Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gaia News Brief 2.12.2014

'Sterilizations' of Lower Energetics Is Now Underway

This is direct reference to a phrase in the new Gaia Portal:  click to read

Yesterday was quite the day. My son was sick, he went go  school but if it had been me with that cough and malaise I would have stayed home with my stay-at-home mom and gone to the doctor.

I had a SEVEN o'clock case (not our usual seven thirty) so I made alternate arrangements for a neighbor to feed him breakfast (I had packed it, including homemade cocoa mix made with stevia) and take him to school.

I don't even REMEMBER most of my day, as it was one long case after another, and many of them very sad--cancer, inoperable cancer where we open and realized it has spread everywhere in the last two months since the first procedure at another hospital, a missed diagnosis...

'For Profit' I thought when I read the name of the other hospital in her chart in pre-op holding, because on the transcripts of all the medical records from treatment there the name was all on the header of every page...and the workup and result totally made sense once you think about it. 'Old person who has lived a long life gets palliative treatment instead of definitive care on presentation to the hospital and insurance plays the waiting game at the patient's expense'...

I found my echo results I needed to do my case, and we did it, in the room where everyone prays...and I think the soulful look in the patient's eyes, to me, was that deep in her heart of hearts, she knew it had spread, and had accepted it long before we ever opened her up.

I had three patients in a row need invasive arterial monitoring. And the young guy who had the great pulse? We couldn't get it in--not me or someone else who helped, another anesthesiologist. So we skipped it. Putting in a double lumen endotracheal tube is not easy, and I was pleased with how well it went in.

Here is the following 'words' from my thoracic surgeon, who is a sweetheart as far as thoracic surgeons go:

  • He has been mistreated for two months and now he is getting the care he needs--I wonder why nobody referred to a thoracic surgeon?
  • This is just inflammatory process and there is no pus.
  • He 'autopleurodiesed' himself (to pleurodiese --ploo-row-die-eese--it to make the lung stick to the wall of the chest.
  • I guess we really didn't help him...
I had two very spiritual experiences, on a soul level.  The first, I got angry at him for his lack of intuition--so I did energy healing ON THE SURGEON--so that his intuition would 'wake up' and he would be just like me...I awakened by name the abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, psychrometry...so that he would be more conservative (that's doctor for 'less invasive') in situations like this...I had sensed that the patient was fine and misdiagnosed with my intuition, but I couldn't communicate this effectively enough to abort the plans for surgery...

The second? I had to stand and watch the whole case. Thoracic surgeons like that. He especially liked the question where I asked, 'where are we inside? It's all confusing.' and after he pointed out the landmarks I figured it out and asked, later, 'So are you now heading toward the spine?' Then all of a sudden the small incisions, which were bigger than portholes, made me think of what I saw on Ross when he died, and I started to get spiritually 'sick' and panic. Sometimes you flip back and forth between incarnations as you are 'waking up'.

This is a conversation Ross and I have a lot:

me:  no boo boos? (super anxious and worried for his health and safety)
Ross:  look! NO boo boos.  (he shows me the body part I am anxious about, and pokes it to show there are no wounds, this time, the chest, the left chest, near the heart, like what I am seeing on the patient) I am OKAY!
me:  no pain?
Ross:  I am healthy and happy.  (he says this in the most loving and gentle and patient way)
me:  okay...

All my patients did fine...I started at seven, and didn't get home until nine p.m.


I had to 'find coverage' for President's Day. I wanted to go to a conference, and the department could cover me except for that day. I texted three people, and found one who was willing to work in my place so I could go. 

I thought--What Kind Of WORLD is this, where you are surrounded by beauty, but you have to work so hard to enjoy it?! 

You have to work, to make money, to buy tickets and hotel, and find coverage, then fly in the most uncomfortable form of transportation ever--sitting in tiny seat like cattle for hours on end--to travel where you must find meals and things to do and see things and take pictures and come back?

It's like spending your whole life with your nose pressed up against a bakery store window! You KNOW, and you are so CLOSE and you just can't 'eat'...

I got home to my 'in laws' Anthony's grandparents on his father's side, who had picked him up from school and taken him to practice basketball...and they greeted me with 'that cough isn't very good--it's DEEP'.

I know.
I also know I had a super long day at work.
And my most painful pain of all, the mom who knows what to do and just can't do it--stay home and nurse her sick child.

So last night, Doctor Mom whipped out her stethoscope, the nebulizer, the pulse-ox, the vicks, the warm spiced apple cider, and the Reiki. I put him to sleep propped up on pillows, put the eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer, and turned off the fans he likes to blow on him when he sleeps. Ross helped with the Reiki. I felt a lot of energy flow.

He didn't make a peep all night, Anthony. I have one case and hope to pick him up and take him to the doc after. If there is fever, he goes back to grandparents, if not, then school, so he doesn't fall behind.

It's bronchitis.


My last case was with 'young guy', or should I say, 'young guy who couldn't book a case earlier in the day.'

He looked very much like Ross, with the same build and beard--and ATTITUDE!

It was like I was trying Ross on 'for size' in 3D, and I loved watching the whole package moving and talking and thinking with intelligence Out Loud! And working with his hands the whole time!

But you wouldn't know it because I had a million things to do--charting and paperwork--so I stayed quiet and focused on that.

At the very end, after he said, 'You know I will only make one hundred twenty dollars for all this...', with 'all this' meaning, consult, surgery, and post-op care...for a potentially life-saving cancer surgery...

I became more like I was in the thoracic case, and made polite conversation. I asked, 'Doctor? Where are you from? I detect a very slight accent.'

I thought he was going to say New York, because he sounded like a New York Jewish Person. (I LOVE all New York Jewish People who talk REALLY fast...)

He was Israeli! Came here at fourteen.  I asked 'where?' because I had a friend who went to medical school in Haifa. It was 'just outside Tel Aviv'.

So I stood up and looked over the drapes, right at him, and counted to ten in Hebrew. Only I forgot arba, the Hebrew number for four. LOL.

He was astonished!

I explained how when my son was learning language, I decided we would learn one together, and how rare in Southern California is Hebrew for a (then) Catholic girl like me? So we took the tape over and over from the library, and watched instructional videos for toddlers together at home. 'Shmoneh bubot' (eight dolls)...it was OUR language...I can also say 'Ani ohevet ocha', for 'I love you'. I said that in the O.R. too, with probably the thickest white girl accent EVER...

Why would I feel so at 'home' with the Hebrew language enough to learn it?

I asked Ross. Even though we were Essenes and lived 'around there at the time' to be Jewish, he said last night we were technically 'Chaldean' when we both were alive. 

I've looked that one up a LONG time ago too. I just HAD TO KNOW everything I could about the Chaldeans...unfortunately for me, now I forgot. We spoke another language, though, and I know one here, a vascular surgeon, who is Persian, who speaks our 'old language' today. 

My Eyes Are Projectors?

This was sent to me from Paulina--another big blogger--quantum Healing melts a tumor. I actually didn't watch the whole thing because I got to the dramatic music with Gregg Braden and realized it was ten o'clock and I needed to sleep.

I've already seen on this websiteWorld's Largest medicines Hospital a Qi Gong Master shrink a tumor on live ultrasound scan with Qi Gong--sorry that link before should have said, 'medicine-less'--on one of the hyperlinks of this organization that is left after that other place closed:  http://www.chilel.com.

I can't find it now but this stuff is real--you can't fake that live video I saw. I am certified in a form of echo-and the images are true.

Well here is a channeling form Taryn--which says 'WE CREATE OUR REALITY'.  original article

Well, of COURSE! That's why Gunter in his book taught us, 'Edit your thoughts' and why I say, 'Have St. Germain follow you with a big burlap sack all day, and when you think something negative, pluck it out, and give it to him.'


Plus, if you let go of the outcome, the angels can 'redirect you' to an option with the Highest Good.

Song For The Day


Merry Christmas!
Carla and I would like to take the time to wish you and your loved ones, both your friends and family...and pets!...a most wonderful holiday season you have ever experienced.

I am Jewish by Heritage, and am 'more educated' in this, than in my native Chaldean. I am Essene. Carla is too, but can't recall any of it--the amnesia is THICK.  But her heart remembers, as you can see clearly with my injuries and the effect on her soul. And her attraction to the number 'counting to ten'...in Hebrew, which she calls, 'the language of her and her son'.

One day all of this will come to you, who you are an how many lives you have lived. All in good time. And I want you to be most preciously TENDER to yourselves in the interim.

Everything is going as planned.

Allow it to unfold, just as you would the petals of a beautiful flower.

Just as you wouldn't rush a blossom, so you too cannot rush this--the awakening of all time to the reality of What Is...outside of the Illusion.

I want you to enjoy yourself while the Illusion disintegrates, and as Carla would say, we approach the time where, 'Angels are NORMAL and Love reigns SUPREME.'


Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins