Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gaia News Brief 15.12.2014

Short and Sweet

Tonight our dinner was in front of the TV. We had grilled cheese and sliced apples. It was very simple. I burnt the sandwiches a little, but I scraped the burnt part off, and thankfully, Anthony did not complain.

We watched the Oak Island Mystery on Demand.

I had a Pizzookie--the BJ's pizza recipe for chocolate chip cookie cookie, with a little ice cream.

The bath today did wonders for my soul.

But the most important boost was doing my Christmas cards for the first time in five years, and also, the very first time ever with a photo card. I felt such joy doing this task while Anthony watched football. I sent almost eighty cards...with love.

I felt like a human again--a normal person without any of the spiritual stuff, enjoying friends and family like I used to before I woke was oddly comforting, in a way...

And something fascinating happened!

My address book is packed from my flood in the kitchen last summer. So I used the addresses in my phone. And SURPRISE! I saw who my friends were. They had changed. There were more from this community, and I gave thanks.

We CAN be psychic, awake and normal!  Here's how...

Advice From My Teacher I NEVER Followed:

Spirit will work you.  Spirit will work you hard because your guides want the best for you, and also, to get things accomplished.

But Spirit has no sense of time, for they live in the eternal moment NOW. And also, very few of our guides have actually BEEN incarnate! Or at least, recently enough to remember. Fortunately for us, Ross remembers, and it is easier to work with him in this regard.

Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher for Psychic Development (IMPART is her organization)--said, that she will tell spirit to let her have some time free to attend to things she has to accomplish in 3D, for example, her taxes.

We can place BOUNDARIES on our spiritual work when we have pressing matters. We can say, 'I will be available from two to six but I need to have my day from ten to two available to me for my project at work' for example.

I have been gung-ho 'let's Ascend' since 2010. I had a good run on my own before I finally took my teacher's advice! LOL.

Ross' favorite flavor is always vanilla <3


Carla is happy. You should have heard her singing to herself while she was making dinner! (smiles)

Carla is making right choices for herself. Has Carla ever spent most of the day in pajamas and not been sick? No. It was a first and was very good for both herself and her son.

There is a list Carla has in the bathroom on a note pad--pen and ink. It is two weeks old. There are eleven things on the list, and Carla is the kind of person who likes accomplishment--crossing the list off! Part of her depression was the realization that out of the eleven things on the list, at most she could only take one or two things off at a time. And there are still more than half of them not done!

But today, she was able to cross off the Christmas Cards--they are mostly done--she has a few addresses to look up, and also, a couple of bracelets to send out to friends and relatives.

Her heart is light.

She even put stickers on her Christmas cards, which is one of her favorite things to do.

Carla is creative, very artistic, as you can see by her eye in the way she finds just the right picture to put here and there in her online work with Doctors With Reiki.  Carla wishes to draw and paint. Carla enjoys dancing for exercise, ballet. And also playing musical instruments, such as the ukelele and the piano.

There is no time for this.

I want you to understand both the pull and the inner discipline that Carla has...and how she has honed it to a fine edge the last few weeks.

Are there decorations on the Christmas tree and in the house? No. Less than two weeks to Christmas--which Carla celebrates because she was raised Christian--and no decorations?! That is BLASPHEMY--isn't it?


It is WISE.  It is self-preservation. It is called, setting priorities! Tonight she asked Anthony, do you wish to watch TV or decorate the tree? She was fine either way, he chose TV. In a way, it is a blessing not to have the ornaments because there is so much work at the end taking them down! (smiles at his logic and innovation to suggest such a daring thing--Ross is doing--ed)

So on your home and work, take the time to do what is important to you. (taps his chest) In your heart.

And on your friends and family? Shouldn't it be time for you, like Carla, to take a good look at that list? To whom do you feel close? Is it family? Is it coworker? Is it friends? Try to take whoever helps bring out the best in you...and hold them tight! Drop them a line, let them know you are thinking of them! And the others, the ones who drag you down? Perhaps it is time to let a few people kindly off the list. If they ask, say that you are 'cutting back', and leave it at this. Stamps are expensive, and many people appreciate the opportunity not to feel obliged to send a card back year after year to you.

(brushes his hands as if to shake off dust, one against the other, almost like clapping).

This completes the message, and now it is time for Carla to get a good night's sleep. ( ed--his aside to me: Goodnight honey. I love you, and wish you renewing sleep that refreshes both your energy and outlook for the coming day.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla