Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 27.12.2014 -- The Healing Edition

The Pattern Of Healing

Yesterday I had a conversation with another Lightworker regarding an 'Event' to 'Activate The Goddess' or something. Long story short--you will do Gaia a WHOLE LOT MORE GOOD along with the Divine Feminine, if you just do The Work...beloveds, it is on yourselves and in doing this you raise not only your Vibration, but by direct aura to aura transmission the aura of everyone AROUND you gets a 'contact high' by association with you too!  It helps Gaia very much!

So what IS this 'Work'?

It is processing and letting go of every thought, emotion, memory, belief and habit that has lowered your vibration. Typically these cause discomfort, pain, confusion, and mistrust.

Here are some examples for you:
  • From Dani, who needed to get these feelings OUT--and shared on her FB page:

Christmas is always a trigger... anything to do with it. The lead up to it, the music. I pretend to like it. I even helped Santa visit with kids this year... but...deep down inside I will never forget. Sure, I thrive and I grow and I have some happiness in pieces, I have created a life...but this day, back in 1974, this day/night took everything from me and I have never been the same. 40 years later? Do you know how many times I have been told by well meaning people to "Get over it?" Yes.. the incident is further away ....but never gone....years of sadness, confusion, fear, loss, change that I never wanted or asked for. Everything changed in an instant! My mother was a mentally ill, abusive narcissist and she admitted on Christmas 1974 for about the thousandth time in my life that she hated me, she wished I was never born, she no longer wanted me in her life, she hated me and she no longer wanted me living under her roof. Essentially, she threw me, a 14 year old, out on my ass for no good reason. I wish I had had the guts or the self esteem to pick up the phone and call the police. I got a hold of my Dad and he said I needed to :"Wait it out" ... cause mom was: "Just having one of her Episodes." But she never changed her mind. The abuse that she dished out over a 3-5 day period was horrendous, horrifying, absurd and unbelievable. At the time I was the care giver of my two nieces whom my older sister had abandoned they were so precious to me. I know it sounds crazy, but I had been their "Mother" since I was about 10. They were young and innocent and had already been through trauma as babies. I was in charge in every way of them. Bathing them, reading to them feeding them, helping them, playing with them, teaching them things I had never even been taught....cause they need that.. and I loved them. My mom was cruel and turned them against me and wouldn't let them talk to me, she kept them from that night and for many years. One of them never did re-bond with me. I feared for their lives every day/night with her. When I packed the best I could and took what I could fit into my brother's pick up just a few days before New Years..I was never allowed to come back and get the rest of my items.. they were sold at a garage sale and bragged about my items being sold for pennies and nickels. When Christmas vacation from school was over I went back to my 9th grade life.. without my "kids" without any hope.... I drank myself into oblivion. I only told a few people but I never went into detail. I don't think I spent too many sober days for many years after that I used drugs and alcohol to near death so much! This ordeal was never talked about in my family and if it was, it was like a joke. It was swept under the rug. There is so much shame and guilt and loss... My mother died in June this year... I hate myself because I never cried a tear when she died. I quit seeing her and caring for her in 2011...I hate myself for ever even talking to her after what she did to me. I over compensated in every way for way too many years. She was never nice to me. She never liked me. She mocked me my whole life. She never missed an opportunity to tell me how disappointing I was to her and how much she hated me. The last time I saw her she kicked me when I was down.... I was falling apart from a condition that was only categorized as "sciatica" It came on when I was caring for her and it held me captive for about 9 months. She made fun of the way I walked because of the sciatica, she made fun of my tears of pain and my cold sweats from the intensity of the pain. She mocked me every day because she said it was because I was fat and it was all my fault that if I would just get some exercise I would get rid of it. She would read me weight loss stuff 30 and 40 times a day and the next and the next and preach to me that this was all my fault... if I was just about 40lbs thinner I would not have sciatica. She was a nurse so she knew.. every day... this was my torture as she was in dementia by then but sometimes I think she really knew what she was saying. She pushed me out of her house when I was having trouble getting my stuff packed up to leave... I was done! Mocked me when I was lying on the porch waiting for an ambulance that was never coming. She reviewed what I was to her over and over, spitting in my face, kicking me, shoving me trying to move me off of her porch because she said I was a drama queen and that all I wanted was attention and to draw attention on her front porch. She never let up telling me that I was lots of things to her, a fat-assed pig, stupid, ugly, ignorant, unsuccessful, loser, someone that no one would ever want....etc. She never recognized me as a person or even someone with a gift for writing or a good cook or a kind person or a good wife and step mother.... nothing.... anything. Sure she said a select few nice things about me...but always, always quickly took them back or used them against me later. I know I'm not those things she said... but... it does something to you. I spent years abusing myself with alcohol, drugs, terrible relationships, food. I gravitated to men that nearly killed me with domestic abuse.....Oh.. I could go on and on. Until I got clean and sober then met my soul mate....I lived on the edge.. not really living.. mostly dying. 40 years is enough....I have to bury this. I started a story several days ago I titled: "The bitch that stole Christmas" I could only stomach writing about 3K words.. then... I just couldn't go back to it. I start all kinds of writing projects.... I can't seem to finish them...lots of unfinished things... What I need to do is stop. Stop all the self abuse.. stop saying the same things to myself that she always did. It's a tough reality.. 40 years.... ago...Maybe I can break out of this cycle..maybe, just maybe I can publish one of my many stories, children's stories, screen plays, other ideas I have rattle ling around in this head of mine. I certainly have the support of a loving husband and many loving friends.....That is all. Thank you.

I spoke with her last night. I read all this at the table as the food was coming at the restaurant with my family. Although they were annoyed with me, I had to finish this story. And once home I contacted her. 

I smiled and asked her, Dani? What's your favorite flower? 

It is the Bird of Paradise.  I felt Spirit guidance both in the asking, and also int he posting of this:

For those of you who have felt abandoned in some way by your mothers--mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Ascended Master Koot Hoomi sends this healing symbol, the Bird of Paradise, to you, along with the verse, 'Though a mother forsake her child, I will not abandon you.' to remind you of how you are special and loved by the Divine Mother and Father of us all. Peace.

I posted this nine hours ago, just the picture and the quote in Bold. It's had one thousand two hundred and forty-seven views, ninety-five comments (many were moved to tears to read the quote in bold), and twenty-one shares.  This is more shares than just about anything I have ever posted.

You see, when one heals, others do too. And I bet in no way ever did Dani think by posting what she did, from her heart, think that anything more than 'venting' would come from it. Look at the stats Dani. And think of how many more looked at it and were afraid to write, but their angels and teams are working with them to accept and adjust and heal from this type of experience too.

Medically speaking, the problem Dani's mother had was 'Transference'--she took all her bad feelings she had about HERSELF, and transferred them to her daughter, and then abused the daughter.

  • Trief
Today I spent time with a friend I have known since college, and his beautiful thirteen year-old daughter.  They are Jewish. My boy innocently invited them to share an order of calamari with us as an appetizer. And the daughter pointed out 'We don't keep Kosher but we don't eat things that are Trief --sounds like Trayyy-fffff when you pronounce it. Her father explained it is ham, pork, and seafood. Anything that has fins and scales is 'okay'. 

I see a lot. And what I saw was the result of Hebrew School and socialization in the girl, who was happy, and enjoyed all of what she has been taught. She identifies with it.

Did my heart skip a beat? No.


This young woman is 'special needs'. Cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, a cerebrospinal fluid shunt...she is bright and just needs help with her body for what it does.

Here is a story:

Rebecca and her father were reenacting scenes from Star Wars. They got to the part where Andy was Darth Vader and Rebecca was Luke Skywalker in that big high drama moment where Darth says the truth--'Luke--I AM your Father!!!'

And without skipping a beat, as the most natural thing in the world, Rebecca replied, 'And daddy I LOVE you!'

Andy said, 'I guess she wins on that one! She is right!'

Later in the car, Andy asked his daughter to share what she always says. It's this:


That loving girl is an angel of very high rank, without question, for her outlook and her spirit about life!

  • The Apology
Today I got an apology from Ross about what happened last weekend to me. I had noticed that I had like, NO ill feelings against the messenger of the 'Tantric Ties' situation, and I commented absent-mindedly to a friend how that's unlike me. I didn't know what had happened? But I had to share it. (My usual response is to hold a grudge or at least demonstrate avoidant behavior to the painful trigger for a LONG time.)

He wrote the longest note to me he ever has, with me consciously channeling it.

He never told her to disclose it. And neither did my HS. However, the information that was given to me was correct.  I knew it in my heart that it was.

Apparently according to Ross, I have a Higher Self up there who is blissfully unaware of what is going on to me here, but she sent me to be the 'eyes and ears and data collector' of what goes on down here...

He promised never to do anything like this (sexual) in any way--since Divine Father said 'there are other ways' to help people out spiritually--and he is a gentleman and would never pressure me about it for something outside of our relationship as a couple.

(He also told me to change the fish tank water, and that he would tuck me in tonight.)

This apology was given more weight by a miscommunication I witnessed between two other Lightworkers. It was handled well, but it DID give me the opportunity to speak on Discernment, which is how we as Lightworkers distinguish what is really from Source, and what isn't.

Another Lightworker was asking me about relationship advice, and used a pendulum, and was very CONFUSED about the results. Here is a hint--confusion like this is not of the Light, and sometimes is isn't the Light who helps the swing of the pendulum. This is why every time we use this divination tool, we ask it to show us a definite yes, a definite no, and ask about four ways to make sure that all answers are true and coming from the Light.

There is no right or wrong, only 'Lessons'--and one of the most important ones is to be very good at Discernment, always vigilant, and learning how to work with your own ability to 'pick things up' so that you know how to listen, what 'feels right' and what is 'generally correct' when it comes to data transmission of the Higher Dimensions.

Steps to Doing The Work:
  1. Keep grounded as much as possible so Gaia is always helping you. At my worst I have laid on my stomach on a beach towel on the grass and just bawled and let everything be absorbed by HER.
  2. Feel your feelings as they come up. If it is like at work, pick a time later that day to experience them. They are your friends, and guides to healing.
  3. Keep your expression of your feelings socially acceptable and not able to hurt anyone.
  4. Share with someone you trust.
  5. Write it down--journaling is therapeutic--and also ask for Al Divine Assistance!
  6. If you thought it was 'resolved' and 'came back' then know that healing takes place on many levels, and when you are ready the next 'layers' will come up.
  7. Speak with your heart. To yourself, to others, and to those you may just be new to meet.


Carla is sleepy. It is time for her to go to bed. I will indeed tuck her in with my energy.

She has written much that is very spiritually intense in this one.

It is wise for you to take your time to digest it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night from us both.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla