Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gaia News Brief 31.12.2014

My Miracle

Today was the Reiki Healing to our readers with the guidance to 'look for a miracle'. Ross and his teams are sending them as we speak, to each one it is different...

For me, it was the first time I felt something warm, a frequency of Love I have never in all my life experienced. It is from Ross. It is his Devotion.

I am feeling so wonderful on this new energy! It helps to 'even out' the daily tests and lessons.

Today I had many 'tests' and 'lessons', but the love with Ross, the relationship, is my guiding light through the darkness of this earthly experience...

Turning The Other Cheek

Our of the blue, my boss, the one who steals and is having lawsuits--and who doesn't even WORK at the main hospital any more--came into my OR while I was charting and had a patient on the table.

He told me A) you and two others won't do OB any more and B) you are going to work less.

It was a demotion. In front of a surgeon, a scrub technician, two nurses, a physician assistant, and an unconscious patient who was under my care.

The surgeon heard about it, and stood up for me. He says I give excellent care to the patients (I check on them, after, and also speak to the family immediately after surgery. --he teases me and says, 'Is THIS the Mayo Clinic?!')

Even though this affects three of our fourteen anesthesiologists, I trust and have faith that this is for the highest good.

One day, when I was in psychic development program with Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher, it suddenly got to where I could not take classes. My schedule was too tight, and my son needed me. I couldn't go.

This was my 'graduation'--and I never finished her programs in mediumship, psychic, and healer--I signed up for three certificates but in each I am like one course shy. The Universe said, 'No Carla!' The Universe knew I was comfortable and would have stayed under Anne's wing forever...

I've been feeling movement. It's funny, up until my mission was 'complete' at my hospital, I felt a connection there. Now I don't. It's like, I'm not sure what's up next, but I am not overwhelmed with fear like I was even two months ago--about supporting our small family, and paying 'trop cher' for all the insurances--medical, auto, home, malpractice, disability, and dental...somehow it will all work out for the best.

It hurt.

But one day my boss will brag to others how he once hired me...and that will be the only connection he has to Ross and me.

Radical Trust

Colleage Text:  Will you please take my number two call tonight?

My Reply:  I have plans (I'm number three call, I go home first)

CT:  Will you please cover from five to eleven? And just do one case? I have a boat to catch.

I wanted to say 'okay' and give up my New Year's, a special tradition with my son, just out of habit and wanting peace. But today, I thought, I say 'yes' too much at work...maybe I should say 'no'.

I checked with my pendulum and Ross. 'Say NO!'

I did.

I left work, I drove two thirds the way home. Jared was anxious--he had plans and needed Anthony to be picked up.

Work called. I had to come back and start a case...

I called my friend, who let Jared take him to her immediately. And I drove the long drive back to work for a thirty minute case.

Ross is wise. I trust in him.

This way, I was able to show the colleague that 'both our New Years were ruined'. She came to relieve me, when her case ended. And I told her 'go to your boat'. She had missed it, but she went home before me by about thirty minutes.

I also was able to visit my patient, who almost died of anaphylactic shock. I had helped her go to sleep and left her with the assigned anesthesiologist, a cardiac one. She is fond of me, and requests me. So up there, I saw her family and her surgeon.

Ross thinks of everything...

If I had taken her call, she would have been called back in, but on a boat, and the schedule wouldn't have worked out. And I would have been there until eight, instead of seven.


My Carla had a hard day. I wish you a very wonderful year in the next twelve months. They will go by fast.

There is not one leak in the garage! (smiles and I feel the love and devotion again--ed)

I must be emotionally available for Carla, and Carla and Anthony have not had any dinner. She wishes to shower and prepare ravioli.

She wanted to make the annual special of black eyed peas and collard greens and cornbread and rice for good luck.

It is too late for this.

It is the first time since 1990 that Carla has missed a New Year's Eve with her 'special good fortune meal' at midnight.

I guess she is going to have to make do...

Goodbye and I love you and I know in my heart Carla does too. We are connected.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 30.12.2014

Thank you everyone for putting up with the poor quality iPad blog post--with NO pictures! It's impossible to put them in with that technology of device!

Many MAJOR breakthroughs are happening in my awareness, and also, with our relationship together, with me and Ross.

I will summarize them for you as best as possible:

Maturing In Spirit

  • I worked a twenty-four hour shift on OB. I didn't sleep. I was up all night. I was polite the whole time, and opened my heart to all the new mothers who were seeking relief from their pain--adding to mine a little in the process--but joyfully bringing new life into the world. I also SCHMOOZED the nurses more than ever. I'll tell you why...
  • In two months I will not do any OB call. The politics at work swung the other way, and a new "OB Mostly' team is being brought in. Frankly, I won't miss it. Why? Because the workplace is so hostile. It gets me nervous (I have to run up and do the nurses' bidding when they call, I can't even do doctor workflow--I have to put in epidural first then paperwork). Then I make mistakes (none in six months and then two wet taps in one night--on technically challenging patients but still on my 'watch'). So for the past six months, I took to HIDING in the call room between cases to avoid being written up. And guess what? I and another woman are being 'taken off the team' because we 'don't go up'. Our of ten docs who take OB call, six are being asked not to come. So I'm in the majority, at least.
  • There is no resentment at this place, only love in my heart. But my Gyn doc today confided to me that when he did OB, an hig-ranking RN who was high risk approached him with her pregnancy, and he declined to care for her. He was persona non grata for four YEARS after that with her. It's THAT hostile! He brings patients and business to the hospital!!!
  • I drove halfway home to pick up my son by noon, and got paged by the OR charge nurse who asked, 'did you KNOW about this special request case?!' didn't. But it was someone who needed me, so I turned around and drove back.
  • I did this for free. As a gift to humanity. Because this anxious one has multiple medical ailments and I've done four of their procedures--I'm the 'private anesthesiologist' on the case. I started it, but left to the assigned doc. 
  • Once home, I took a nap. I did that meditation-light sleep. I asked Ross what's up? How come I don't have my feelings for him back like before still after all the Larkspur? I realized it was the council who outvotes him behind the decision to 'clue me in on the Tantra'. So I called THEM in to meet with me. I insisted. This meeting was NOT optional!
  • I profusely thanked each of the ones at the desk for their commitment and service to me. I asked next, very politely, if it would be possible that for all decisions that are made on my behalf that affect me that I please be given a say--as I am reaching Full Consciousness enough to participate in my own evolution as a soul. I then showed them a 'movie' of my reaction--tears, anguish, a whole free Saturday spent sobbing in bed--and explained calmly how this is what happens when a decision isn't made properly. I went to each one at the desk thing facing me, one at a time, and asked if they agree to let me have a say in my own development? One by one they said 'yes'. I gave each one a kiss of gratitude, a daisy (to show the beauty of simplicity), and a little popcorn--the gourmet kind with chocolate on it. They agreed to my request, and also, asked, 'Why don't you get some popcorn for yourself?' (there is a store in the area that has my favorite...and later today I did go!)
  • At one point, everyone of the Council, which was actually thousands of people too I couldn't see, broke into tears--because I was now healthy, sovereign, and healed. I sincerely thanked them for their efforts to rescue me.
  • MY Life Force soared after asserting my sovereignty with the Council.
  • So did Ross' respect for me and my assertiveness.
  • Now I feel happy with Ross again.
  • Next to the popcorn place is Indian. We ate there, me and Anthony. He LIKED it for the first time. And Ross was delighted because he and I go way back to India...

My Amazing Twin

When I was in college in Berkeley, I had never eaten Indian food. My roommate, Patty, took me to Kashmir India restaurant on Solano in Albany when I was twenty-one.

If it is possible to fall in love all at once with a food, a culture, and people, that night, I did. I've always had a place in my heart for India, and in medical school I went often to a little place called KC Tandoor.

Anthony doesn't like Indian food. Not at all.

But since the popcorn place was so close, we went to see if it was open. It was. And next I knew, I had us seated for dinner. I explained to Anthony we would try things...he had his first mango lassi, and, well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! He LOVED it.

He enjoyed the rice, the chicken tikka masala, the nan, and the tandoori chicken. Ross was smiling the WHOLE time and I very strongly felt his energy.

You see, back in our time, when Ross and I were both incarnate, I fell in love with India too.  We spent many happy times there, and in fact, I wished to remain there for the rest of our lives, together.  India, like France, is my 'home away from home' and I have VERY strong ties there...

Ross rekindled my joy, on a day where I literally had none. From lack of sleep to plumbing and the rest, it was highly stressed...until an easy meal with Anthony discovering the cuisine of Mother India...and my being able to enjoy Golab Jamun one more time.

Thank you for helping me find the spark, my beloved. Thank you for taking me in some ways, 'home'.

I Am Your Man

With the plumbing leak in the garage ceiling I had on Christmas Day immediately AFTER gift opening with Anthony's other family...I hit a new realm of dread. We've had the water off to the house except for toilet flushes where I run to the water main--for five days.

Ross had said, 'I am your man, I will take care of the plumbing. Have patience, and I will send the right people for the job.'

I agreed.

Today they fixed the sink but not the ceiling. Why? Because there was NO LEAK. There was moisture--in the walls, and they tested for it, but not in the wood. They used a little saw and cut a one by one foot HOLE in the wall board on the ceiling. It's hanging like a trap door. The water has been on to the house all day, and there's no leak.

It's a miracle if you ask me.

Thank you, honey!


There is a sense of CALM with me, even with things that used to be stressful, like planning winter childcare during break. I just KNOW things one way or another are going to work out. This is huge and very new to experience.

I also have 'flashes' of Galactic behavior being 'normal', more so than 3D. For example, I Skype other light workers, and in my mind's eye, I see us on board our ships in flight suits, as we's a psychic 'sight', and premonition perhaps?


I want to share with you today my personal messages to Carla today.  They might not make sense to you, but they were designed to heal and uplift her heart:

Signs on different trucks that say:  Diversified  --  Interface   --  Wholesome Choice

RED SEA (license plate to show Carla I could fix the plumbing LOL)



As you can see this message is encrypted to Carla's vibrational frequency, as a child who grew up in the 1970's, to communicate with her in a realm of comfort, loving support, and a message of my romantic commitment to her.

Only SHE could begin to understand the meanings of these words, especially the last ones. The are intel for her on the success of some Lightwork projects we have been working on together. 

Unconsciously, Carla will KNOW by my persistence with the themes of these messages to her, that I am keeping my promise to her, that I made recently, that all is WELL, and that it is safe for her to open her heart again with me.

If it wasn't for this, the Indian food wouldn't have had its effect. It is her ANCHOR for the new feelings, the return of safety to her with my affection, which is true, and always has been. It has never changed, my affection for her.

It was Carla's PERCEPTION which had the hiccup very mightily, and now we are back 'on track' as a couple again. 

The energy flows between our hearts freely, and without effort. 

All is well. 

Now it is time for Carla to get some sleep... my beautiful One, I promise I will be there for you, no matter what (he knocks on the pipe in the ceiling three times--another 1970's thing <3 )

Life is a beautiful thing. Not only for us. But for each of you. I want you to understand how the message of spirit isn't a broadcast for all to see. It is of the heart, one on one, and only to be understood by the heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, my love, my twin and my angel...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 29.12.2014

Short and sweet:

I am on an iPad with poor wifi access...


Ross said today--no computer, no food from home, no overnight bag--for my overnight shift. 'People are watching'. So I have depended on the cafeteria all day. I have a small bag with a toothbrush. That's it.

Why? I don't know.

There is a LOT of polarization on the Jesus Pinup Calendar question on FB. Everyone was respectful of everyone's opinion in this discussion. I appreciate this very much.

More questions in this 'stir the pot' format will follow. Why? Because it gets people thinking and more importantly talking about belief systems in a polite manner. It is good for spiritual development to revisit that which is long-held and often emotional belief.

Today the council asked who stays (on New Gaia)?

The answer was everyone who, as of today, is awake enough to take good care of Her and make sure the project goes well. Everyone else who has focus on things of a more 3D and Duality based nature are encouraged to explore life on a sister water planet or suitable location.

This met with much cheering and hurrahs from the Gaia Rescue team.

There was no apology, as Gaia was looking toward the success of the whole delicate ecosystem. And with the spiritual balance as well.

(If you are reading this you made it! Welcome to the Higher Realms!)

Good morning. It is morning where I am still. (Laughs) it is the same day from before, as we are here in the Now, and I like my coffee! It is vanilla in the creamer as I like mine with cream and sugar. I drink it! And for the record, Carla takes hers black but will put milk in hers if it is too hot to drink to cool it.

I gave Carla an apology for my actions that had me in the doghouse with her last week. I explained all there is between us. I am a gentleman in every way. Although it is private, what I wrote, I have a gift for her to share, it is the Larkspur, a symbol from one who has betrayed the trust of his loving partner sexually--to show he is repentant, and shall only be 'True Blue forever'. I want her to know my love for her is pure as the driven snow. That she can open her heart to me again, and safely. It is a white flag of surrendering to the heart as a couple, and allowing love to bind us together once more. I want you to share it, for those who have felt betrayed in the lower realms will have joy and serenity in the Higher ones. I made a vow to her on the use of tantric methods of spiritual development and growth -- I will abstain from taking part of it with others. Period. Although it is considered acceptable for us in many ways, for Carla it clearly isn't, and I respect this in my woman, who has endured quite a hard time of it in the lower dimensions. (Smiles, and exudes a feeling of peace--Ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla who are One

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 28.12.2014

Articles Posted Today That Might Interest You

As A Sister

We are all in this together. Now is not the time to point fingers and say, 'You worry about my speck in my eye when there is a huge LOG in yours!'

Remember the blind men in the room who meet an elephant for the first time? Each one gets their part, and experiences it, and tries to describe it to the others...but it's still not quite the same as visualizing the whole all at once?

That's how it is with The Veil.

It's pierced and in shreds but still present.

And all of us Lightworkers are blind people trying our best to describe Ascension and what is happening.

I'll give you advice, just in case you'd like it--Ascension is going to happen MORE between you and your connection to Source--the Divine--and LESS between you and other people.

That being said, we must be both mindful and responsible when we interact with others, because EARTH is a one-room schoolhouse, with people at every possible vibration from lower to higher--elbow to elbow--Ascending as best as they can every step of the way.

Remember what Dear Abby said, before sharing what could possibly be gossip?
  • Is it TRUE?
  • Is it KIND?
  • I forget the last one, but you get the picture...Is It From My Heart Center?
I'll never forget my first 'public' audience with a world-famous medium and psychic. He kept asking people, 'Do you accept this?' with EVERY LITTLE THING he said, and also checked before they wanted him to share more of what he had to offer.

This is of highest importance when it comes to making sure we don't accidentally give someone a setback in their spiritual growth and development.

Lately it has appeared that for some I have seen online in groups and about the internet, it has taken a direction of 'my invisible guides' tell me THIS and yours tell you THAT and on and so on and so on...

I think that is sad.

Heaven isn't like that at all.

So, here are some guidelines I proposed to help make things smoother in our interactions from one Lightworker to the next:
  1. Always let the person BE at their own level of development. It is up to THEM to wake up, not you. (on this page, it is 'take it or leave it'--try to have this approach in your interactions with others--online and in 3D and also in 5D)
  2. If the other is interested in information, ask your guides to help you give them just the right amount at just the right level for them.
  3. YOU are going to have lessons of your own in addition to your role as an Awakener! Some of them might be in Discernment. This is something very useful to know. Because of the nature of interaction with the Higher Realms, there is MUCH possibility for distortion of the messages. Always check internally, externally, and with your most trusted guides and friends before acting on 'intel' from your guides. (I use a pendulum and also my experience as a psychic on what 'feels right').
  4. Be extremely cautious about exploring your spirituality in groups, especially online--know there are 'trolls' present, and paid, to 'disrupt and spread disinformation'. Even when you find a group you trust, always keep on the alert.
  5. Remain in a state of Love and Gratitude whenever possible. This is the healthiest 'stance' for your own spiritual growth.
  6. In disagreement, quickly step back and allow the other to have their say. LISTEN.
  7. In disagreement that is painful to another, STOP! Next, wait until you are sincere and calm, and make a ho'oponopono to the other before the sun is set, if possible (say, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You and I Love You)

One day perhaps, it will be like this--just helpful advice from one Lightworker to the next, given in a space of love and grounded-ness, for anyone who is interested.

Let me share one more example Ross asked me to share:

Food goes bad. But I looked at the expiration date for my aseptic quart of milk after I'd put it in the fridge for a while. For some reason, my intuition kept me from drinking that milk for about a week. I had run out of other fresh milk but not opened it.

It was from April 2013 as the expiration! So even though it was 'organic' and 'expensive' it wasn't worth the risk of getting sick.

So I dumped it down the sink.

Wouldn't you know it, there were CHUNKS and all kinds of nasty stuff in there inside that I couldn't see inside the bright and beautiful package with the dairy farm on it?

And I had hoped for some time perhaps in an emergency it would be fit to drink, and let it get past its dates of 'best by'?

So even in the kitchen, it is always good to check your supplies and your sources...

Why not with your own spiritual 'food' and 'supplies' too?


Good morning. It is morning out where I am, not where Carla is in Southern California.

I want all of you to pay very special attention to what is written in these daily blog posts. It is for your good, for your spiritual growth and development, and it comes from both of us, from our hearts.

It may not seem like much, on each reading. But I want you to go back to them, just for fun, perhaps sometime something posted in September, and SEE for yourself just how very much you have grown in spirit...

Just like a child grows up, or a plant, things happen outside of your perception that are very fast if one comes tho think about it. A human life is seventy-some odd years, and it only takes one tenth of it to be able to read and write and gather much of the language skills and coordination such as riding a bicycle in that short time. And also to lose much of the baby teeth.

In this you are ONE with us, in that in the Higher Realms, everyone is respected, cherished, and very much LOVED.

But you have some growing to do, and perhaps at times, some growing pains.

In your enthusiasm at your own growth, you will be tempted to 'share' what works for you with others, in order to 'help them'.

This is not needed.

This is because you have your medical and spiritual teams who are working with YOU on your own spiritual growth and development using symbols and messages and methods which are optimized for YOU.

So when someone's eyes glaze over at your sharing which is heartfelt and completely innocent--their reaction is a gift which is telling you 'now is not the right time to teach or to share this information with me.' And respect it!

There is no 'rephrasing' or 'explanation' that is going to bridge the gap in vibrational differences that are between you...only LOVE in its purest form, which is all accepting and gentle, is going to let the other person know that you accept them unconditionally, no matter what their level of spiritual development is.

For your enthusiasm, why not share it with someone who you know and trust who is a good 'match' for you in your vibration? Or if not that, then with your own spiritual guides and teams who will be THRILLED to be acknowledged for their efforts on your behalf?

That is all I have to say.

(he puts his arm around me and draws me closer to him--ed)

I have a lot to say to Carla--in the hopes that tomorrow perhaps you will have more to see on this blog post site. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Briefs 27.12.2014 -- The Healing Edition

The Pattern Of Healing

Yesterday I had a conversation with another Lightworker regarding an 'Event' to 'Activate The Goddess' or something. Long story short--you will do Gaia a WHOLE LOT MORE GOOD along with the Divine Feminine, if you just do The Work...beloveds, it is on yourselves and in doing this you raise not only your Vibration, but by direct aura to aura transmission the aura of everyone AROUND you gets a 'contact high' by association with you too!  It helps Gaia very much!

So what IS this 'Work'?

It is processing and letting go of every thought, emotion, memory, belief and habit that has lowered your vibration. Typically these cause discomfort, pain, confusion, and mistrust.

Here are some examples for you:
  • From Dani, who needed to get these feelings OUT--and shared on her FB page:

Christmas is always a trigger... anything to do with it. The lead up to it, the music. I pretend to like it. I even helped Santa visit with kids this year... but...deep down inside I will never forget. Sure, I thrive and I grow and I have some happiness in pieces, I have created a life...but this day, back in 1974, this day/night took everything from me and I have never been the same. 40 years later? Do you know how many times I have been told by well meaning people to "Get over it?" Yes.. the incident is further away ....but never gone....years of sadness, confusion, fear, loss, change that I never wanted or asked for. Everything changed in an instant! My mother was a mentally ill, abusive narcissist and she admitted on Christmas 1974 for about the thousandth time in my life that she hated me, she wished I was never born, she no longer wanted me in her life, she hated me and she no longer wanted me living under her roof. Essentially, she threw me, a 14 year old, out on my ass for no good reason. I wish I had had the guts or the self esteem to pick up the phone and call the police. I got a hold of my Dad and he said I needed to :"Wait it out" ... cause mom was: "Just having one of her Episodes." But she never changed her mind. The abuse that she dished out over a 3-5 day period was horrendous, horrifying, absurd and unbelievable. At the time I was the care giver of my two nieces whom my older sister had abandoned they were so precious to me. I know it sounds crazy, but I had been their "Mother" since I was about 10. They were young and innocent and had already been through trauma as babies. I was in charge in every way of them. Bathing them, reading to them feeding them, helping them, playing with them, teaching them things I had never even been taught....cause they need that.. and I loved them. My mom was cruel and turned them against me and wouldn't let them talk to me, she kept them from that night and for many years. One of them never did re-bond with me. I feared for their lives every day/night with her. When I packed the best I could and took what I could fit into my brother's pick up just a few days before New Years..I was never allowed to come back and get the rest of my items.. they were sold at a garage sale and bragged about my items being sold for pennies and nickels. When Christmas vacation from school was over I went back to my 9th grade life.. without my "kids" without any hope.... I drank myself into oblivion. I only told a few people but I never went into detail. I don't think I spent too many sober days for many years after that I used drugs and alcohol to near death so much! This ordeal was never talked about in my family and if it was, it was like a joke. It was swept under the rug. There is so much shame and guilt and loss... My mother died in June this year... I hate myself because I never cried a tear when she died. I quit seeing her and caring for her in 2011...I hate myself for ever even talking to her after what she did to me. I over compensated in every way for way too many years. She was never nice to me. She never liked me. She mocked me my whole life. She never missed an opportunity to tell me how disappointing I was to her and how much she hated me. The last time I saw her she kicked me when I was down.... I was falling apart from a condition that was only categorized as "sciatica" It came on when I was caring for her and it held me captive for about 9 months. She made fun of the way I walked because of the sciatica, she made fun of my tears of pain and my cold sweats from the intensity of the pain. She mocked me every day because she said it was because I was fat and it was all my fault that if I would just get some exercise I would get rid of it. She would read me weight loss stuff 30 and 40 times a day and the next and the next and preach to me that this was all my fault... if I was just about 40lbs thinner I would not have sciatica. She was a nurse so she knew.. every day... this was my torture as she was in dementia by then but sometimes I think she really knew what she was saying. She pushed me out of her house when I was having trouble getting my stuff packed up to leave... I was done! Mocked me when I was lying on the porch waiting for an ambulance that was never coming. She reviewed what I was to her over and over, spitting in my face, kicking me, shoving me trying to move me off of her porch because she said I was a drama queen and that all I wanted was attention and to draw attention on her front porch. She never let up telling me that I was lots of things to her, a fat-assed pig, stupid, ugly, ignorant, unsuccessful, loser, someone that no one would ever want....etc. She never recognized me as a person or even someone with a gift for writing or a good cook or a kind person or a good wife and step mother.... nothing.... anything. Sure she said a select few nice things about me...but always, always quickly took them back or used them against me later. I know I'm not those things she said... but... it does something to you. I spent years abusing myself with alcohol, drugs, terrible relationships, food. I gravitated to men that nearly killed me with domestic abuse.....Oh.. I could go on and on. Until I got clean and sober then met my soul mate....I lived on the edge.. not really living.. mostly dying. 40 years is enough....I have to bury this. I started a story several days ago I titled: "The bitch that stole Christmas" I could only stomach writing about 3K words.. then... I just couldn't go back to it. I start all kinds of writing projects.... I can't seem to finish them...lots of unfinished things... What I need to do is stop. Stop all the self abuse.. stop saying the same things to myself that she always did. It's a tough reality.. 40 years.... ago...Maybe I can break out of this cycle..maybe, just maybe I can publish one of my many stories, children's stories, screen plays, other ideas I have rattle ling around in this head of mine. I certainly have the support of a loving husband and many loving friends.....That is all. Thank you.

I spoke with her last night. I read all this at the table as the food was coming at the restaurant with my family. Although they were annoyed with me, I had to finish this story. And once home I contacted her. 

I smiled and asked her, Dani? What's your favorite flower? 

It is the Bird of Paradise.  I felt Spirit guidance both in the asking, and also int he posting of this:

For those of you who have felt abandoned in some way by your mothers--mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Ascended Master Koot Hoomi sends this healing symbol, the Bird of Paradise, to you, along with the verse, 'Though a mother forsake her child, I will not abandon you.' to remind you of how you are special and loved by the Divine Mother and Father of us all. Peace.

I posted this nine hours ago, just the picture and the quote in Bold. It's had one thousand two hundred and forty-seven views, ninety-five comments (many were moved to tears to read the quote in bold), and twenty-one shares.  This is more shares than just about anything I have ever posted.

You see, when one heals, others do too. And I bet in no way ever did Dani think by posting what she did, from her heart, think that anything more than 'venting' would come from it. Look at the stats Dani. And think of how many more looked at it and were afraid to write, but their angels and teams are working with them to accept and adjust and heal from this type of experience too.

Medically speaking, the problem Dani's mother had was 'Transference'--she took all her bad feelings she had about HERSELF, and transferred them to her daughter, and then abused the daughter.

  • Trief
Today I spent time with a friend I have known since college, and his beautiful thirteen year-old daughter.  They are Jewish. My boy innocently invited them to share an order of calamari with us as an appetizer. And the daughter pointed out 'We don't keep Kosher but we don't eat things that are Trief --sounds like Trayyy-fffff when you pronounce it. Her father explained it is ham, pork, and seafood. Anything that has fins and scales is 'okay'. 

I see a lot. And what I saw was the result of Hebrew School and socialization in the girl, who was happy, and enjoyed all of what she has been taught. She identifies with it.

Did my heart skip a beat? No.


This young woman is 'special needs'. Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, a cerebrospinal fluid shunt...she is bright and just needs help with her body for what it does.

Here is a story:

Rebecca and her father were reenacting scenes from Star Wars. They got to the part where Andy was Darth Vader and Rebecca was Luke Skywalker in that big high drama moment where Darth says the truth--'Luke--I AM your Father!!!'

And without skipping a beat, as the most natural thing in the world, Rebecca replied, 'And daddy I LOVE you!'

Andy said, 'I guess she wins on that one! She is right!'

Later in the car, Andy asked his daughter to share what she always says. It's this:


That loving girl is an angel of very high rank, without question, for her outlook and her spirit about life!

  • The Apology
Today I got an apology from Ross about what happened last weekend to me. I had noticed that I had like, NO ill feelings against the messenger of the 'Tantric Ties' situation, and I commented absent-mindedly to a friend how that's unlike me. I didn't know what had happened? But I had to share it. (My usual response is to hold a grudge or at least demonstrate avoidant behavior to the painful trigger for a LONG time.)

He wrote the longest note to me he ever has, with me consciously channeling it.

He never told her to disclose it. And neither did my HS. However, the information that was given to me was correct.  I knew it in my heart that it was.

Apparently according to Ross, I have a Higher Self up there who is blissfully unaware of what is going on to me here, but she sent me to be the 'eyes and ears and data collector' of what goes on down here...

He promised never to do anything like this (sexual) in any way--since Divine Father said 'there are other ways' to help people out spiritually--and he is a gentleman and would never pressure me about it for something outside of our relationship as a couple.

(He also told me to change the fish tank water, and that he would tuck me in tonight.)

This apology was given more weight by a miscommunication I witnessed between two other Lightworkers. It was handled well, but it DID give me the opportunity to speak on Discernment, which is how we as Lightworkers distinguish what is really from Source, and what isn't.

Another Lightworker was asking me about relationship advice, and used a pendulum, and was very CONFUSED about the results. Here is a hint--confusion like this is not of the Light, and sometimes is isn't the Light who helps the swing of the pendulum. This is why every time we use this divination tool, we ask it to show us a definite yes, a definite no, and ask about four ways to make sure that all answers are true and coming from the Light.

There is no right or wrong, only 'Lessons'--and one of the most important ones is to be very good at Discernment, always vigilant, and learning how to work with your own ability to 'pick things up' so that you know how to listen, what 'feels right' and what is 'generally correct' when it comes to data transmission of the Higher Dimensions.

Steps to Doing The Work:
  1. Keep grounded as much as possible so Gaia is always helping you. At my worst I have laid on my stomach on a beach towel on the grass and just bawled and let everything be absorbed by HER.
  2. Feel your feelings as they come up. If it is like at work, pick a time later that day to experience them. They are your friends, and guides to healing.
  3. Keep your expression of your feelings socially acceptable and not able to hurt anyone.
  4. Share with someone you trust.
  5. Write it down--journaling is therapeutic--and also ask for Al Divine Assistance!
  6. If you thought it was 'resolved' and 'came back' then know that healing takes place on many levels, and when you are ready the next 'layers' will come up.
  7. Speak with your heart. To yourself, to others, and to those you may just be new to meet.


Carla is sleepy. It is time for her to go to bed. I will indeed tuck her in with my energy.

She has written much that is very spiritually intense in this one.

It is wise for you to take your time to digest it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night from us both.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Friday, December 26, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 26.12.2014

Breakfast With Mom

I had to work today. There is no school. Mom had promised to watch Anthony, and since she felt well enough to host Christmas at her house (we had takeout)--Anthony and I spent the night at the house where I grew up.

This morning, while he was sleeping, and after I was dressed for work, Mom made me breakfast.

What was fascinating was listening to her thoughts about Jesus as she made my English Muffin:

  • Every morning I say to myself, "Jesus, please come back. Please come to my house and have a cup of coffee with me."
  • "Jesus must admire my thinking...about having a cup of coffee ready for him."
  • (whispers to me) "The Bible is kind of iffy...'
  • "What I can't understand is this:  Jesus WAS God, right? So how come on the cross the Bible says, Jesus said, 'my God my God why have you ABANDONED me?'--how can this be? How can GOD abandon HIMSELF? That's one reason why I think something isn't right in the Holy Book."
  • "Jesus was not poor! He was upper middle class! Everyone knows that.  The people who made the church made Jesus poor so that the poor people would feel better about themselves."
  • (yes, I was literally taking notes on a napkin while she spoke! I have it right now in front of me as I type! -- ed)
  • "Jesus had to be married. And if he wasn't married, then--he was gay. He REALLY loved those apostles!"
  • (about the Nativity) "I think the angels were aliens and the STAR was a UFO."
  • "There were SIX women out there washing the clothes, not one, and they were gone for five days. When they came back they had no recollection and they were all pregnant. This is factual.  I think that Avatars came and bred with the Earth people because we were so far behind in our development..."
  • "Ministers have tunnel vision...but it's better than nothing I suppose."
  • "The Bible has a one-track mind. They used Jesus to serve their agenda. They made him celibate and all the women prostitutes. Even they say his Grandma (Anne) was a prostitute."
  • "I think that Mary had Artificial Insemination when she got pregnant with Jesus."
  • "The priests are the most dishonest people on Earth. I come from there (Sicily). One pope John had a wife and kids!"
  • "Jesus wasn't really born in December. His parents would have frozen in the cold on the trip to Bethlehem because Herod was killing all the first borns. It was really in late April or early May. The church took the Solstice because it was pretty well known and celebrated already to make Christmas. Back home we used to have a celebration to Santa Jannaro --January-- in the hope of bringing the sunshine back from the dark winter, in Sicily, on December 8. We used to build great big bonfires and have them burn all night."

My Growing Awareness Of My Ability To Manifest

Here are some things I thought fondly with my heart, that almost immediately--or within a few days--came true without my saying anything to anyone about it:
  • My surgeon today--I had a long line up with him--bought pizza for the whole O.R.
  • My family went to the Huntington Library today (I had missed it and wanted to go...they must have picked up on it.)
  • We all went to dinner tonight after work at Hof's Hut, and it was so cozy and warm after work.
  • I thought about the leaky pipes in my garage that cause flooding, and lo and behold, the next day, a burst pipe after our Christmas with Anthony's dad's family! My water is turned off right now. It dries in forty-eight hours, and wets in ten minutes with the water on. (I use this for toilet flushing intermittently and also for pet care.)

The Nightmare

Last night we slept in the bed in the spare room. I awoke with the worst nightmare ever--a lion was attacking Anthony and had his head in his jaws, and bit. I saw a fang go right through Anthony's eye. Then in an instant, Anthony was next to me, and said, 'Mom, I am all right' but his face was swollen a little around the eye. There was no blood. 

Anthony had a dream that we were by the pyramids, and then they took us to a place underneath something that was like a maze. Then people were chasing us, and he got away but I didn't, and he didn't know what happened to me but it wasn't good. 

I wonder if we had a lifetime where we were Christians who had been thrown to the lions?

The only consolation was that we both woke up, and hugged each other, and today was okay.

The energy of that room had changed to a very low vibration. We used to feel joy and protection and peace when that room had only been used by Nana Angelina. When mom offered us to spend the night again, we declined politely. Later, once we were home, we shared about the nightmares, and how we were uncomfortable in that room.

There Are No Accidents!

I met my family in the waiting area at Hof's Hut. I excused myself to use the washroom. I enjoyed walking the length of the restaurant and looking at the food the other guests were eating--it's like a living menu to see how things really look. 

I felt 'watched' but was in my own world, but the thought struck me that someone had recognized me.

When I came back, at the waiting area was the estranged family of my brother-in-law. For some reasons unknown to me, I have only seen the father and mother, for example, to visit at the hospital when one of our family was sick, but never on big holidays, and never ever brothers and sisters of my brother-in-law.

There was bad blood, and the two families are basically separate after some really unequal treatment favoring some of the children (two of four) and not the one (my B.I.L.). There was a fourth child who died in young adulthood in an accident.

I've always liked the other family--perhaps not always seen eye-to-eye--but also not seeing ANY of the 'ill-treatment'. I'm removed enough to not notice such things, especially when I am trained by my guides to see with the eyes of Loving Kindness.

So I was surprised to see how much the kids had grown, and how much age had changed the faces of the brother, sister, and in-laws of my own brother-in-law.  I also 'sensed' that the father was near the end of his life-contract--both with my physician's eye, and my third eye too.

So I hugged these people I hadn't seen in fifteen years, and chatted simply, and enjoyed this 'chance meeting'.  Some of the family had moved to Idaho four years ago, and were flying back home tomorrow! That was some coincidence, wasn't it?

Apparently they had seen me walking by to the restroom...but then saw the rest on their way out.

Ever the Sicilian, on the drive home mother confided she had told the husband of the sister that 'he had married the nicest girl in Long Beach.'

She wanted to have him tell his wife--the one who was cruel to my sister--, and get HER wondering about mom, and to understand it was an insult and not a compliment.

My head just got majorly confused!

I spoke simply and from my heart, and said, 'Mom? I love everybody. I wish they were nicer to my brother-in-law and my sister and niece and nephew. I can see they are doing the best they can and have a lot of spiritual development to go. Mom? I am happy I saw them today.'

She said she is trying to be more loving too...

Taking Next Steps

Today I was with Ross in 5D, with my Light Body, in meditation. And I asked him to always promise to tell me if I did a faux pas, to let me know, as I adjust to life with him in the Higher Realms.

Then he introduced me to a woman, who was very much like this one here only with her hair pulled back. She is to be my personal assistant once I am home. Her name is Molli. I asked what it was, and was told and also shown how to spell it.

In a quick whisper--I asked Ross is she like Siri? Some robot? Or is she a real person?

She IS a real person! 

And I found out she has studied me for some time, so she understands how best to work with me. I explained to her how there are not a lot of people like me up there right now, as I speak my mind freely, and when needed, break with convention. I said, 'I am a handful!' and she laughed a delighted laugh, as if I was someone she was eager to be around, as if I was a movie star or something.

I called her on it, and said, 'I have no idea about this feeling you have about me--are you sure it's not a mistake?--I am very simple and look forward to working with you.'

Ross has a personal assistant too. His name is Sam. (This is not the Twin Flame of someone I know, who is Samuel--the two are different Sam from Samuel--I asked Ross) And already on the ride home from Mom's house tonight, Ross offered to Anthony to have Sam help him when he comes home, and Anthony smiled and said, 'Yes!'

So my appointments and other things to do are going to be taken care of by a real person, Molli, who is from Sirius. 

That's all I know!


I love Carla.

There is no more to say tonight.

I want Carla back home so much.

And also my boy, my little Anthony, who I love like a father to his heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gaia News Brief 25.12.2014

Please Stay Posted

Today went well with the gift exchange with Anthony's father's side of the family. I also paid a visit to Brian Saunders and his girlfriend Heather. His eye is worse with the retinal tear and a 'membrane'. He is severely depressed, and already considered suicide seriously a few days ago. His affairs weren't in order then. But he is extremely depressed, and all reiki sent to him would be very appreciated.

We have a full day with our family, and then, followed by work.

I will not have internet access like usual, but when I can write, I will.

Ross waves and gives you a cheery hello and 'Merry Christmas!'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 24.12.2014 -- The Nativity Edition

Our Holiday Wishes To You and Those Dear To You

We hope that all the beauty and joy of Christmas will stay in your hearts the whole year through. It has been amazing getting to know you since early 2014, which was before the Gaia News Briefs were created in September of this year.

We want you to know that you are loved and cherished not just by us but by the entire Reiki Doc family, including our ancestors in all the places they may be, and your own ancestors.

Studies that shown that over ninety-nine percent of our DNA is identical--from you to us and to everyone on the globe--we are ONE family, one Humanity, and we are filled with so very much love and gratitude to you for all that you are.

You are both blessed and precious to us.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Peace, and may 2015 be one of the best years you ever have!

Miracle A

Two nights ago, in the very early morning, I was aware of the presence of my father in the home. Five years deceased, this was his most lifelike apparition he has made to us. He was wearing his favorite pajamas, and I sensed him going to my boy's room and then to mine. He kissed me and woke me up, saying the following words, "Every time a child is born you are going to have to change everything."

It startled me. He said it to me four times, so I would get it, and then he went away. Right before I got up out of bed to write it, I could hear my son, who is a big talker in his sleep, just like I am, say, "Every time a child is born you are going to have to change everything."

The message, although cryptic, felt filled with love.

Miracle B

My phone rang while I was at Ed the hairstylists in the chair. It was my son, who was with his grandmother, Mana Patrice. I was happy to hear him Then Patrice got on the line, and said, 'For tomorrow we have a change in plans."

I was like, 'Okay--let me know it.'

Due to custody, Jared and I split the holidays, with an exchange on Christmas morning. The plan was for me to go to the parking lot at his brother's new apartment at ten, and then pick up Anthony, and then drive to my mom's house.

I was told I am to come into the house and share in the gift exchange with their family.

I couldn't believe my ears!

Ian has hated me for ten years, thinking I 'tricked' Jared into getting pregnant. (I have a clotting disorder, and at the fertility clinic with my ex I was told I couldn't carry a child to term without heparin injections every day, I would miscarry. I was infertile.)

I am not allowed to go inside any home where Ian is present. He is kind to Anthony, but very cold to me, to the point of ignoring my smile and hello.

I double checked, 'I am going INSIDE?!'


I started crying right there at the beauty salon. I sobbed great sobs of relief, at not being banished any more. It's much too late for me to care, and I am perfectly fine on my own, but the feeling of being unwelcome is extremely painful. I felt like I was set free out of shackles!

I grabbed a towel, and cried into that, as Patrice said, 'You are making ME cry--she was driving --and so with a quick goodbye to Anthony I was off the phone.'

I never in a million years expected to get extra time to be with Anthony, and participate in his other family's Christmas...yet isn't this kind of change of heart what Christmas is all about?

An Observation

Today I did my shopping at one of the wealthiest, 'destination shopping' locations in all of Southern California. I even stepped into Tiffany's just to take a look.

While walking outside, I heard a bell.

It was the Salvation Army man, with the little red pot on the chain stand thing...

And nobody was giving anything. I didn't either, I'm not sure why.

As I walked away, I thought, 'maybe I should, and the rest of humanity, should put more effort into celebrating by giving to charities like this, and not so much to each other and our work families and friends?'

Holiday Greetings

This is the first year I sent Christmas Cards in five years, and the first time EVER with a photo card.

Some of the ones I sent to people, they sent their own back to me and it arrived today. I was happy to get them. And one, from Shel and Sue, the old Vice President of Clorox where I had my first job--always warms my heart. They had a newsletter.

I realized how lucky I am, and especially for the older relatives, to get a greeting from them, that they are still with us...for Christmas.

My Christmas Miracle--Miracle C

At Michaels Craft Store all of the Hanukah supplies were seventy percent off! I have the candles and a cake pan in a Star of David and also a little picture frame (when I get my first one with Ross!) that says, 'A beautiful Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy and made their mothers very, very, very Happy!'. It is very colorful, and has a heart cutout shape for the photo to go inside of the new couple. When I get my first picture I will be sure to share everything with you.


Merry Christmas to you from the bottom of my heart. I am here with Carla, although she doesn't know it, my energy through the cord is very close to her.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to enjoy their family as much as possible, as if it were the last time you would see each other in a long time. For some families, this is the case.

Although we may not know what the future does hold, as long as you are with them, you can touch and hold them, you can laugh at their jokes, and even be patient while the older ones repeat everything...know that you are special.

A moment like this may never be duplicated, although it may be re-experienced at any time, thanks to the highly advanced technology of the Akashic records...

I am here with Carla and my energy surges through her heart, and I can feel Carla relaxing on the simple touch of my hands on her shoulders. I am in Spirit, though Carla can sense it, as she is open to the Veil.

Why not take a moment to send Christmas cheer UP (point to the sky) not just to me, but to all your family and friends who have transitioned and are on The Other Side? In your heart of hearts I know that you are going to feel them. (taps the seat next to him, as to invite you to sit down next to him) I'll explain why--the Vibrations on Gaia surface are rising by the minute. It makes the communication like this easier--not just for Carla but for everyone else who is not like her. The veil is very thin. And it is in tatters as we speak. So why not take advantage of the weakness of the 'fabric' or 'barrier' which separates the two worlds--and give a 'shout out' to your loved ones who have crossed over?

It might give you the miracle that you look for, and we'll call it Miracle D! (for Divine!)

They WILL hear you, loud and clear. And also be sure to thank them for watching and guiding you in your life experience...because they are.

All of this will be helpful for you to know in a short time. (smiles mysteriously--oh my gosh he is so cute when he does that! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins
Merry Christmas

(I know you have heard enough Christmas Carols, but for the record, my favorite one is Silent Night--and I'm going to spare you the YouTube video here...)

Gaia News Briefs 23.12.2014


Today was a day where many people 'took off their masks' in the hospital, and not the oxygen ones! Those inside the system pointed out things that were seriously WRONG with the system:

  • A doctor has a friend who paid five thousand dollars for her dog to get a kidney transplant, yet there are patients just like her willing to pay cash for their pets who won't pay twenty dollars for medicine to heal themselves.
  • In New Jersey, one nurse was at a hospital where they were doing ERCP--under 'conscious sedation' or 'MAC--monitored anesthesia care'. In this procedure, the patient lies on their stomach with the head turned to the right, and an x-ray machine called the c-arm is over the body. Well the patient desaturated--had very low oxygen. By the time they pulled out the huge x-ray machine, and got a bed in, and turned the patient on their back...they didn't make it. They had died. And they were young, too.
  • Another doctor has patients who are eager to get a colonic and pay cash for it, but won't do a screening colonoscopy because it is free.
  • A patient underwent a certain procedure six months ago, that had a mistake, a surgical error, that was acting up. Instead of going back in at once to fix it (which is NOT paid), this surgeon asked the specialist to go in and make a hole in the bowel so they could go to surgery to fix it, and then get paid to fix the hold AND the complication! This specialist REFUSED to create a complication of their own upon request for this first surgeon.
  • The SAME surgeon had a four person group. But the one woman in the group learned she was paid far, far less--about one third or less--than the others, who had been sharing the same office and patient workload for double to triple her pay! She left the group, and started her own practice, in the same building.
  • A nurse paid two hundred dollars to take her dog to the after hours animal hospital for injectable benadryl to treat a bee sting--yet the doctor in the room shared that if it was her kid, she would watch it and say, 'you're okay'...the point is many people treat their animals differently from their children or themselves.
  • With Obamacare many physicians in primary care are already overloaded and overworked, and now are reaching the breaking point for the system. A Big Box Hospital in the area accepted Obamacare at open enrollment, and they were surprised at how many signed up.
  • A Russian doctor confided how the new surgeons keep 'coming up through the ranks and displacing the older ones' in the area. 
  • A colleague took me aside and gave me an honest critique on my skills, and told me that another woman and myself had been picked 'because we give up too many calls' to cut back our hours in six months to make room for the new people coming in. He helped me to understand how to turn the situation around to increase the perception in my favor, to 'offer one day a week off every week but if you need me I can come in'
  • This same colleague is leaving the department because 'a tiger won't change its stripes'--the person who embezzled from the group--high at the top--has MORE schemes even through they are being sued....

One of the sticking points was that they feel between cases I am 'dragging my feet'. The colleauge confessed that although in anesthesia we need to keep everybody happy--patient, surgeon, and nurses--it's the surgeon who brings the patient to the operating room. And they don't really CARE about anything except quick turnover time--not even safety. What nobody even thought to ask me, is that the extra time I take that is being held against me is for when I go to talk to the patient's FAMILY about how their loved one's anesthesia went!

The ultrasound tech who used to work with me in the heart room at my hospital had her mother undergo heart valve surgery back home in Michigan. She said, under her breath, she was worried--because the heart room where I work is a little scary (that's partly why I left). I answered back how Dr. F (now gone from the group) kills people--and he had. Two here and one in Northern California...before he left.

My Miracle

The doc where I had things go not so great said the patient had 'aphonia'--no voice.
My heart sank.

I prayed. So did my friends. I wrote a note--patient needs ENT to evaluate. I will follow with you (I had signed off).

Results--vocal cords move properly, edema in certain places, and diagnosis is hoarseness.

I know how it happened. A large tube was needed because of the equipment to pass through it. With intubation, it irritated the area.

Mom is four foot eleven. After HER emergent intubation, her voice needed six months to get back to normal...because her tube was probably too big too. But it totally healed.

ENT gave me my Christmas Miracle--normal cords!!! That move in the right direction!!!

Thank you Raphael.

Big Changes

My brain shuts off at ten p.m. Today I have had energy all day, and it hasn't waned.

I usually get extremely hungry through a work day too. Today, I did fine, and never once felt like I was thirsty of starving.

Our bodies, once Ascended, run a little different. We eat less, and rest less. The slavery to food and sleep from 3D lessens. We still eat and rest, but it's not the same.

I am sleepy now but doing really great considering I've been up for twenty-two hours straight.

There But For The Grace Of God Goes Me

I saw some things today, very sad unexpected cancer, a dehisced wound (surgical wound opened)...and a pastor who had a terrible stroke who is in his fifties, and needs full-time nursing care.

I know it's hard to work the holidays...but's nice to be needed, and to be able to help those who health-wise are less fortunate than us.


I want to wish Carla a good night, and thank her for being my lady.

After all this time at work today, she brought through three new healing codes which I sent to her, and typed them along with one of Archangel Haniel's...and also updated the blog, notified you, and wrote this.

She also lit the candles for the eighth night of Hanukah, all by herself, and had a taste of the fudge I got for my Hanukah gift. 

I was with her.  My energy was right close to her all day. And she felt it, even once, through the diamond cord which now connects us chest to chest--she felt for the first time the beating of my heart.

I have one! It beats, just the same as you, only up here where I am know where to find me. (points UP)


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla