Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Dirty Work

There is a word in Sicilian for the worst part of the dishes, my grandmother used to say it. I forgot the word but it sounded like 'Vasalia'.  It was the pots and pans with all the food cooked on it.

We saved them for the end. We would use the steel wool, and the powdered cleanser Comet, and SCRUB!

When I was a kid, and I would help her, she would take over at that point. I didn't have the strength to clean it past the first layer of stuff that wasn't stuck on. 

After that last push of effort, though, we were done and could start up the coffee and cookies and enjoy our family time after the meal.

I realize, as unpleasant as it may be, perhaps this last phase of the Ascension process, is sort of like the dishes...and it's time for us to find our strength and do the dirty work.

Yesterday I was supposed to work. However, my patient I was due to help has passed away suddenly in the night. Backup was no longer needed.

Anthony was home with me. We did something we haven't done in a long time and we needed to do. We cleaned up several things. And we both worked at it.

First, we decorated the house for Halloween. We hadn't in a few years. We threw out the old things like the spider that lights up, that just was broken and not working well. We also didn't do the exact same thing. We changed it up from our routine.

I have to admit, when we came home last night, it looked really good.

And this time, he put in the batteries to all the little decorations that make scary noises and are cute.

He didn't like the mess from the summer equipment. So I had him clear the shelf in the garage, and we organized it. The boogie boards and skim board are all stacked up. The beach chairs are in easy reach for me. Our coolers are lined up neatly.

I swept the garage and watered the plants.

There was one last box left from when we had a flood somewhere. It was right in front of the microwave. (our kitchen is very old, so our microwave is on a stand in the garage). I threw a lot of stuff out. It's so nice to have that room to work with.

Then we did the hardest one. I had boxes of old photos at the end of the hallway. I used to keep them in my closet, but when I made meditation space I moved them out. I can't figure out how to store them. But we arranged them by size, it's much neater, not as ugly, and I have an idea where they can go. (We can't put things in the attic, in California we don't have attics or basements. And in the garage a rat can destroy things easily.)

I also had many of Anthony's old baby clothes with the photos. He looked through them with joy, and amazement at how little he once was.  I neatly folded them, put them in a pillowcase, and put them in a different closet.

Our garden is linked with our bunny. Both chores happen together.

The garden had a huge compost pile from all the clippings from the tomatoes bushes and pumpkin vines that I had let dry. I needed to turn it over. Then after that, the rabbit cage soiled substrate goes on top, then dirt.

And the rabbit, this time, had an especially icky poopy butt.

It stinks.

Anthony can't stand the stink any more. He said, 'mom, I'm glad we got the rabbit when we got her, but when it's her time to go, I'm okay with that too. I had no idea she would be so much work!'

I didn't either.

Usually I can manage with one hand, but this time I needed him to hold her so I could use the scissors to trim the clumps off her.

This is after the sink turning immediately black once her back half goes in.

She also had urine all over her too.

The poor thing.

I love her. She's sweet and she understands she needs cleaning, even though she hates it. And she knows it's not fun for me either. She never scratches or bites.

It's a good lesson for Anthony to care for those we love, even if they aren't easy to care for.

I have to make you laugh. I found some grubs, big fat ones, in the dirt while I was working in the yard on the compost. I called Anthony to take them and give them to the turtle. She made quick work of them, and was running around the cage with one in her mouth. Anthony had never held a grub before. He was surprised at the feeling. Clean, cold, and wiggly. I was proud he had the courage to carry them to the turtle.

I told him I love being a farmer, and playing in the dirt.

I'm passing on the family tradition.  My grandfather was the one who tended to the orchards, and that's how he supported his family back in the Old Country.

My mom had passed it to me. Understanding plants is one of life's greatest joys.

I have two beautiful bright red bell peppers and a red Hungarian pepper now too. I picked them.

I also made pumpkin soup out of our pumpkin I grew and had been saving.

I can't even begin to describe the freedom I felt when I was told I could stay home while I was getting ready for work!

I cleaned the sink and unloaded both the dish rack and the dish washer.

I peeled potatoes (I never, ever do this, never have time) and fried them in olive oil for breakfast.

I made coffee, an omelette.

I also made the pumpkin soup--chicken broth from scratch that had been in the fridge, peeling and cutting the pumpkin and onion and parsley. I had it simmer all morning.

And I made two loaves of zucchini bread which if you ask me they turned out excellent!

I sliced up banana, cantaloupe, and papaya.

I had KAPA radio playing Hawaiian music, and it was the stuff dreams are made of, a morning like this!

Anthony said that breakfast doesn't get better than what we had.

I agree.

A colleague did a favor for me.

On Wednesday, I had Anthony's backpack in the back seat. I took it to work by mistake. Usually it's in the trunk but his camping gear had taken all the room.

She was post call, worked till four, but she brought it to him on the way home. I was working late.

I felt 'nudged' to give her the second loaf of the zucchini bread.

I carried it carefully wrapped and in a Stater Brothers bag to the Fall Gala.

It looked terrible, I knew, but I needed to do a favor for her back.

I kept it under the table at the fancy gathering once I sat down.

She didn't show.

At the end of the evening, Ross nudged me to give it to the woman on my left, a busy mom with three kids in soccer, who runs the board during the day (all the cases and their staffing and room assignments).  I asked her if she would like it for her kids so she doesn't have to cook breakfast on Sunday?

She said yes, and was delighted.

I told her it was made with lots of love.

She had never been to a fundraiser gala. We had extra tickets for our group, and our boss invited three nurses. They dressed beautifully. I know them and have been to staff parties. Amazing women!

People noticed how Anthony has grown.   He was my date. He always is. He loves it.

And he likes to donate.

We won two silent auctions and I gave $250 for the new ER.

Some people made a point to come and say hello to him, and shake his hand. I appreciated it so much. I told him he would need to tie his tie for the first time, and I heard him asking Siri to get a video to show him how.

He's growing up, and learning good things.

You can do it too.

You can move mountains of energy blockages which have been holding you back.

Accept that we can't do this Life thing alone.

We are a community.

We need to help each other.

After the dirty work comes the rewards.

Start with you, your heart, your fears and let them go.

Feel your feelings which have been buried for long time, possibly lifetimes, and the fears which have been handed down to you by your ancestors.

Let go.

See how you make a difference in the lives of those around you.

In our case, it's rabbit, turtle, bird, boy, and hospital. I made difference here with Ross too, but I can't see the results as clearly as I can when I do the laundry, you know. I TRUST that there is a difference.

The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm.

And if you need a little help it's okay to ask for help from others.

Play nice.

This brings Gaia great joy.

I also had a gift from Great Spirit yesterday.

On the drive home I saw coyote. Very healthy. Running wild and free by the road.

I love coyote.

And for all it stands for.

Ross is clapping. I'm late for work again!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Captains <3