Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gaia News Brief 14.12.2014

Not Much To Bring Up

I am in my pajamas. I have stayed at home and done nothing. Anthony has watched Anchorman 2, and football. I have worked on my one thousand piece puzzle, which I just now completed.

Mom is much better and going home. Vanessa is taking her home from the hospital.

Christina is coordinating the week to see who will check up on mom.

I don't even want to think about the week ahead. I am away from home so often, I just want to soak it all in, the delights and comforts of staying in. Our breakfast and lunch was pleasant, and I look forward to making our dinner. In a while, we will decorate the tree and the house, and also I will send out Christmas cards for the first time in five years. It's our first ever photo card, too.

Today I took a nap on the couch, and Ross was near. At one point, Saul 'popped into' my consciousness. It was my first time meeting him. I asked, 'Are you Paul or Saul? How did that go?' He said to just call him 'Saul'. And I was surprised at how much I confided in him...things I have never told a soul, not even Ross, about my situation, and how I feel about it. I made sure he was like a brother--I never had one--and I felt totally safe and listened to and cried out my soul's concerns with Ascension, with being Mrs. Ross, and with all the years of Light Work (and much financial 'help' to those who came my way--no more of this now though so please don't ask!)...

Ross showed up in an instant as I was doing this. He asked me gently why I never told him any of these things?

I blurted out that I was afraid my heart and my worries might distract him from his mission, and I didn't want to cause any of that.

He reassured me he won't lose track of his assignment if I tell him these things, and that it is okay to talk to him about everything, no matter what.

He wants me to take a bath, but first, to channel a message for him.


Good morning!  For those of you who are awakened, it is a brand new day. There is much change on the way ahead of you. (shows the picture of the roller coaster from this blog post)

You are awakening right and left. No matter what you think, we are on a good way toward the Light opening into every heart (closes his fist and taps gently his heart ).

For many of you, just like Carla, you have had a long journey.

That was for Carla. (smiles)  I just can't seem to get her attention for this channeling.

That one was sent today to Carla by Isabel Henn. She really enjoyed watching it. Carla saw through the cartoon images to the message that was behind it:  it was I and my team who sent it to give you hope.

Like the UFO 'puppy' in the Mini Movie with Minions, Carla is very homesick. I am coming back to give you my greetings in real life--what you consider to be 3D which is actually four and one half D for most of you already--for the collective...and also to give my very best to my wife. Although she misses me, Carla is strongly committed to service, and this she does, often at her own expense of her health (she misses sleep to write to you) and what little free time she has left.

It has come to the point where Carla is so worn out, I can barely talk to her. She can't listen. Carla feels that she has no control over any of her life, and in a way, her life of service both as a mother, a doc, and as Reiki Doc, this is true. That is why I am sending her to take a bath.  Carla needs a massage, a walk, and a lot of other things to get back on her feet.

One of her complaints to Saul was that she just can't seem to keep her energy UP. No matter how much she works to fill it, it seems to go 'away', even my necklace which I bought for her is working but not stopping the loss in all her energy.

This makes sense because Carla is rising with the energies, right and left, and unlike most of you who do not care to 'upgrade' because of the physical discomfort, Carla is on her way back to 'health' as you would say it in the Higher Realms.

What do you think of this?

Who is Carla and why does she require all of this energy?

Why doesn't the Reiki replenish her enough as she sends it? Reiki is not meant to deplete, right?

That is correct.

Carla and I have a whole other assignment that you don't know about--not that we have explained it. But it is a good sign that she is fatigued and leaking in energy. This is because all of it is going to a good place. Just like a new mother who is recently with child--rest is important because everything goes to making 'the new'.

Carla is making 'the new'--not a baby--but something I have been working on for a very long time, and I think you shall be DELIGHTED once the news comes out, and everything is announced.

On behalf of the New Jerusalem, my ship, and all of the Resistance Movement--our Star Fleet--I sent you my good wishes, and my announcement you are going to hear in a bit...not from here...but from elsewhere...and I want you to watch those movies I have given...over and over until you get the message I am trying to send.

Thank you Carla for your patience, your good spirit, and your open heart you share with all inhabitants of Gaia. 

Now go and take your bath and be sure to put lots of salt in it. It will help you with your energy. 

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla