Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gaia News Brief 11.12.2014

Music First

Ross wants this to be shared...LOL...okay honey, I'll get it for us!

Am I Dreaming?

People EVERYWHERE in the hospital are getting more friendly and more pleasant. I have to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening!

A nurse, Laurie, at the surgery center saw my earrings and said, 'Larimar!'. I couldn't BELIEVE it, that she knew what it was. She and a friend know stones, and can tell one turquoise mine from another, they are that good. So she knows about the mine in Costa Rica or wherever it is that is closed.

I offered her one of my bracelets. I had bought sixteen for gifts. My director of our Breast Cancer Center, (the lady who hands out a free copy of Buddha Boot Camp to every patient who has a new diagnosis of cancer)--LOVED hers! And it looked good on her. (there are the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship Healing Bracelets--see the tab on the top and click if you are interested).

So Laurie took it and put it in her pocket. 

But the CONVERSATION! Marcia, the charge nurse--she goes to a naturopath and LOVES it! So my 'secret' is out now at the surgery center. I give my patients Reiki, it helps with post-op nausea and vomiting, pain, and accelerates healing. 

Marcia, who is VERY Christian, said, 'Some nurses in pre-op have had Reiki sessions done to them...'

I smiled big and was VERY happy.


At the pasta bar for Doctors on Wednesdays, my chef didn't have the fake chicken. But he said, 'I can put the tofu from the salad bar in yours for you'. I was thrilled!  tortellini (just a little), asparagus, olives, mushrooms, and chipotle sauce... 


I had time tonight to A) fill a prescription (more on that next)   B) pick up some food supplies   C) pick up my son from school   D) cook dinner at HOME yay!  E) go to Anthony's counselor and F) stop off at the store to pick up a few items for the school 'Secret Santa' project.


let me repeat--THIS IS A LUXURY LUXURY LUXURY to not be at work and to be able to process three days worth of dirty dishes and unload the dishwasher that has been clean since Sunday night.

I am so thankful!

Earache My Eye

This was me for the past two days. That with chills. I worked a full day at the surgery center, relieved someone in Main O.R., was leaving the room and all set to do the next case to follow, when the charge nurse blurted there was ANOTHER case to do in between cases while they were setting up the room for my next case. In room 3. Right now I was in room 2.

I looked at her and asked, 'Can I go home now?'

I apologized as I wheeled the patient out of the room about fifteen minutes later. I said I had the worst earache I'd had in six years, and I am in a world of PAIN!

(I tried the Reiki and the codes and couldn't clear it--this is part of my Life Lesson. I have had so many ear and sinus infections in my life that I actually used to feel my best when I was ON antibiotics. All through medical school and training, I had horrible infections, one after the next, and my asthma would flare up. I am much much better now, and more robust. I haven't been on antibiotics in six months, which is a miracle...)

My surgeon overheard me. He was at the front desk in PACU writing orders.

I had written him a prescription for albuterol inhaler the last time I had worked with him--he had reactive airways after a cold, and had been coughing for six weeks. It worked! And he was delighted to offer ME a prescription back...which he wrote...

I am starting to feel much better.

Ross gave me a good ZAP after the pharmacy and before the pills--I felt it in my middle ear. And now it's milder than before.

Yes, I am taking the antibiotics too. I believe in using all healing modalities available. Mix them and hope for the best, I always say!


Gasoline prices are now under three dollars in my area. <3

I read an article in People about Bill Cosby at lunch in the break room. This is the first public figure who is 'branded' with the public as 'trust worthy' who actually is being shown to be quite the opposite.  And most people have enough 'evidence' to help them decide for themselves what is believable or not.  As an entertainer, he has talent. But the BALANCED perspective of him is now in the Light.  I think he is the first and definitely not the last in this.

FRAGILE--please remember as we embark on the higher dimensions with Novo Gaia that we are like the butterfly who has just come out of the chrysalis. The wings need to expand and dry, before we may take flight.

A NEW Symbol of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion for Survivors and Victims of Ritual Abuse

I am as of yesterday, Unapologetically GALACTIC.

It is what it is, and I am what I am.  Totally wide open to Spirit, enjoying every minute I can in the vibrations of 5D, and distancing myself as far away from 3D as possible in my heart.

In the Higher Realms, I am known for my ability to 'call it like I see it'. And for the last three days, i have done precisely that with sharing YouTube Videos and discussion on Ritual Abuse.

My Brothers and Sisters, as a collective we are all just as responsible for this tragedy as those who have carried out the slaughter and torture 'just under the radar' for millennia--because we never put a stop to it.

We let it happen.

Kevin Annet is an amazing leader in this regard--both in using legal means to put an end to the behaviors and traditions of ritual abuse (in Nanaimo, BC, and the world).  Jay Parker is a survivor, as well as a Cathy (I don't recall last name) on YouTube.  And here, I do my best to mention what links are needed to learn, to study, to awaken to the whole of what happened...I also share my knowledge as a past life in this, who died, in my 'service' as a 'kitten'. (being a medium has it's gifts, hmmm?)

But what about those lost?

I asked today, point blank--'how do they even GET the people to sacrifice? Where do they come from? Who are they?'

Then in my heart, I asked Koothoomi for another flower, a special flower, for these ones--because the Forget Me Not for sexual trauma just doesn't seem 'enough' for this group?

He sent the Orchid. It has the Hawaiian theme of Aloha, Mahalos, and Ohana built in to it, and also, they are OUR kids, those who were involved in this 'organization' of ritual abuse.

Isn't it beautiful?


This is Saint Theresa, the Little Flower.  Carla was as sick as she was, most of her life, and didn't complain, just like Theresa. Carla didn't have tuberculosis...but she did have multiple, multiple times of being not well, enough to go to the doctor and get the idea, 'Hey, I could do this!'

Carla has had brain surgery when she was twenty-five. An anterior cruciate ligament repair with autograft from a patellar tendon. And of course a cesarean section with Anthony.

She has undergone robotic assisted laparoscopic myomectomy (half her uterus was taken about with a lump the size of a grapefruit). The mass would sit on her colon, and she always felt like she had to poop.

There are allergies to cats, chronic tonsillitis (she had very severe sore throats all through medical school, so much so that she had to keep a mug of jello in the fridge at all times, so she could warm it in the microwave and drink it to coat and soothe her throat).

Her sinuses have forever been infected after her transsphenoidal approach that was used in her pituitary (brain) surgery...and once three years later she almost had to have surgery right then when she saw the specialist, for her sinuses, because they had been infected for so long that blood was coming out her nose when she blew, along with thick secretions of infection.

Just this month her feet hurt so bad she limped, and her apthous ulcer in her lower lip/gum made eating painful, and now it is the ear infection.

All this time she works and takes care of her son and doesn't REST.

Right now she is typing for us, me and you...

Why does she do it?

Because Carla once read a quote by St. Theresa, the Little Flower, who said, 'I wish to spend my Heaven doing good upon the Earth.'

Carla LIKED it. She thought it was a good idea. And in her heart of hearts, she set about to do just that, with her joy and her sights set on helping the suffering be a little less in her world.

Carla has done a good job of it. I love her and I would if she had not done anything for she is my Twin. But because of her work ethic, and love for her fellow man, I ADMIRE her. I RESPECT her.

Today Carla had a patient who was anxious and decompensating over the i.v. There was chronic alcohol intake, a lot of it.

Carla loved her. Carla looked past the tattoos and the disheveled and the anxiety and the panics, with love in her heart for what was INSIDE--a sister on Earth who is alive just like she is and trying to do her best (although perhaps not making very good progress on it...which is okay).

Carla did not get sucked into the drama, but she made a diagnosis and decided to treat with eight milligrams of versed titrated to effect. It just barely touched the patient. But the suffering was gone, and the propofol allowed the procedure to take place. She also gave very deep healing with Reiki during the case.

Her surgeon asked her 'how do you recommend I manage this one if I operate?' And Carla gave her professional advice, which was sound and based on years of experience in her specialty.

I don't want to have you look at Carla any differently--except for this--all of this was hidden from you until this time, when I disclose this fact or two about her.  Would you have known it? Possibly not.

What are people going to say about YOU?

What have YOU overcome while you were here on Earth?

What were YOUR challenges?

And there you shall find your treasure, in your heart, in your time spent here on Gaia--what you overcome are GIFTS because none of us have the opportunity to grow in Spirit and Wisdom and all that good 'stuff' up here as those of you who have just narrowly completed your service in 3D. Your 'tour of duty'...

So I want you to think about who you are, and what you have experienced, and give thanks for your ability to OVERCOME that which has been your resistance on this Earth.

For all of it is going away--the hindering--and soon you will be on your way to enjoy the new life that has been promised you. 

Forever and ever and ever! This was but a flash in the pan down here!

Now let the party begin!

(I hear good day sunshine again...ed)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla