Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gaia News Brief 31.12.2014

My Miracle

Today was the Reiki Healing to our readers with the guidance to 'look for a miracle'. Ross and his teams are sending them as we speak, to each one it is different...

For me, it was the first time I felt something warm, a frequency of Love I have never in all my life experienced. It is from Ross. It is his Devotion.

I am feeling so wonderful on this new energy! It helps to 'even out' the daily tests and lessons.

Today I had many 'tests' and 'lessons', but the love with Ross, the relationship, is my guiding light through the darkness of this earthly experience...

Turning The Other Cheek

Our of the blue, my boss, the one who steals and is having lawsuits--and who doesn't even WORK at the main hospital any more--came into my OR while I was charting and had a patient on the table.

He told me A) you and two others won't do OB any more and B) you are going to work less.

It was a demotion. In front of a surgeon, a scrub technician, two nurses, a physician assistant, and an unconscious patient who was under my care.

The surgeon heard about it, and stood up for me. He says I give excellent care to the patients (I check on them, after, and also speak to the family immediately after surgery. --he teases me and says, 'Is THIS the Mayo Clinic?!')

Even though this affects three of our fourteen anesthesiologists, I trust and have faith that this is for the highest good.

One day, when I was in psychic development program with Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher, it suddenly got to where I could not take classes. My schedule was too tight, and my son needed me. I couldn't go.

This was my 'graduation'--and I never finished her programs in mediumship, psychic, and healer--I signed up for three certificates but in each I am like one course shy. The Universe said, 'No Carla!' The Universe knew I was comfortable and would have stayed under Anne's wing forever...

I've been feeling movement. It's funny, up until my mission was 'complete' at my hospital, I felt a connection there. Now I don't. It's like, I'm not sure what's up next, but I am not overwhelmed with fear like I was even two months ago--about supporting our small family, and paying 'trop cher' for all the insurances--medical, auto, home, malpractice, disability, and dental...somehow it will all work out for the best.

It hurt.

But one day my boss will brag to others how he once hired me...and that will be the only connection he has to Ross and me.

Radical Trust

Colleage Text:  Will you please take my number two call tonight?

My Reply:  I have plans (I'm number three call, I go home first)

CT:  Will you please cover from five to eleven? And just do one case? I have a boat to catch.

I wanted to say 'okay' and give up my New Year's, a special tradition with my son, just out of habit and wanting peace. But today, I thought, I say 'yes' too much at work...maybe I should say 'no'.

I checked with my pendulum and Ross. 'Say NO!'

I did.

I left work, I drove two thirds the way home. Jared was anxious--he had plans and needed Anthony to be picked up.

Work called. I had to come back and start a case...

I called my friend, who let Jared take him to her immediately. And I drove the long drive back to work for a thirty minute case.

Ross is wise. I trust in him.

This way, I was able to show the colleague that 'both our New Years were ruined'. She came to relieve me, when her case ended. And I told her 'go to your boat'. She had missed it, but she went home before me by about thirty minutes.

I also was able to visit my patient, who almost died of anaphylactic shock. I had helped her go to sleep and left her with the assigned anesthesiologist, a cardiac one. She is fond of me, and requests me. So up there, I saw her family and her surgeon.

Ross thinks of everything...

If I had taken her call, she would have been called back in, but on a boat, and the schedule wouldn't have worked out. And I would have been there until eight, instead of seven.


My Carla had a hard day. I wish you a very wonderful year in the next twelve months. They will go by fast.

There is not one leak in the garage! (smiles and I feel the love and devotion again--ed)

I must be emotionally available for Carla, and Carla and Anthony have not had any dinner. She wishes to shower and prepare ravioli.

She wanted to make the annual special of black eyed peas and collard greens and cornbread and rice for good luck.

It is too late for this.

It is the first time since 1990 that Carla has missed a New Year's Eve with her 'special good fortune meal' at midnight.

I guess she is going to have to make do...

Goodbye and I love you and I know in my heart Carla does too. We are connected.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins.