Monday, October 2, 2017

Nourish Yourself

When I was this age, I never had the opportunity to wake up on my own. My mom worked, and I had to leave my warm bed and go to whoever was watching me.

I hated it.

Yes, I got used to it enough to go to college, medical school, residency, fellowship, and being an anesthesiologist.

I powered through early pre-dawn alarm clocks waking me up.

But now, I've found a little compromise. Ten minutes to enjoy the warmth before I get out of bed. I'm totally awake. But I just rest and give to myself that which I have longed for since I was a baby--that luxurious feeling of being awake and NOT having to get out of bed.

It makes a huge difference.

Almost as much as my time spent connecting with Source--'I Listen!'--but this is connecting with the needs of having to cope with being incarnate.

I like my bed!

Especially since my work has the ability to wake me up and make me get out of it! LOL

In one way or another, this is what is asked of you. You, are the BLUE individual.

The yellow are on track for awakening.

I see the moves now.

By our 'friends in the skies'.

They can outsmart ANY psychological operative by the dark ones.

I watch Ross and I am just barely starting to see the skill at being almost undetectable and yet influencing how people perceive things.

(I suppose they are almost like cattle herders, in a way, but we are not cattle--just large populations of smart big mammals, lol)

I tell him 'I LIKE HOW YOU WORK!!'

Things really are moving ahead if you consider the size of the group and the ability to move it safely from Point A (duality-based thinking) to Point B (Higher Realms).

I was talking with another friend yesterday. We noticed someone in our group is going to have a hard wakeup.

The discussion was on several people who have had connections to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I won't name names.

I will name concepts.

I will ask you to consider Kurt Cobain's death.

There are actually two Kurt Cobain's.

There is the 'public persona'--everything you know through the news and 'public life'.

Then there is the complete and total person--who they are in their private life, the things that are unseen and are truly them.

Every person in the media is a combination of BOTH SIDES, like a coin.

The individual who was the topic of the discussion--from our group--won't even acknowledge the private persona of some recently deceased celebrities. Nope! 'I like so-and-so'! and 'I've always LOVED so-and-so' to the point of defending their point of view.

I was like that with medicine. I 'loved and defended' the side of the coin I saw and chose to work as a career--helping people. I was totally blind to the effects of Big Pharma, and Agenda 21, and for example, the dark side of vaccinations.   I was very hurt anyone would even SAY it. I unfriended people for it.

But they were right.

I was wrong.

I had to 'grow' some in my Consciousness to understand a coin is both heads and tails at the same time, and Medicine is a Business, which truly helps people as best as those who are working on the front lines can it's BOTH good and not-so-good at the same time.

Gloria Vanderbilt's son--the journalist--has strong ties to the CIA and I believe even once worked for them. He may even STILL have connections. I saw him interview the mayor of San Juan, and I knew there's a lot more to the whole thing--politics--than what meets the eye. And someone clever and sophisticated is making things appear a certain way, like a narrative, to tell the story they want everyone to know.

Here's back to Kurt:  Anthony found this link yesterday. It was fascinating. And the author DID know both sides of the coin, both Kurt, and Courtney.

When people awaken, they are going to need LOTS of support and love.

Who is going to give that support and love?

Me and you.

How are we going to sustain it?

By doing things, regularly, which nourish us, like my extra ten minutes in bed in the morning.

That's what helps me smile in the morning, then start my day here, to help you.

Here's a nice article which helped me:

Last night I thanked the one who is behind the message-- <3 -- for his CONSISTENCY for those of us who are still subject to time. The weekly messages HELP. They help us to pass the time, and to have a sense of movement forward in our assignments and our goals.


clap! clap!

Carla is late for work. Again.

Time to go jump in the shower!

I love you honey and wish you the best day ever.

Thank you for your mind and your heart working together to guide our beloved Crew/Team.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple