Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We are in times of great change.

There is great transfer of energy.

There is changing 'control' of the planet--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are near the end of their agreement to control all of humanity as our 'supervisors' or 'guardians' of the physical.

They don't want to leave their post, so they are 'giving it all they have got' back, energetically, as well as through censorship of the media (just try to find videos about the Las Vegas incident--which tell the truth. (On YouTube, The Truthstream Media one--Cui Buono?--got their everything hacked!)

There's lots of technology we don't understand, but we can feel, and it's all going down right now.

As an aside, I did a case in the angio suite, the new one that's state of the art. While they are filming an angiogram, with intense strong radiation, it's silent. You can't feel it. You don't even know it's happening.

Except that all the team runs out of the room and goes to the control room.

This radiation is so strong, to stay in the room you need lead apron and to stand behind lead glass.

In the early days of angio, I would stay with my patient in that radiation, and no one would say a thing to me about my protection.

I'm so glad this time people did.

Even in places like this where there is transfer of high voltage energy, around it, through the laws of electromagnetism, and electromagnetic field is created. It's called EMF.

It can affect the health of people living nearby, not just if a wire comes loose and is 'live', but through the constant exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.

Even the cell phone towers are showing health effects, especially those mounted in residential areas.  I've heard some form of cancer is going up...

Ironically, one of the most amazing things I've seen in the anti-vaccine community was an article that said, 'Amish are free from x, y, and z diseases because they don't take vaccines'. It was brilliant! They also have organic food, and little processed food, and don't follow the mainstream 'narrative'.

Flux is also a name for this wire that is melted to join pipes together.

Sometimes I feel like the Ground Crew is in this position. We hold the space while everything around us is shifting.

It takes a lot of energy and discipline to ground ourselves, to know ourselves, and to focus on our spiritual growth enough to sustain us as the people around us awaken and we are here to support them.

Someone in our community had a huge 'A-ha!' moment over Saturday Night Live. They were like, 'it seems like they were pushing the Agenda (narrative by the mainstream media) really hard last weekend. Could that be?'


No amount of our talking about this, no amount of videos, is going to 'nudge' someone to that point where their eyes open. Only YOU can open YOUR eyes, and it's an 'organic' thing--it has to come naturally at the right time and place for you in your growth and development.

We can support you in your awakening, and reassure you, 'yes, what you see is true and correct' and keep supporting one another.

People enjoy their routines, their 'shows', their being 'part of the system'. It's hard to get them back. That's because the sophisticated mass media understands our psychology and exploits it without our knowing it.

Some people are on me right now.


You had a bad call. You ache.

Leave medicine.

Leave it now. Call me. I'll help you. You can sell supplements to support yourself in the meantime.

All of it is well-meaning.

Thank you.

I am in medicine because it is both my dream and my calling. It's in my Life Contract to do what  I do.

I also know things other people don't.

About the timeframe.

I have a natural break coming up, the time I would have had my court case. I have two weeks.

There's a funny feeling I won't be coming back to the hospital, and if I do, it will be with a plan in place what to do next.

The O.R. is a very protected environment which is perfect for someone with a little autism, You do the same things over and over, with the same people, and there's not a lot of conversation. I can 'read' people in this context, both my patients and my colleagues.

I also know there are two new hires coming on line with our group. Currently we are one man short--he left for Arizona.

I know my advice from Spirit is to start giving away my calls. But this week I'm not allowed to.

I need tomorrow off. A friend, a dear friend is visiting in town, I'd like to see her. Post call is the best chance I'll get.

On the Sunday call from Hades, the whole time in the parking lot was a Haul truck. It had a firefly on in and cheered me up. I like fireflies.

In the morning I saw the state the firefly was from--on the side of the truck, in big letters, how Uhaul advertises places--was the word INDIANA.

I knew it was Spirit telling me things are going to be okay.

These are both in the same river. At the same time. The beautiful lotus. And the hippo who can kill you.

Hippos are vegetarians. They just do their hippo thing. Unless you cross them! Then you better run faster than a hippo!

We are in times like this, which are flowing like a river.

I know in my heart, the dangers 'are illusion' when we compare them to Home in the Higher Realms.

I also know, while we get through this life, to achieve our life purpose, and stay on our life plan, we don't want to walk and agitate a hippo that might be in the same flow of life experience as us.

I don't think anyone would write it in their life script, 'Death by Hippo' or 'Hippo Attack'--although it has happened.

Last night Anthony was struggling with his homework.

He procrastinates.

He's delusional in a way--I ask him, 'what homework do you have?' and everything is 'it's good!' and 'it's fine'--and he goes on to play his video games.

I don't like to be in the position to force him.

He had a poem he was to write. Ten lines. He was dictating it to his computer, the technology in it is that good.

He started with something, I forget, then he was trying to do a Jedi.

Here I was exhausted, cooking dinner, his not liking anything I'm making from home, just after having bought him not one but two pairs of really nice, top of the line, running shoes for his every day. Now he can alternate them.  I do the work around the house so he can study.

I let him have it.

I told him what I thought.

You are a good-time Charlie, and you're not building the foundation for a life for yourself even though you have been given this wonderful opportunity. Your life is going to be good only as long as I am in it and supporting you. After that, it's going to suck.  You have no interest in working hard at anything. Your father was right to throw out the x-box. I should do it too. I can take your phone away also. Heather used to do this all the time with Jared to get through to him. Take it away. Take it away. Take it away.

I am a pushover and you know it.

When is the last time you had this thought in your head, 'how can I help mom? How can I help make life easier for her?'

He hasn't.

I asked him, 'when you SEE me working myself to the point of exhaustion, doesn't that make a clue that perhaps you can HELP and take the burden off me?'

I don't think he's ever thought of anything but 'mom is going to help me' and 'I want to have fun'.

I did the dishes.

He typed.

Here's his poem:  'Parents'

The people who create you.
The people who love you.
The people who have control over you til you are 18.
The people who besides teachers get mad at you when you don't finish an assignment, get a bad score on a test, or a bad grade in general.
The people who can make your life miserable, but also great.
The people who you have to obey. The people who keep a roof over your head, feed you, and give you clothing.
The people who will be there for you when you need them most.
The people who will help you start your life as an adult.
The people who will kick you our of their house to live life on your own.
The people who you eventually you will have to care for when they get weak.
The people who if one goes, you can help the other to get one the loss.
The people who will always be watching you from above.
The people who taught you how to be them one day.
The people who turn into you and a companion.
The people who are always created and sadly sometimes destroyed.
The people, who are parents.

He did well.

It's time to go.

Everything will come in its right place.

For everyone.

I have big decisions ahead--this kid has to go to high school--and is going to need more of my time, more direction and support.

The shoe salesman noted he's more 'expressive' than most seventh graders. He's not LIKE other seventh graders. Socially he's a little behind. That's okay.

He's a good kid.

He just doesn't have a goal, a dream, or the gumption to get there.

He likes to have fun.

He wants to be a pilot.

His friend, due to the stress, has taken up knitting. A boy, twelve, who knits.

I saw his knitting yesterday. A 'spring stitch'. It was beautiful yellow.

I told him I have a friend who kits so well she can make her own patterns. I told him I'd talk to her for him and see if she had any advice.

Middle school is really hard, socially.

It's so sad.

Ross says to talk about the time frame and not leave anyone guessing.

In general terms.

It's not tomorrow or next week, the changes.

It's not way into next year.

He likes that.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple