Friday, December 19, 2014

Gaia News Brief 19.12.2014


Today I was asked  questions by readers that might be something you would like to know too:

  • Would you please explain the Gaia Portal Messages for me?  The answer for this is no. If you do the work, you will understand the message. Doing the work includes raising your vibration, meditating, releasing old patterns and habits, and reading this blog! Although I try to make it entertaining, it's good for you. If you are not willing to read Gaia News Briefs--yesterday's post in particular--then there is no WAY you are going to be able to understand. It all has to do with spiritual growth and development--and those who have progressed to a certain point will be able to made sense of it. If you don't understand the message, this is a very good signal for you to continue making progress at your level, and to keep focused on your spiritual life. Allow Spirit that dwells within your heart to guide you. This is your teacher! Your inner guidance. And by following it closely you will grow into something that will amaze you! Your beautiful full potential as a soul! Even if you are stuck here in the matrix, the Illusion, 3D, whatever you want to call it--you will rise to the top like cream, and get to enjoy all the wonders of the higher realms.
  • When I did Reiki six months ago for the first time I saw a dragon. It is friendly. He is white and I call him Miguel. I really love him! Shhhh! Ever since Ming let me borrow her dragon in spirit world--Doremus--I have been meeting them left and right. MANY people are experiencing them. This one looks like one I know, who is named Marvin...I freed him on May 5 from the Dragon Rose Line.  
  • I am concerned about if I am going to 'make the cut' with all these Gaia Portals talking about 'uncooperatives'?  You will. You read this. My vibration is 'bug repellent'. If you can take it, you are going to be okay, most likely, (Ross smiles and agrees, and says yes you ARE going to be okay.)

Anesthesia For Remote Locations

Some days I just sit in one room in the main OR, case after case after case. Sometimes they make me hop to a different room between cases. Other times, I am at the surgery center or GI Lab, where they have our equipment in an 'edited' form, but it's still there.

Then there is the CT scanner, MRI, and where cardiology does TEE and cardioversions...they are 'out in the boonies' as far as our life-saving anesthesia equipment and supplies are within 'easy reach'. Today I went to the OR twice to get supplies needed for a bone marrow biopsy. 

If the Galactics ENJOY watching those of us here on Earth overcome obstacles, they had a field day watching me work today.

Patient Acuity On The Rise

Those of you in medicine will understand the meaning of the photo, above. Those of you who aren't, well, it's really not that funny, don't worry, it's not pertinent to this part.

I do well with 'chickens'. In fact, I become their 'private anesthesiologist' and they request me for their cases again and again. 

I am especially pleased with my care for two patients today. The first is one who used to wake up terrified from surgery, and now the last time three weeks ago woke up without fear. This was a combination of my LISTENING to her, my showing an interest in her and the family (visiting them post op to make sure she was okay), and be willing to adjust my technique to meet her needs. She was very happy when she went home after her procedure today. I was happy too. Most people wouldn't take the time, and would just force her through 'the system', causing only more terror and psychological harm along the way.

Another one I refused to do. The patient was ninety and the hemoglobin was three--very severe anemia--twelve is low normal. I asked for cardiac clearance for the surgery, and also an EKG--can you believe they didn't have one?--and transfusion of four units of blood. 

Well they only did TWO. And there was pressure on me to do the case. I explained politely that it's ELECTIVE and RISKY so we best go into it with everything 'right'. 

The family was incredibly supportive. And the patient was vibrant and full of life, alert and pleasant. Even the radiologist said, 'we need to make sure anesthesia is equipped for this case.'

You see, in this situation, surgery is MINIMAL risk and Anesthesia is TOTALLY RISKY, and people tend to forget that. Also my intuition 'kicked in', and as I guessed, the patient was incredibly symptomatic with her anemia.

What I DIDN'T know, or appreciate, is that for four months this patient had no one willing to look into her problems because of her age. The 'gatekeeper' primary care MD gets 'bonuses' to delay your care or eliminate it altogether. There is a conflict of interest, especially for someone who had 'lived a good life'.

What I learned from the daughter is that once they found a physician who was willing to help her mom, her mom cried for one and a half hours with relief and gratitude for someone not resigning her to die by this anemia.

She did remarkably well, under the anesthesia, which I did during a transfusion. And I gave the Transition symbol and asked Ross to help. He did. She looked like a ROSE in recovery room...

The One That Got Out Of Hand

One case didn't go as expected. This one was sicker than they appeared, and had multiple comorbidities. 

I learned a lot from this case, and also, to speak up to management about how things are done. I won't go into details, but sometimes, like the ninety year old with anemia--you just have to say NO this is not safe!

What surprised me the most is the willingness of everyone to help. Our team is beautiful when everyone is working together. And the surgeon thought I was going to blame HIM, and he didn't blame me for anything at all... (most everybody blames anesthesia for everything in the OR, even when things go incredibly fantastic--they find something to yell about at us)

Abundance STAT!

When I went to my favorite crystal store last time, I asked the clerk to put the loyalty points on my loyalty card. She exclaimed how much I had on it--did I know?!

It was two hundred and fifty dollars!

I had no clue.

It just came out of NOWHERE--out of the blue!

Angels can do that.

Today, after work, Ross asked me to go there and relax. I did. And I enjoyed a little shopping. I got some amazing books! Tonight I am reading Steven Farmer on your's really NICE.

Thanks Universe for my Hanukah surprise! (Anthony gets presents, I don't, but now, apparently, I do!)

Four Candles

Tonight is my 'every other weekend' away...the house is quiet.

Ross was so kind. He offered to sit with me for dinner. He had me pour two glasses of Manischewitz, small, one for me and one for him.

I was deeply touched by the opportunity to take a meal together, not with him in his dimension, but him holding the space here in my dimension--energetically-out of his love for me.

Together we read the prayers with the guy on the website, and as I lit the candles that same wonderful Hanukah energy came through--warm, family, celebration. 

So I ate (Ross didn't eat) and we talked about our day, and I was utterly delighted!  

I was going to go read my book, but I felt to write, so I am.

Puna Update

One shopping center has closed due to the lava. I know this place. And it was fascinating to watch store managers and owners reactions, and how people cleared out inventory in preparation. The lava is close to taking out the main access road, if it hasn't already.


Together we are entering a phase where things are very new. Try to look at them with new eyes, just like this child in the blanket.

Even if it's the 'same old things', really try to look at them with your heart center open, with new eyes, and see.


I want to tell you a story about Carla, and the topic of Grace. Yesterday, in the O.R. , a very Christian RN--who is only twenty four, just starting out, and very capable--confided how she is in awe of the concept of Grace.

Carla didn't understand it.

Catholics--being catholic by upbringing--don't talk about it much. So Carla didn't know.

She thought about it and thought about it, and even went to sleep wondering what it is...

When she woke up today, she still didn't know.

As she waited for her next case, after canceling the anemic one, she saw Amy Erickson, MD, the one you sent the Reiki Healing to who had breast cancer. Amy is OPEN--metaphysically, and just doesn't know it. Carla had asked if for Christmas she would like one of our healing bracelets that are made by Linda (Linda Dunn, at the tab above if you want to know more).

Amy had agreed enthusiastically and welcomed the bracelet!

But Carla hadn't had the opportunity to get around to it. She wanted to make it nice, and didn't want to go chase Amy down in her office last time she was on OB and had the time. 

Well today the bracelet was at home. And Carla asked Amy for her mailing address so she could send it.

Amy shared she had to go to the ER with an arrhythmia the last weekend...

Carla felt Amy's fear and courage fighting one another for who was going to take center stage in Amy...over that.

Instinctively, Carla gave Amy the bracelet off her arm--and brushed off Amy's protests of being polite (remember Carla is intuitive, and she could READ Amy's intention --and Amy wanted to HEAL--she's liked her Reiki from the request Carla sent out, and she was in need of it.) 

Carla put it on Amy. And Amy was filled with wonder and delight as Carla said, 'I have worn this--it is all full of my good energy for you.'

Amy was about two feet taller when she walked away with that bracelet...

Guess what? Carla was too.

And THAT is what Grace IS and how it works and how we here in the Higher Realms operate--where there is need, and genuine interest to heal--we go all out! We do everything that is possible...

Once home, Carla took the bracelet out she had saved for Amy. Now it's hers. And it's a WIN WIN...

(he looks at you and smiles, and is excited for you to understand his 'lesson')

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Souls