Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 21.12.2014 The Solstice Edition

The Dark Ones Lash Out

Trust no one.

We are entering the final stages of the liberation of Gaia.

I repeat trust no one.

There is technology 'out there' that is used by the dark to cause words to be misunderstood. Your very perception is at risk of being messed with. And the more you pose a threat to the Dark Ones, or conversely, the more 'open you are' for them to 'conveniently step in'--the more you are going to be involved in these psychic attacks.

The dark has lain in wait, profiling every single one of the Lightworkers. And if you wish to see what I experienced in my psychic attack, here is the story:

Today there has been lots of disinformation 'out there' cleverly written and very easy to believe,  one comes to mind just recently about a 'party on a Pleiadian ship' that made a very strong Lightworker want to give up and cry.

Another had her dog attacked, and had to cry out the name of Archangel Michael SIX times to put a stop to it!

They want this, the Dark Ones.

They want you to get SUCKED IN to fear and panic and mistrust.

Ross and I are CLOSER at this moment than we have ever been. 

I resolve with all my vibration, to work as ONE with him in all that needs to be done to liberate the planet.

Furthermore, as our souls are completely united, whenever anyone calls on His name--his real one that everyone here on earth knows him by, or as Ross, my childhood nickname for him--I WILL BE PRESENT AT HIS SIDE.


We are inseparable.

Mixed Martial Arts Advice

It is going to take everything you have as a Lightworker to 'keep it together'.

Although Montague Keen says that 'the Dark Ones are not leaving the planet without a fight' this is in fact a like all disinformation a partial truth.

Their leaders merged one by one back with The Galactic Central Sun on I believe all of Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday I activated a defense system that will drive them out of hiding, any dark ones that remain, who are not leaders. They are going up like a cloud of locusts into a giant vacuum cleaner to the Galactics where each one will be offered rehabilitation.

And at noon, PST, those who feel that 'it's not acceptable to do the payback the karma plan' for their debt management program, are VOLUNTARILY going into the Galactic Central Sun. They just feel it is better than the option to pay back their debt to humanity by 'taking' what they have 'dished out'. So one at a time, on the conveyer belt, with no remorse whatsoever, into the sun they go.

A final note:  as the frequencies on surface Gaia go to dizzying intensity, of pure Light, it is going to be like vampires seeing the sun, or a mummy seeing the sun, or water going on the Wicked Witch...because the very low frequencies will be 'cancelled out' by the Light. 

This explains the ending of this weeks' Montague Keen.

There are MANY channeling and messages like his I once used to blithely share--I have since learned that many a lightworker 'plays both sides'.

So if I don't post it, chances are, the information is not pure and has been altered in some way, sometimes just a deceptively tiny bit, to throw the whole message off from what it could have been in service to our liberation and our going Home.

Ross sent me this song as I made breakfast. 

I listened to it, and not this version that I show. I didn't understand. But when I shared with another Lightworker, who couldn't SEE the video, and I switched to this version, I got the message loud and clear. 

The High Heart IS the Lighthouse. And my High Heart is OPEN, and Shining, for all the world to see.

This is what I was born to do, and I shall do it.

My Visit From Koothoomi

The doctor paid me a visit, much to my surprise. And I am taking his advice, or prescription, actually. It uses nature to heal. From the attack I experienced yesterday.

My Recommendation To You

Although this is a battle, it is best to play it smart, and to 'play down' the energy of aggression, defense, and fighting in general. To do otherwise will create energies which will empower the dark ones, and strengthen them.

If you interact with the Dark ones, for example, in clearing spaces, please listen to this:
  • I have freed all the souls of the children trapped in Disneyland, a major center of ritual abuse that goes on underneath the park. Any YouTube search will show ample evidence of this for you to decide for yourself the truth. I no longer have interest to convince anyone of anything. We are all grown up souls, and if you wish to sleep, you have my blessings. It is much too late to wake you or anybody up at this time.
  • I have cleared the energy that was trapped in Disney Resort and liberated the Laguna Beach vortex. Disney and the 'Club 33' selected this out of five potential sites to outpour the natural earth energy of the Laguna Beach vortex.
  • I have taken out a top secret communications center--that was in the Anaheim Convention Center--in the astral plane or whatever--in March of this year.
  • I have had communications with Walt Disney himself, who said he had 'changed sides' and 'thanked me for my work I did at the part'--TWO YEARS AGO.
  • This June, I went for a brief vacation. I discovered that all this time Walt had been lying, and in fact, a dragon--yes there are dragons in the spirit realm--was being brutally held captive in the dungeon of the castle deep under the park, and forced to lay many eggs. She was liberated too.
They are sneaky. They are to be considered 'armed and dangerous' and please call upon your guardian angel guides and the Archangels for additional support.

If you see a Dark Entity, immediately call upon the Guides Of Compassionate Mercy to contain them.

Do not engage.


(he puts his arm around me and draws me close to his side)

There you have it.

Polyamory was the trigger for Carla to surmount her greatest challenge she has ever endured in her spiritual life.  She is a Tantric Master, like there has never been, and never shall be. And she is mine.

Why go out for hamburger when you can have steak at home? (quoting Paul Newman, and pulls me ever closer).

We are in it for the long haul as a family, and so are you.

Your communication to Source is your only clear signal, as things are going on down here. (I see a big white light going into the top of someone's head from the sky).

Love is your most powerful weapon.

We are back up. (Galactics up where he is)

You are the ones on the front lines in the battle for who is control of surface Gaia.

Carla made--on the sly with no one knowing or expecting it--the strongest Grid of crystals she has ever made to empower the Light.  

She did this on Friday night. You can see the response to retaliate from the Dark Ones. Her powerful grid is working. There is no need to create your own--hers is adequate enough. I would prefer you focus your efforts on what lies ahead.

From here on out, you shall have both of us. And if anybody dares to THINK about Tantra with either one of us, myself or my bride--or gives any message of that to Carla--it will be deleted at once and you shall be taken off the line of duty, and taken immediately to the brig. It is an act of treason that is against the Brotherhood of the Light to affect Carla in any way, and this shall not be taken lightly. 

Carla has done enough to support you in everything you are--her soul is that of someone very close to you although you might not know it--and Our Lady Gaia Sophia is fighting for her life! And for your own.

Creator has made a victory.

The question is, will you help it, or hinder it, in its process? Is this going to take eleven weeks and twelve days? Twenty something years? Or this Now moment?

The answer is in your heart.

This diagram represents the future for all life on Gaia that is human.

The one on the left is Novo Gaia, or New Earth.  The vibrations on Her shall be totally galactic, and very high.

The two on the right are other water worlds, one of which is more 'suitable' to those who will experience 3D--safely--and without harm of what happened on Gaia Surface here with the Dark Ones  repeating itself.

What is in your heart? Where do you wish to stay? There is no right or wrong, only lessons...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla you has a strength I never knew she was capable to demonstrate, and I am pleased with our combined efforts for the Light in this message to you today.