Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gaia News Brief 5.12.2014

My Gift From Ross

As I Ascend, I see more and more the mundane torture of 3D. There is this step, that sequence, this thing to remember, and so many little things that are superfluous to our living our spiritual life.  At five a.m. this morning, I was in the middle of killing about a million ants that had invaded my kitchen again, having them crawling on me and my wiping them up, wondering if I should give up and simply BUY breakfast and lunch for us both? How could I make our lunches without having the sandwiches be full of ants?!

And I called out to my Beloved, with silent tears running down my face, and asked for HELP!

He came to me in an instant, and looked in my eyes, and calmly asked, 'Can you make it one more step?'

I sincerely doubted that I could! I asked for clear, fresh water from Source, one glass, and I drank it with my light body with great satisfaction. I explained how we are starving down here, that everything is so poisoned for us, and in my spirit I long so much for the ways of Home.

He looked concerned, because I had a point, and I saw him look up and others who were watching took notes on their little clipboards. He encouraged me, and told me I am not alone.

Then, just for today, he gave me his mantle. I know Blessed Mother has one, but I never knew or saw that Ross has one too. He placed it in spirit, over my shoulders and it hung like a shawl, bringing warmth, nurturing, love and compassion to my chest and back. It was soft and silky, and finer than the finest cashmere on Gaia. He said he would take it away at night, when I slept.

He tells me know, when you are at the end of your rope, he will share it with you, just like he does with me. He can be in many places at the same time, it will not run out. It is only for one day, and not to be worn on a regular basis.

You might want to try that one out.

His mantle can be shared like this, as well!

My Day In 5D

Today was a powerful lesson to me on working with spirit, in co-creation.

Sometimes when I go to work, things pull on me, and I can't get done what I plan. It's like there is some unseen force that says quite firmly, 'Carla--we want you THERE!'.

So for today, at home it was like the energy was molasses. For the commute--I hit every single red light. And when I filled up at the station, work called me, to 'come in EARLY'.

There was something in Janet the scheduler's voice that sounded like something awful was happening.

Traffic was a nightmare. And finally I surrendered. I said, 'There must be some good reason for this to happen. I won't fight it.'

And it was...

Someone had just died in the O.R. 

It's a long story, but I got sent to the Surgery Center to cover for the other guy's cases, the one who had been up all night with the case that didn't turn out well.

And by some twist of fate, I got sent to the one patient who in his forties had been so TRAUMATIZED by life with a incurable disease that required multiple surgeries, that he cried when the i.v. went in, the RN said. She told me this so I could adjust my anesthesia approach to better suit his emotional state.

So I was my kindest, gentlest self, working closely with Spirit. And as he fell asleep, he said, 'You girls are REALLY NICE!' to me, the scrub tech, and the two nurses who were in the room.

I also ended up getting to sit and eat lunch on real plates in the Doctor's Dining room, which I wouldn't had I stayed in my assigned room with two cases back-to-back. I was able to leave the surgery center, eat, and then 'show up' at the hospital 'in ten minutes'.

Instead of beating myself up over being late with my horrible, awful commute like I usually do, this time, I ACCEPTED and allowed Source to work with me, for the Highest Good of everyone involved.

And yes, I felt the spirit of the deceased when I was assigned to a case later in that room. He was happy and excited to meet me, and really really super duper excited about the changes that are to come...he's going to watch all of us get to experience them.

Even a one-legged bird can fly.  Even you, incarnate in human form, can still manifest.

Lucky Breaks

  • Today I gave a Carla and Ross bracelet to Terry, our charge nurse in PACU. She was delighted. She stopped making earrings. Terry has two kids she's raised by herself, and works many weekends and extra shifts. But she gave a pair of earrings to me, and one to my niece for Christmas last year. I gave this to her first thing this morning, and she was excited. She had a headache, and was really glad to know there is healing in it too.
  • A very MEAN person in hearts--a manager who is a single dad who hates women--gave notice today. He is 'leaving to spend more time with his son'. It's funny, I read his energy signature on day one back when I started the heart program at my hospital and he was hired. This was before I ever took a Reiki class! He and the one who hired him had sexual attraction going. And I have been BLASTING love and light to the hospital for five years, and gradually, those of lower vibration go find 'something else'. I was like, 'ding dong the witch is DEAD!' and wanted to do a jig when I heard the news. You know, that heart room is SO malignant that everyone from main OR who has gone up to work there comes back! And it's the HEARTS--green chakra in need of healing---people!? We have a long way to go with the energy healing here for this.
  • I asked my Breast surgeon and director of the cancer center if she wanted one of our bracelets. She said 'yes'. She also might give it to someone who really needs it. I am okay with this. I told her my Buddha Boot Camp surgeon EARNED it! The whole time the director of the bariatric surgery group was LISTENING! I think he is about to 'wake up' to spiritual energy stuff next!
  • My adorable twenty-something patient for bone marrow biopsy was so excited while going under. He pumped his fist and said, 'I feel drunk!'. When he woke up he kept asking, 'can I have more?'...
  • This was another case with a potentially fatal on induction of anesthesia underlying condition. I read all the studies, and was glad I did. I also brought to the attention of the radiologists the presence of cancer in the PET scan on the hips, right where the needle usually would go. We did the opposite side because of my speaking up.
  • Just in case you are wondering, when there is a death in the O.R., everything is left connected but the anesthesia machine is turned off. If the patient is open for surgery, someone closes the incision roughly. The coroner is called. The nurse calls, but sometimes the coroner wants to speak to me. They ask me if anything unusual was involved? Then once the coroner says it's not a coroner's case, or if it is, after they visit, the nurses prepare the body for viewing by the family. All tubes and lines are removed, and a nice warm blanket is placed over the patient. The body is taken to a place for the family to interact and say their goodbye to their loved one. This often happens in the recovery room if it is somewhat quiet in there...
  • Tonight I had two hours to myself before someone brought my boy home. I took a nice warm bath for after I added the new Divine Healing Codes to the list. In Japan, there are healing baths--you can vacation and tour them dotted across the islands. Well, I have a package that I can't read, but inside are mixes of salts that are like the different hot springs and bath places. Tonight I had pH 8 packet. The water was cloudy and soft, and reminiscent of Ross' mantle.
  • On the way home tonight, I was thinking to myself, 'I sure hope the ants find themselves a nice place to go...besides my HOUSE!'. This one totally cracked Ross up, as I am learning to manifest in a positive way. He wanted me to share this insight with you.

Song For the Day


It is my hope that you like the music. It is very moving, isn't it, to see the the Hawaiians dance the hula as a group? There are both women and men, both skilled and unskilled dancers, enjoying a moment of connection that only Hawaiians share.

I am not describing those who have Hawaiian lineage, bloodline, or DNA in the physical...I describe those who like my honey Carla who have Hawaii and all of the lost continent of Lemuria in their heart.

I wish I could say more, but I can't. There is much activity, much action, that is going on behind the scenes where I am. I would like you to read this, if you haven't gotten a chance, to get more of the 'flavor' of the Higher Realms that is coming to you....SOON!

article recommended by Ross

This morning, while she was in tears, Carla brought up a very good point with me...when people are on hold or waiting here on Gaia, it is custom for those who are the delay to apologize and give updates on how long the wait is anticipated, and to say often, like every thirty seconds, 'thank you for waiting'.

This escapes us! Up here where I sit.

So from here on out, until 'the end of the Ascension process', I am going to say, officially--'Thank you for waiting' and 'we sincerely apologize for the delay.'

(he smiles)

There is also one other point I wanted to discuss--Carla's thirst for a pure water from Source. Not the kind of 'source' people write on bottled waters--SOURCE source, as in 'All That Is' in order to feed your I AM presence.

When you get this kind of thirst, DRINK!  Your guardian angel and guides will be happy to bring it. It is a sign of your growth when you have thirst of this sort. It is a good sign that all is well and you are moving UP at a powerful rate.

That is it.

There is more from me tomorrow...and the next day...and the next. I promise you in time you will get to thinking, 'Enough Ross! ENOUGH!' by the time the Ascension is complete.

(smiles at his own joke, in a warm and loving way.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.  I just read the first chapter from The Scorch Trials to my son at bedtime, at his request. I've never seen the Maze Runner or read the book. The characters are new to me.

In this part, Tom has a telepathic connection and conversation with Teresa who is in a locked room in another part of the rescue complex facility.

Tom also 'senses' his friend, Minho, as 'more than just snoring' in the bunk above him. He says, 'When people are near you, close, your have a sense for it'...

For Ross and I, our relationship is very much like the communication described between Tom and Teresa in this chapter...just in case you are wondering...

Plus Tom has a flashback through his amnesia, of his mother...very fascinating!