Monday, December 29, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 29.12.2014

Short and sweet:

I am on an iPad with poor wifi access...


Ross said today--no computer, no food from home, no overnight bag--for my overnight shift. 'People are watching'. So I have depended on the cafeteria all day. I have a small bag with a toothbrush. That's it.

Why? I don't know.

There is a LOT of polarization on the Jesus Pinup Calendar question on FB. Everyone was respectful of everyone's opinion in this discussion. I appreciate this very much.

More questions in this 'stir the pot' format will follow. Why? Because it gets people thinking and more importantly talking about belief systems in a polite manner. It is good for spiritual development to revisit that which is long-held and often emotional belief.

Today the council asked who stays (on New Gaia)?

The answer was everyone who, as of today, is awake enough to take good care of Her and make sure the project goes well. Everyone else who has focus on things of a more 3D and Duality based nature are encouraged to explore life on a sister water planet or suitable location.

This met with much cheering and hurrahs from the Gaia Rescue team.

There was no apology, as Gaia was looking toward the success of the whole delicate ecosystem. And with the spiritual balance as well.

(If you are reading this you made it! Welcome to the Higher Realms!)

Good morning. It is morning where I am still. (Laughs) it is the same day from before, as we are here in the Now, and I like my coffee! It is vanilla in the creamer as I like mine with cream and sugar. I drink it! And for the record, Carla takes hers black but will put milk in hers if it is too hot to drink to cool it.

I gave Carla an apology for my actions that had me in the doghouse with her last week. I explained all there is between us. I am a gentleman in every way. Although it is private, what I wrote, I have a gift for her to share, it is the Larkspur, a symbol from one who has betrayed the trust of his loving partner sexually--to show he is repentant, and shall only be 'True Blue forever'. I want her to know my love for her is pure as the driven snow. That she can open her heart to me again, and safely. It is a white flag of surrendering to the heart as a couple, and allowing love to bind us together once more. I want you to share it, for those who have felt betrayed in the lower realms will have joy and serenity in the Higher ones. I made a vow to her on the use of tantric methods of spiritual development and growth -- I will abstain from taking part of it with others. Period. Although it is considered acceptable for us in many ways, for Carla it clearly isn't, and I respect this in my woman, who has endured quite a hard time of it in the lower dimensions. (Smiles, and exudes a feeling of peace--Ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla who are One