zig zag I think the cartoon wouldn't be able to pick on him so much.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

I could write a whole book about this image here.

I'll save that for another blog post. Or two. When things are 'right'.

Here is a new Saul message.

I'm not exactly thrilled with Saul as my coach.

On the one hand, no one is special and everyone is here to help Gaia Ascend with her people.

On the other, the 'vast majority of humans have completely forgotten their life purpose'.

But don't judge!

Okay. I won't judge.

I will say to Ross and my teams that my 'muscles' are a little 'tired' from all this work I've been doing while everyone else has been 'sleeping', and it isn't anesthesia services I'm talking about.

And I want my teams to know that I am working very hard, at my post, and I would appreciate a pat on the back by them.

NOT an 'everyone is the same and no one is special' juxtaposed to 'the vast majority has forgot their contracts and promises' backwards compliment.

It's not judging.

It's the truth.

My teams (the ones Ross and I are leading and guiding through this blog) are busting their asses trying to get people to wake the heck up. They ARE being love in everything they do.

And if YOU (managing up to Saul) won't pat MY back, I will make an elaborate show--IN YOUR FACE SAUL--that I pat the back of everyone who is working with us and doing their best, every single day, 24/7, 365, year in and year out, until we go home. Including Divine Mother Incarnate who is working harder than anybody. Almost to the point of being able to do nothing else.

And I DARE you to say we would be able to go home as fast as we are without their efforts!

We are 'one'... energetically.

And we --those awake--are doing the work of an army--just us few--what, 12,000 'likes' on FB, and the people who read the blog (about 1,200 a day), and the dear beloveds on Twitter who I can't count, and the YouTubers who I also can't count.

Your work is IMPORTANT and APPRECIATED and VITAL to the cause!!!


Don't lose heart after reading things like Saul has to say. Stick with the messages from 'Our elder brother'...and there you will find all the respect, love and gratitude you need to get out of bed every morning and start your day.

When all is said and done, it will be like the bible where the prodigal son gets the party and the people who didn't work all day in the field get the same pay....while we who have been awake the whole time didn't get so much as a Happy Meal more to acknowledge our efforts.

That's OKAY.  That's the ways of the bible and Heaven that I don't understand.

Just know--officially--we are thanking you HERE and NOW, Patting you on the BACK, with a great big ATTA BOY and ATTA GIRL--to encourage you at your incredibly difficult task you signed up to do and are totally doing an awesome job at it.

That's all I have to say.


I am a rabbi.

I want to clarify first I am NOT the rabbi who does the interview.

That is the total opposite of me.

Furthermore, on Halloween!

There is a difference and distinction I want you to know.

First, that is the time of year when spirit communication becomes more prevalent because THAT is when the 'veil' which 'occludes' us from the afterlife is thinnest. That's why there is a day of the dead, an all souls day, and when families can communicate with their dearly beloved (myself included, for I am in that Realm) more clearly than any other time of the year.

It works for both sides, Light and Dark, and it needn't fool you into thinking Halloween is all one way or the other.

It's a little of both.

And the usefulness is all depending of which boat you are on.

clap! clap!

Carla I want you to tell them about the other thing.

C:  okay. In ancient Hawaii, there is history of much contact with extraterrestrials, from the Pleiades, and in their heritage and lore, because of this, the end of October is Hawaiian New Year. It is also New Year in the pagan/wiccan traditions. I call it Pleiadian New Year. From what I understand, the Pleiadians are our caretakers, and they checked up on us (our indigenous people) and taught them. I did hear of a story where 'beings of light' who inspired the 'kachinas' came and taught the Navajo I think. And one Navajo touched a living kachina, and burned up to dust.  I think it was from another dimension, this contact, and due to the vibrational mismatch that's why the Navajo who touched the kachina 'burned up'.

R:  Is there anything else?

C:  I want to share that Samhain (Halloween's name) is new year for White magic too. There's no k in it, the word magic. And it honors nature and the earth. That doesn't mean Gaia thinks it's okay to dress up all slutty and get wasted drunk in honor of 'Halloween' any more than it's okay to dress up all slutty and get bombed for the regular new year.   Enough said.

R:  You want to know what I think?

C:  Sure.

R:  I think none of this will matter in a very short time. (he's smiling--ed)

clap! clap!

R:  And oh by the way I thank you--all of you who read our words and strive to open your hearts every day--I thank you on behalf of I and all my teams--'except Saul' (he winks mischievously-ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Test Driving

I have so much to share!  All of it is good. Very, very good.

What puzzles me, a little, is without work, and especially without Anthony here, my body clock has shifted. I find myself going to sleep at midnight, and waking up at nine, which is totally unheard of in my 'natural routine'.


Yesterday I came from my sisters a little later, around ten...mom is doing well and I will give updates on that at the end.

As we reach the frequency of the Higher Realms as all of the earth Ascends as a planet with her people...I realize we are experiencing 'Something New' and a lot of it is just trial and error.

Do not be concerned about making mistakes.

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Some might need to be reworked, relearned, reproached, sure!

But in addition to the lessons, please keep in mind and heart, that there are PEOPLE who make Good Choices and Bad Choices.

On earth when you are incarnate, it is very easy to decide from your point of view, there are Good People and Bad People.

But this isn't true.

Everyone is technically 'Good' or has the capacity to be 'Good'  because they are a child of Divine Creator and Divine Creator doesn't make mistakes.

We might choose to not 'rescue' or 'save' those who make Chronically Bad Choices because they can eat up our bank accounts, and take our precious time we have left alive...because in doing this we honor them to their Free Will (freedom to hit Rock Bottom) and our Free Will (desire not to be sucked down to Rock Bottom with them).

I will give examples of this in a bit.

Now I will talk about something really cool that is totally different.

Yesterday while I was driving to my sister's house, I was giving/sending the daily Reiki healing.

I was conscious of the Tahitian Pearl, only this time, I saw it as if it was outside of me--even though I knew it's inside.

As I sent the Reiki, especially the basic Reiki, it started to transform. It had things pop out, Then it was like layers of shells would automatically come out. It would flip on one area--getting bigger and more wires like antennas sending Reiki symbols. And then as I increased the vibration of the healing Reiki to Karuna Reiki which is stronger, the whole contraption flipped on its back, again, and even more things happened.

It was jiggling and sending symbols which I could see, really far, across a network created by the antennas.

And as I got to the higher and higher frequencies I send (Agarthan Reiki and higher), it didn't do anything. The direct aura to aura transmission there is pristine, and the energy just flows from Ross and me to our recipients.

I found this puzzling, fascinating.

And when the healing was done?

It folded itself up and turned back to the Tahitian Pearl.

Our experience of being incarnate in human bodies is similar to the crash test dummy being put into a car.

Our souls are indestructible and always connected to Home.

Our bodies--the vehicles--are destructible.

And the whole thing which makes the 'experiment' fascinating is the concept of PERCEPTION.

No two people 'see' the same thing, even when they are side by side and colored by the cumulative sum total of their experiences, along with their family upbringing and culture.

Even people in the same family can have totally different views--polar opposites--and LOVE can still be there.

Ever heard of the concept, 'agree to disagree'??  That is a nice work-around people have come up with to maintain their relationships.

I want to quote John Smallman here:

Many of you have been following very difficult and demanding paths, filled with pain, anxiety, poverty, and, of course, suffering.  You volunteered from the generosity of your loving hearts so that all who choose to awaken as the divine plan comes to fruition would be ably and lovingly assisted to do so.  You are all receiving enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, but, because the density of the physical realm is so heavy, vast numbers are also reliant on the help provided by all of you, Light bearers and Light workers, to enable them to fulfill their divine destiny.

original article

Oh my gosh! I did. Growing up in my family would make your head spin! And it still does.

But I had a huge breakthrough yesterday, and for this I am most glad.

I had a fight with my sister. (We had just taken my mom to visit her house, and were in the rooms looking for any signs of rat infestation during mom's stay, and also, for mom's safety to come back. )

I asked her if she minded if I took a picture frame with lots of small photos in it, when all is said and done, because I made it? I selected the photos and gave it to mom and dad as an anniversary present.

I didn't want it today. And I didn't want to upset her.

Remember I am high-functioning Aspergers in a neurotypical family, the oldest of three daughters.

SHE said, 'do you mind if I take pictures of it first because x and y and z and...'

I got hurt.

I wanted a yes or a no. And I got something I wasn't sure was a yes or a no. I got very confused. Was this a 'yes' with conditions? Or a 'yes' that means I'm supposed to interpret it as a 'no' so as not to upset her? And we have a long history between us of conflict. There's lots of pain.

She accused me of 'taking things' without asking.

I said how the Muppets movie album and the Haunted Mansion album her daughter took were mine.  I didn't say anything. But that was 'taken without asking'.

She said that our mom 'gave it to my niece'.

Theres a certain selective vision in each of us that makes us fear the other is getting more, we see what we want to see. It makes no difference, but my 'list of painful items' that went 'not to me' include the gold coffee service set given by my godparents to my other grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary which was promised to me when I was twelve, diamond wedding and anniversary rings, a car, acres of property, I don't know, things that were in some way interpreted by me as a betrayal, even though it's my expectations which are really doing the pain, NOT the gift going somewhere else.  I see that. And my sister later said she wanted something mom had given me, and to be honest, I never really liked or wanted them, so I am going to box the demitasse cups up and give them all to her because it will make her happy. It's nice to have the extra bit of room in the house! I'm sharing as an example.

Back to the fight.

I called my sister the Queen Bee.

Then she REALLY went into Queen Bee mode and threatened to destroy me, in classic girl style emotional/verbal attack.

THIS is where my years of training, blogging, Reiki, cleansing and releasing, and healing my issues of betrayal by Ross kicked in and paid off in spades.

She assumed I was reading the books to become a Queen Bee, or to find ammunition.  

I leveled with her. I said, 'I'm reading the books so I can understand. You are actually really good at this whole Queen Bee thing, and I kind of admire you for it.'

She never in a million years expected this response because it wasn't 'written' into our usual painful 'fight script'.

(She had even accused me of writing 'mean things' about her in my blog, which similarly, came through my Asperger Brain like, 'hmmm, that's a dig...but...she reads! She reads my work! That's good and I hope it's helping her.')

I said, 'Do you see how all these years--almost fifty--we have been in two different worlds that were completely unable to communicate due to my Asperger's?'

I told her the whole time with this I was just looking for a 'yes' or a 'no' and I got really confused. Did she want to take the pictures out of the frame to copy them? Send them to Costco for restoring antique photos? I didn't understand.

That's when SHE leveled with me.

She knew of my Asperger's before I did, and she chose the road/path of compassion to me. She knew while we were growing up I was frustrated and having problems with my friends. She chose to be kind no matter how mean I was to her.

And I was mean.

There's been a lot of pain in my life, right next to hers...my mom forbid me my best friend when I was twelve. And then we moved away at fourteen. I had to make all new ones, and it really was taught. I hung out with the academic kids, but they wouldn't have been my choice--or maybe they would have--it was just that no one else would hang out with me. It was hard. I retreated into Bible Study/reading it (I was a member of Campus Life), studying and excelling at school, and getting out of the house.

For sure I haven't been mean to her since Anthony was born, and I made her his Godmother and her husband his Godfather. She's been terrific at this. (And since I went to college I have tried my best not to be mean, but I'm sure I had many slip ups and accidents.)

I am so glad we resolved our 'fight' and we actually grew closer.

Mom does have cognitive deficit.

It's affected our family deeply.

Mom around the time it began, chose to have 'three separate families'--one on one relationships with each of her daughters, and refused to give the others information about the one. It was 'up to us' to continue the friendships/relationships.

It was awkward.

And mom added her two cents, on the one hand praising the two other girls to excess in the presence of the one who was making the visit. (OUCH!)

And also telling the one present that the other two were super stressed and not to bother them and to plan all holidays at her house to let the others 'save face'.

As an Aspie, this was un-navigatable. And the path of least resistance was to just 'go with the flow' and 'hope for the best'.

There's this thing with Tim Braun, too. He's told the family we will 'explode' once mom dies--three people going three separate ways.  Yet he's predicted mom's death, and it hasn't happened for the longest time. Tim has his perceptions as a medium, too.

My point is, there are no iron-clad 'predictions', and with love, and a little effort (on my part reading and reading on unwritten rules and learning about neurotypical people and the expectations)--we can forge NEW relationships. Even after fifty years it's never too late.

During the argument I told my sister, 'how about the offering for you to vent to me I made the other day, to give you emotional support? THAT'S straight from the books! It's a success!  I learned that's what's expected of people who are close. So I did it. From my heart.'

And even earlier, way before the argument, she knows I like sparkling water. She had put one in the fridge just for me.  It was kind. I felt all warm and glowing. I've never felt that with my family in a long time. With presents I do, too, of course, but it's kind of expected that someone is doing something nice because socially you have the cues--the card, the wrapping, the get-together--and it's again, totally welcome. It's the unexpected little things that say 'I care' and really 'get you' in the heart, too.

THIS is HOME.  This is what HOME feels like. Home up in Heaven. This is the baseline of 'normal'.

We do not need 'defenses' back Home.

And HOME is coming to earth.

The Lightworkers are reassuring people who are totally shell-shocked from their incarnate experiences, that it is safe to come out from hiding.

You can drop your armor.

Everything is going to be okay.

Even with Service to Self, and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they are on the decline, it will resolve, and a beautiful Life Experience is ahead of us direct from Creator. 

I study YouTube videos and articles just because I want to know. I don't want to be fooled again, and I want to see how deep the deception by Service to Self goes. 

But that's 'my thing'.  My comfort zone. It's learning.

Not everyone has to wake up to it to enjoy what's coming ahead.

Creator of All That Is is going to put you through your paces. 

And in your heart of hearts, you know that this is how it works--there isn't any way to 'destroy' your eternal soul. 

(I'm not sure about those who 'sold' theirs to um...you know...not sure how exactly it works but I think THEIR end-point is the decision--'heal or merge'. All who take the 'heal' path have guidance and are technically 'on' the same path as we are.)

It's not meant to be easy.

It IS meant to improve your skills.

And to be fun.

Just like this.

A little fun away from Home (like making a fort in the living room out of the couch and blankets--it's STILL in the Home, really...just make believe it isn't).

The energies are changing rapidly, and it's OKAY to trust your heart.  It really is.

It's never too late to change your mind about people, and perhaps, give them another chance. 

You might be pleasantly surprised!

Some people--for example, my mom--have solid reasons to act the way they do. There's brain changes.  She knows it, and it frustrates her.

This is where Love and Compassion come into play. 

A lot of the painful things she has done weren't really her fault the last four years. 

It's hard because she's our mom, and she likes to present herself as she has always been, to keep her dignity. 

Somewhere, between the next two photos I am 'borrowing' from Maria Lourdes, is the Truth which has been hidden from us for ages during our incarnate experiences on earth:

Everything is LOVE.


I wanted to get a message out there to my Carla.

I went to my sister Biramel, who is incarnate, and gave her a 'nudge'.

I had her make a bracelet.

One her bracelets she makes for us, there's always a charm in sterling silver that says, something to the effect of, 'Ross loves you, Carla'.

This time, I had it made of the finest rubies and sapphires with so much chatoyancy (star pattern of reflecting the light) that  Biramel commented, 'the sapphires look like blueberries!'.

They do.

In my heart it's true blue.

But I digress.

The message, which I told to Carla yesterday, is I wanted her to wear it on the right arm (sends energy) rather than the left (receives) where she usually wears them.

I told her I want the world--everybody--to know how much I love her.

This was the most beautiful and amazing message I have ever sent to her and it filled Carla with DELIGHT.

(raises one finger--ed)  And it was THIS delight that empowered her to find her way through with her sister who for reasons unbeknown to them both, have caused a Road Block or Barricade between their hearts due to their combined misperceptions (and poor effort on the part of their parents to help them to resolve it).

THAT was my gift to Carla yesterday.

For the first time, a sister--not one but two, really--who are of the heart. 

The second sister joyfully shared the news of her pregnancy with Carla yesterday. 

All is well and (interlaces the fingers--ed) Creator will not 'hang you out to dry'...not with anyone.

I wouldn't say it's 'instant', yet when you choose this path, you are always coming closer to the Highest Good for All.

I highly recommend it.

Wouldn't you agree, Maria Lourdes?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Shifting Time

Something happened yesterday while I was in meditation.  It's hard to explain and I think it's important.

Please bear with me as I begin.

I was in meditation with my team--Ross, Michael, Raphael, Raziel and Merlin. These are my closest advisors and in fact I am 'married' to them. It's so hard to explain but it's different from here where time is linear. Up Home, time does not exist. So here the equivalent would be Ross and my former partners/spouses. Up Home somehow everything works out. That is not the point.

The point is the thing they did.

And their reaction.

A similar 'funny thing' happened the time Divine Mother Incarnate taught me how to make bracelets over Skype. This was years ago. I forget when.

Ross and Ashtar were present.

They were sitting in their big chairs, relaxed, hands interlaced and behind their heads, elbows out, and watching the whole time without saying a word.

I commented to Divine Mother Incarnate, 'Don't they have anything better to do than to watch two women with their hobby?'

At the time we were making bracelets just because we wanted to pass the time until we went Home, our Missions were complete, and it was fun to make them.  Just like working on jigsaw puzzles...right? A hobby!

I didn't know it meant more.

I didn't know I'm a healer, I work closely with Spirit, and I create using the crystals.

I didn't know I would touch to many lives.

But the enjoyment and amusement and INTEREST of Ross and Ashtar??!  THAT is what almost gave it away. Their BEHAVIOR was somehow DIFFERENT.  Watching with interest, taking the time in their busy day, and not being in any rush but being HAPPY.

Does this make sense?  Are you still with me?

Yesterday one of them put this huge thing that looked like a black Tahitian Pearl (see above) in my chest! Then the whole team backed off to watch me.

I'm not sure if I swallowed it, or they just went through my chest wall of my Light Body.

It's HUGE, like thirty-five millimeters.

I was surprised and like, 'what's this?' and Merlin explained it would do something/compensate?/ adjust? (I can't recall the word) my 'new chakras'...I know my lower three merged into one orange/gold one near my solar plexus a few weeks ago.

It didn't hurt.

I don't know what it does.

And when I asked, every single one of my team acted like they didn't know it had ever happened, and wouldn't answer my questions, and were smiling really big like they had to be careful not to tell a secret. They shrugged, shook their heads, you know how people are when they deny something, and are 'up to something'...

I asked 'WHAT DOES IT DO?!'

They smiled and shook their heads, and looked at one another as if the best plan ever these buddies could think of just got pulled off.

I have to be careful, because down here, I don't understand things like that well, and sometimes I feel like I am the butt of the joke--even though my team has never in a million years made fun of me--I had to be SURE.

So I went to Divine Father. I showed it to him, and asked should I be concerned about it?

He said it is a nice surprise and they don't want to spoil it for me; it's something good and I will be okay. He said to watch it and see what it does.

At the same time, in Germany, Divine Mother Incarnate experienced something too.

She was lying in bed (recall there is a time difference between California and Germany) and woken up from trying to sleep. She heard a sharp sound like a stringed instrument's string being plucked. It startled her. She also heard a cracking sound. It was very loud and she's never heard anything like it.

Divine Father said it is the first crack of the split between Higher D and  Duality World, and it will take a few days for it to show. 

I'm not worried.

I'm not afraid.

It did throw me off my game a little.

At bedtime I realized I forgot to send the healings. That little 'nudge' or 'insistence' I have with my discipline to send it totally disappeared.

I was able to move forward in some areas I've been blocked for a long time.

I hate to admit it, but I had a care package for someone who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer earlier this year...and I never sent it because it was to Europe.

She died.

Now it's about two months after her death.  Her sister who is close to me is still grieving.

So I put together the care package, baby items and toys I bought in June when the newest grandson was born (I was in Alaska that day)...along with ten bracelets of different sizes made of angelic, the stone Spirit said would be good for the family to wear in remembrance of her.

I made more bracelets.

I made the one for the server who liked my mom's eye of protection bracelet in Burbank last May when we took her to see a play she wanted to see. He was at the California Pizza Kitchen where we ate.

I made one for Biramel--she's going to like it.  And three for me, I call them 'Heaven on Earth'. I'll show you photos.

To the left we have angelite. In the middle is howlite hearts with two kinds of glass bead (glass is actually useful in healing). The right is green opal from Peru, and then Swarovski color-change 4 mm bicones called 'cantaloupe' because they turn green in fluorescent lighting. The angelite, by the way, is also from Peru and was discovered at time of the Harmonic Convergence. 

I really had a lot of fun to create.

Yesterday we went to the mall. I was turning on my Pokemon Go and getting steps in to hatch eggs, and in the parking lot, said, 'I WANT A SQUIRTLE!'. He's my buddy, and I want a Blastoise because Anthony and I saw one in the wild. He caught it, I didn't.

His computer had a grey screen. We had to go to the store for the tech to fix it. It's his dad's weekend, but I had permission to get the laptop fixed. 

We had a light dinner at home before.

Everything fixed quickly.

We went to a Nescafe free giveaway (they try to sell you one the whole time they make your beverage) and then walked towards the door.

Build a Bear was there.

Anthony had his fourth birthday party there. We have so many happy memories!

We found a Squirtle.

We made it and didn't add any of the clothes. How can you dress over a shell, right?

Anthony and I have a tradition. When he was lonely for me, we would make them with little recordings of our voices in it. Then at his dad's I could hear him, and he could hear me say the prayer I said for him every night. His version is:  'God Bwess you and pwotect you and have a good night!' in his adorable two year old voice...

His dad didn't like it, and refused to let him bring the toys.

But we have a collection of his voice as he grows up. We made many of these things, always with the voice.

Anthony said, 'Thank you mom for all the times you took me to Build A Bear. Making them is a blast!'

His voice sounds older and more mature. I will always treasure it.

I named it--you have to name every one after you stuff it--IWANNA SQUIRTLE.

I manifested it.

(Ross says not to worry about my forgetting the healings, we are a team, and he always has my back. He sent them. He also says I got a lot of energy yesterday too, and to excuse me.)

Today is a long day.

I help with mom.

She wants to go home.

It's about three weeks after her stroke.

She can't use her hands to open her pill bottles, or empty her foley bag to drain her urine from her stoma. 

She can hardly get out of a chair, and needs coaching and encouragement.

We aren't sure if we can leave her alone.

I have to assess her mental ability. I 'm going to give her this test.  I need her to know I'm looking only for medical information, and the information is to see how we can accommodate her needs and adapt by seeking outside help.

It won't be easy.

She has little insight, and thinks her stroke was like having a cold. It's over.

Everything else she's had, it's been like that.

Her executive function is impaired, and also, the family has noticed the memory changes over about six months to a year. She says it's her medicines she takes for her kidney. 

The nice thing about the test is it will help us see if she's normal, a little impaired, or a lot. 

There is like world war going on between my family. All of it is based on fear and misunderstanding of the medical condition. 

So I'm going to have to educate the family, as well as be a negotiator. 

It's been about three weeks of our lives being turned upside down by mom's condition.  Lots of phone calls, coordination, doctors, and making sure she's not alone. 

Everyone is tired and cranky.

When it comes right down to it, it is what it is.

She is officially enrolled in a palliative care program, but we aren't going to use the word 'palliative' about it because dad had it too. She knows what it is and it will depress her.

Medically, her future isn't good. The aortic stenosis will gradually worsen until she has chest pain, shortness of breath and syncope (passing out).  The kidney transplant at some point will fail, and uremia will follow with death in about four days. She can't fix the heart because she is concerned, rightfully so, about the effect of the contrast on the kidney. It will hasten the demise of the kidney, and dialysis isn't really an option she welcomes.

If in the event of a code blue, with critical Aortic Stenosis the external pressure on the chest for CPR can't generate enough pressure inside the chest and the heart to get the blood out of the aortic valve. It's unsuccessful. 

That's why we put her in palliative care--fortunately when all three daughters were 'fresh' and in agreement.

Ross says to go five times, today will be three. I will go after I mail the packages. 

Ross had said she won't be around much longer. 

I keep getting signs from my dad.

Someone sent me a video clip from him. It's supposed to be funny. More cowbell. But the SONG is 'Don't Fear The Reaper' and it's about Romeo and Juliet--young lovers doing suicide together like those two.  It sent me chills, because that's how dad is when it comes to mom. He wants her. He's wanted her since he died. His message to me is 'don't fear mom dying'--I get it. It's the same message we get from all of her loved ones when I work with Tim. I stopped going because they talk more about her and to her than to me. It's my dime!

I saw a license plate that said, 'Coffee Date'--that's how they met.

So he's calling to her with that and other signs. She's sick of being sick. So tired of it. 

Wish me good things, patience, compassion, calm...I am going to be an anchor in a storm. 

The funniest thing about neurotypicals and me--being Asperger's--is that I need a lot less emotional support. 

My dentist was saying, 'it must have been hard on you being sued. You are single. Who is there to reassure you when you wake up at three in the morning and panic about being sued?' (he had a frivolous one against him, that got thrown out, too).   He's right and he's smart.

I haven't had the luxury of emotional support like some. Yet you don't miss what you don't have, especially if you are Asperger's. For my support I have my Star Family and my Teams and all the wonderful readers here. I know I am loved. and When you FEEL loved, you know deep in your heart, no matter what, everything is going to be OKAY. 

That's the message I wish to share with my family today.


Love is the most important nutrient you can get.

Even for me.

Make sure you get enough of it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, October 27, 2017


As we approach the Higher Realms, our experience of Life is going to change.

Today I have some examples to share with you of how this change, although subtle, is in fact profound and very REAL.

Two days ago, as I went to get my cosmetics box out from under the sink, I checked the rat trap. As some of you who follow this blog know, my home is in a wooded area, and the homes are connected. This is a set up for rats. Pretty much everyone has them, but we don't talk about it. I often hear things go 'bump' in the wall at night. I always have traps loaded and baited in strategic areas in my house, just in case...24/7, 365.

I am aware I am manifesting things faster, and I caught myself and knew I had to be careful what I thought when I check, because I would make the problem worse...and at that last check, I pictured a dead rat in the trap. A big fat one.

There had been a bad stink in the area for two days (it's been hot). And yesterday when I was going to put my makeup on to get out the door, sure enough--I caught one!

(This photo is for the squeamish--I had the real thing, a big and fat one).

Thoughts are things!

I learned this while growing up when Dad took me to the Religious Science church with him when I was fourteen.  Nobody else wanted to go, we thought he was a little off his rocker. I didn't want him being alone so I went and mom stayed home with the baby.

This church talked about how we create our own reality by what we think.

I know, right? Ahead of its time? LOL.

But to me, all everyone ever wanted to manifest was $$$$ and many stories were about THAT kind of 'success'.

Services were over and over, the same theme, 'how I got rich'.

I tuned it out.

But when it came to academic success, that year was my best one beyond anything I could imagine!

I had learned to do what the church had taught me to do, without realizing it.

This is why I am going to give you  a little gift, a lifeline.

I'm absolutely delighted with this message from the Council.


(By the way that link to the message isn't the gift, the council one--there's more! but back to my point about the delightful message...)

It parallels my last on with using the collective consciousness of the Ground Crew to say I DO NOT CONSENT.

It honors Gaia, and believe me, with the straight story and the imagery and the people following the message, Gaia can FEEL it. And it's wonderful to have the unified support of humanity. It really is.

And lastly, it's constructive criticism on the campaign 'I DO NOT CONSENT' to free humanity from the enslavement of 'Service to Self' organizations/social structures/etc.

It's like advice from a big brother, so very appreciated, and spot on.

Here's the deal:

The Universe doesn't hear 'no'. Just like most humans. Our brains don't quite process it.

We are FOR freedom from Service to Self (hence the butterflies photo at the top of the blog post).

If we are AGAINST it, Service to Self, then we will empower it.

I wracked my brains for a way to 'spin' the words of I DO NOT CONSENT to something more in alignment with building our future reality together.

I recalled the wise recommendation of Margaret Mc Cormick,-- CHANGE IT (for things you don't like) and LOVE IT (for things you do). She taught us to point to the chemtrails and say CHANGE IT and wow they sure would go away fast!

So here's what I propose as a 'tweak' to make the I DO NOT CONSENT approach even stronger:

  1. recognize the problem--the obvious signs of Service to Self--to which you do not consent. For example, the vaccine Anthony had to get yesterday under duress.
  3. point to the thing that's a problem and say HELP!  or CHANGE IT!
THIS harnesses YOUR Free Will--which must always be obeyed as long as you are incarnate and it has to do with something in Spirit that's going on in your perception...

This is in agreement with the LAW of ATTRACTION.

This is 'something better' as referenced to in this Gaia Portal.

I hope you agree with the 'upgrade' to I DO NOT CONSENT and that the new one brings all the world and all of humanity into alignment with the original blueprint for Earth.

Yesterday was a day where Ross 'steered' me more than normal in the morning.

I had my plans!

I was enjoying a 'grasse matinee' (a slow, enjoyable morning) since Anthony spent the night at his dads.

I had wanted to go as soon as the smog place opened and take care of the registration at AAA. 

But Ross had me read, another chapter of Queen Bees and Wanna Be's after breakfast (which he came up with the menu--zucchini bread--the last piece, and tea). I had my vitamins too.

I got the call. From the school. They were going to have to report that Anthony wasn't up to date on his vaccines. Could I please at least make an appointment?

So I coordinated that. One tDAP. That's it. No more. And it's the last of the series, the school said.

The school said we can't opt out any more because we are truthers and know vaccines are 'more' than 'what meets the eye' and 'science tells you'. We KNOW it's a multibillion dollar industry--at best, and it's Agenda 21 at worst.  

The Amish have no ADD or learning disorders or autism.

The Amish do not take vaccines.

I dropped everything, picked up the kid, took him for his shot, got him a treat afterwards at Starbucks (he wanted a cake pop).

I was told by Archangel Raphael he would help. And Divine Mother Incarnate said for us to think I DO NOT CONSENT when we saw the shot. 

Some moments before the nurse came in--I think while she was drawing it up--I felt Ross' presence VERY strong in the room. He was there the whole time, I couldn't see him but I felt him and his energy was the most intense and high vibration I've ever felt. He did not leave until it was time for us to go. I'm not sure what he did, or how he did it, but I 'sensed' it's a special healing to all who are 'under duress' and have to do something they don't want to do, but the Service to Self 'agenda' makes this impossible.

This can have far-reaching implications, to include those who are deeply entrenched with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. 

It's good.

After I dropped Anthony back at school, I needed gas and a car wash. 

Then I tried my luck to see if the smog place had a long line.

It was empty! I got right in and passed in less than ten minutes!

I rushed home.

I had made tabbouleh and decided to bring it to my sister's house.

I also had made lentils and put the pot in the oven, and a  loaf of bread on the stove, for Anthony and the sitter.

Then I left to help mom.

Mom is staying at my sister's house following her stroke.

She's had some memory problems leading up to the stroke. And a huge personality change around the time of the stroke.

Normally she's very social and chatty.

Now she was sleeping a lot and wanting to keep the conversations short.

Mom is a medical miracle.

It's also one of my first predictions that came true.

Mom was one of the healthiest in the family, and except for menorrhagia, she was like an energizer bunny. She did everything for us, and also, took her ailing mom to many doctor appointments during the week. This is because nana didn't drive, and her husband's and her English wasn't good. 

Mom deeply resented this.

She used to say that nana was a hypochondriac.

Nana had really bad arthritis. But her joints didn't change, they just swelled a little.

One day, it hit me, out of the blue, when I was in about ninth grade, and I said, 'one day mom is going to be sicker than all of us combined have ever been.'

Fast forward twenty years, and mom's 'flu' is actually kidney failure. She had dialysis for two years. Then a cadaveric transplant at UCLA.  Many infections/brushes with death. Then bladder cancer which she had radical surgery (Reiki has kept her alive, bless you!)...

Her situation right now, medically, is complex. There are two problems, and if you fix one you make the other problem worse. She decided not to fix either. I asked her this around the time of her diagnosis last month. 

THEN she had the stroke.

It's a thalamic, deep white matter ischemic stroke. 

She seems normal. But there's still the memory thing, and she can't stand up on her own without a lot of effort and someone to hold the walker for her. She has a lot of arthritis in her hands, too. It's hard to say what she will need to adapt to at the moment, and I'm thinking it might be more than we anticipate. Due to the thalamus.

Ross told me to go help five times during my two weeks off. This was the second.

I knew, because Ross tells me when to go, that I was needed. Sure enough, my nephew would have been 'alone' with mom, since his dad had a night shift and was taking a nap. My sister and niece were at UCLA for my niece's kidney care, and traffic is horrendous to come home.

I stayed later than planned.

I gave a respite to my sister to go walk with my nephew at the park. 

Family dynamics in my family are a little strange. I suppose in all of them they are. But for me, being an AsperGirl in a Sicilian family means I'm very confused most of the time by what is going on. So I just do what is 'right' and wait till I go home. 

For example, mom whispered to me she is 'going home' tomorrow but 'nobody knows'. She said, 'Susan (her caregiver one day a week) will help me'.

Later, she asked me if I'm working--she doesn't remember I'm home from the court time that got cancelled--and asked me to come drive her home tomorrow. 

She can't stand up, can't empty her foley bag, and can't use the phone--can't figure out how to dial. 


I smiled and said I have to volunteer at the school, which I do.

This is where unconditional love is the only course of action. 

You accept and you love. 

My mother is a complex woman.

So are my two sisters.

I don't exactly have the closest relationship with any of them.

A lot is because of my Aspergers.  I just don't 'get' them, and there seem to be these 'expectations' of me that aren't spoken, and I just feel awkward. It's like my love isn't enough to help me figure things out.

And yesterday, because I couldn't go home, I felt like, well, the only way I can explain it is when Anthony's with his dad, he's the 'little fish', so when he comes home he takes it out on me like he's the 'big fish' because he HATES being the 'little fish' and wants to act out to 'undo it'. 

It's like there's some boundary I don't enforce, I'm not allowed to, because in my family everyone's emotions matter more. Or perhaps, I don't get time to speak up. 

I heard something that made me very sad. Like really sad. And like, something I had thought I could count on might not be there for me in the future due to reasons I can't control.

I drove home with my head spinning because I was in the middle of a possible Queen Bee thing, there's no way to know the truth, and it was depressing if it was true, what I heard, and it resonated with me as true.

Then something in my heart, happened.

I said, 'there IS enough!'

And, I knew no matter what, even if the worst fears came true, it didn't matter, because Ross would take good care of me. 

It was like a fire exploded in my chest, a fire of Love, Nurturing, Warmth, and Compassion!!!

It's ALL Illusion. 

All of it.

And like in the Council message, our spirits don't sleep.

So while we ARE sleeping, our spirits are somewhere with other spirits of souls who are incarnate, and with our guides who aren't, going over our 'lessons plans' for the next day. 

Yesterday, MY lessons were confusion, surprises, obligations, and being able to LOVE through it all.

I did okay until I came home.

The sitter doesn't do much. Just texts and talks on the phone and is 'around in case someone needs to call 911', and drives Anthony to dinner. She doesn't engage him, she doesn't make sure he does homework or chores. I have to tell her what to do. And Anthony too. And let them know both that they are told what to do. Every time.

I came home, the pets weren't cared for, and Anthony had played video games with a friend (techno 'hanging out') for two hours! 

Plus his computer was 'hacked' (his words not mine) and I needed to 'fix' it right away. After a day like yesterday. I had to make an appointment, and then coordinate with his dad the drop-off. It's more inconvenience for me. And I told him, if it's dead, I can't buy you another. I don't have the money. I'm sorry. (the last computer we replaced less than six months ago, one that was four years old, was 'hacked' and 'slow').

I called Anthony on it.  The messy room, the unwillingness to help, and the taking advantage every chance he can get.

I told him, 'I'm too easy on you'.

I asked, 'don't you want to have friends come over? We have to work to make the house nice.' 

He shot back, with attitude, 'If I HAD a friend who would WANT to come over!'

I made the new rule, no video games during the week. (I'm ready to throw out the damn x-box but it still won't make him read).

I remember Ross saying my mom doesn't have much time left.

And I know big changes are coming at some point, for everyone.

I cleaned the kitchen.  It's sooo messy, my cabinets don't fit everything, and when I used to keep food in the garage I had to stop because rats got in it. Now it's only cans, or jars, if at all.

Then I finished the Queen Bee book.

I went to bed after midnight.

I woke up at four, on schedule.

I've been writing all this time.

And I'm not sleepy.

Love is all there is.

It's the only solution.

The balance comes between self-love (dignity, and enforcing that others don't demean you) and love for others in healthy relationships.

I realize from the book I need to learn how to create healthy boundaries, and to communicate with SEAL technique to 'call people on it' when it's time.

That's how neurotypicals operate. 

I might not understand all the nuances of relationships.  I realize I was one of the outcasts in high school, but it didn't feel that way. I never went to a party. I'm glad I didn't. I would have gotten over my head into situations I didn't 'read' if I did.

I feel lucky and blessed.

I feel also lucky and blessed to have read the book and ordered the guy version now to help Anthony grow up into a man who has dignity and healthy relationships and communication skills too.

He's not a baby any more.

Ross sent me signs.

Here was one:

Here was another:

See you space cowboy...

I went to sleep last night and I challenged him.

I said, 'If my soul never sleeps and I have access to unlimited intelligence of the Universe, then why do I come here every day to learn lessons? Why do I need to learn anything as Carla if my soul already knows all there is to know?'

I didn't get an answer.

But I did wake up to a new Gaia Portal.

In the car, to Mi Gente, Ross and I danced a little, while I was in major traffic on the way to my sister's house. We danced in my mind's eye. That is, until I heard it's a remix, and Bey was in it.  Then I was like, 'CHANGE IT!' with the whole preamble about Divine Creator's plan too.


Carla is experimenting with and experiencing the energy of the Higher Realms.

Manifesting faster and with more accuracy.

Letting go of trying to control time, and going along with the life's flow of events.

Even after the drama with the computer as 'the last straw' last night, openly acknowledging that DRAMA is LIFE, the Life Experience, the source of the Lessons.

And even understanding that on a soul level, a lot of what goes on 'behind the scenes' is really 'advance planning' with the other souls behind the 'next days' events'.

Everything is unfolding beautifully on our end.

I would like to call your attention to the breaking news stories on things like George Bush senior touching a young actress' bottom. And to the 'damage control' the news offers after.

Yesterday Carla remarked to the room, as her relatives allow her mom, the news junkie, to watch her station all the visit--'they are all wearing black! I wonder why?'

It was true. All the women had on black, and the men, some version of black suit and red tie (Mason uniform on the media). Carla didn't mention THAT though.

Have you ever heard about shark's teeth?

They come in rows and rows, one in front of the other.

When a tooth falls out and is lost, another one effortlessly rises to take its place.

The same is true with the scandals.

(he rubs his hands together. Then he takes his mouth and bites twice in the air like a shark. --ed)

Chop! Chop!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple