Friday, December 5, 2014

Gaia News Brief 6.12.2014

On Money--What Is The Price Of Reiki?

This one got a lot of people defensive at first. People misread the question that Ross asked. If you imagine a bucket brigade, where people hand one bucket to another to another to put out the fire, his question was, energetically-speaking, how much does it cost to take that first bucket of water out of the lake?

He asked, 'What is the price of the Reiki energy that flows to you from Source?' He also asked it in dollars and Euros.

I could tell immediately who signed up for the Financial Lessons in this incarnation in their life scripts because of the ENERGY that came through in their energy signatures in all of their communications with me.

The words DIDN'T matter.

I knew how they felt when they wrote them.

I am a medium:  I felt panic, fear, and insistence on being right in charging for their Reiki services in order to support themselves (justification for The Old Ways).

I am a healer:  I reached out with total calm and unconditional love, and gently rephrased the question.


The say Sylvia Browne describes it as it's the 'one thing you can never do right no matter what you do'.

I am gentle with the lessons. I know. My 'Relationship' lessons--my one thing was love and romance--until Ross <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3--hurt!

so now I am going to blow you out of your 'comfort zone' with the next tale...

All The Tea In Sri Lanka

Ceylon tea actually is grown in a small island off the coast of India called Sri Lanka. It is a very interesting place because it is equal parts Buddhist and Catholic. I believe there are some Muslim and Hindu there too...

I had a roommate when I was doing my hearts rotation who was from there. She was like a short owl, with HUGE glasses, an easy smile, and a very thick thick thick accent. She was studying anesthesia in El Paso...over here for a rotation at Cedars-Sinai too. We stayed at the apartment that was provided for us visiting residents, and she taught me her best recipe she would bring to potlucks. Here is a hint--it included fenugreek and Maldives Chips...

She ate with her hand.

Not a fork. It was her custom. I tried it too. It wasn't comfortable to watch or do. People who eat with their hands roll the rice around a lot and then stuff it in their mouths. But for her, to eat with a fork made her miss the pleasure of feeling and touching the food, which she found very relaxing to do.

I thought she must live like this:

She drove a brand new Mercedes back home. There, she was already a doctor, an internal medicine doctor.

Her family was so rich from the tea plantations that she worked for FREE. She never took a paycheck. Instead she chose to support the hospital by not being on their payroll so they could use the money for patients instead.

And the Hospital showed her gratitude, by giving her a new Mercedes-Benz car, every year, although she didn't really want it or need it or even ask for it. In her culture, she had to be polite, and accept it.

Well, why then was she HERE with her family and husband and parents in a little apartment in El Paso doing an anesthesia residency?

Because her family was catholic. There were politics. And a death threat had been made against her father. They all needed to flee for their lives!

Isn't she beautiful?
This Sri Lankan girl has Trisomy 21--Down's Syndrome.
You can see the eyes, and the very large tongue.
She is an ambassador of sorts, for her DNA is very different from ours, and yet she lives and breathes and smiles like we do. Isn't the human experience AMAZING?!

The Splendor Of The Son

This is the title of a new Christmas Carol I heard on the radio as it was played for the first time today. It is awesome!

And I can't find it anywhere. The singer is Mariah Mc Manus, the daughter of the pastor for this church.  Her group has eight musicians, all of them songwriters. Rolling Stone described her voice as a cross between Bjork and Taylor Swift.

It's really beautiful.  I hope one day we can share this song together. I can't find this group ANYWHERE, not I<3Radio (that group there really is not the right one), not YouTube, not on KOST 103.5 website...

At least you are in the know...


Carla surprised me on her way to work. She thanked me for the use of my mantle, which helped her immeasurably yesterday.

Today she offered me her own.

I asked her 'what color is it?'

And without skipping a beat Carla said, 'Peach. It was the color in my wedding and also my prom dress.' She also showed it was overlaid with a gold paisley or Arabesque pattern, with embroidery that was soft and not thick like your 3D gold embroidery is...

As she placed it ever so gently on my shoulders, she flashed a HUGE smile!

There was something more in it--all the beautiful scents from life on Gaia, starting with my beloved vanilla--to forests and oceans and even musty damp smell (for contrast! Carla said)...they would alternate throughout the day for my pleasure and my comfort and my delight!

I am still wearing it. I will take it off when Carla goes to bed.

What is your mantle? What color is it? How is the fabric? Is it heavy/ Is it light?

Would you share it?

Who can you think of who could benefit from wearing it the most?

In Spirit, anything can happen. So why not ask your guides and guardian angel to show you what YOUR mantle is like?

You might be surprised at just how beautiful it is.

And how delighted someone you love will be to wear it...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
and Anthony who is with his father in his other house tonight.