Monday, December 8, 2014

Gaia News Brief 9.12.2014

You Have Done Well

Ross was extra quiet things got a little stressful. Until he said 'you have done well' afterwards just now before I got home after my errands. It was a very advanced lesson for me today.

I called work, and reported in, as I am on 'stand by'...I wasn't needed today. I had all kinds of ideas on how to enjoy my day, and also, how to rest, because I had not been on top of things. When he was three, I took care of everything. And now when he's nine, the responsibility I have didn't go away. We called the school and reported being late.

Bullying has recurred. I found out on Friday morning a seventh grader in advanced band in percussion uses the drumsticks on my kid. The boy told the teacher, who did nothing, and another teacher assistant, who said he would do something, but the unwanted behavior persists. A whole therapy session was spent on this topic on Friday night. So today I notified teacher, receptionist/coordinator, and the old director of his preschool. Anthony was visibly relieved.

I waited for stores to open for errands at Starbucks.

An unanticipated text from work informed me that my vacation coverage within the department in February was not guaranteed. I had to scramble for coverage with a per diem who would be willing to take my work. I got it, but not without getting my blood pressure UP and with letting my scheduler know 'this is inconvenient at best and expensive at worst!'.

On the way to school, we were rear-ended--not seriously, but enough to pull over and take a look at the damage with the other driver. I also took a photo of the license plate of the other car, because although the bumper looked fine there could be internal damage.

At Target I successfully exchanged underwear for my son to the right size. The last ones I bought were 'droopy', and as you know, I could only exchange one package because the other with the 'droopy' ones had been opened. Also I noticed that iPhones are only on sale there for people who upgrade into new contracts.

I had visited three Sprint stores over my iPhone. The first ignored me as I stood there by my work for twenty minutes, and without a hiccup sent me to a place that had a technician like, ten miles away.  The other place wanted me to leave my phone overnight, and I said no. Then they wanted me to back up my phone because a technician will have to clear it to examine it. So I left.

The one this morning offered me to 'add another line' or to leave the phone with the technician in order to avoid a $200 deductible because my screen was cracked. It's very subtle, and without pointing it out in just the right lighting  no one would know. The worker explained why I couldn't see a video (not enough storage).  He did the math and it's the same price, either way, to add the line and get the special with a new iPhone 6, or to just buy an iPhone 6. He also said to go to the Apple store and not say it was cracked and see if I could get a replacement for free.

I went to Apple but I was going to tell them about the crack. My phone overheated and burnt up too much battery. It was going to short out at some point. The glass cover to protect it worked fine, but the layer underneath was damaged. I would have had to wait until 2016 for an 'upgrade' with Sprint.  Apple couldn't even look at my phone until five p.m. (I was there at noon). They thought it was a software issue, which it very well could be. Basketball practice before playoffs was at six. No can do the technician...

So I bit the bullet and bought a big iPhone 6.  I need it for my work. I must have phone connectivity 24/7, because this is how my work reaches me. I also need it for the school, for my son, and for many others who need to reach me.

It is upgrading right now.

I realized I need it because that little screen on my 5S wasn't really working with all the blogging and other activities I do. My eyes needed to see MORE. And just like the dead seawater 4S in July got me a new phone with a mophie pack that lasted all day--eliminating the plug I carried with me everywhere....I think THIS one is going to make my life better too.

I realized Ross was trying to show me you can't put a price on that. And just like the new cage for my bird he recommended one year ago, (it has a skirt to make less mess in the room, and also a drawer under where he can't get to the bottom of the cage where things fall) I was able to go from replacing the newspapers daily to every few days thanks to Ross' suggestion.

I am a blogger. I need good tools. I also communicate by text with my work, and email, and if a better tool exists, I must use it. This justifies the expense.

Long story short--we and our missions are priceless--and I trust that the Universe will empower me to do my assignment with all I need to get the job done.


Yes, my day of drama had an intermission, courtesy of Ross. There was a business truck with a logo of a sun with sunglasses on in front of me as I waited to make a turn to pick Anthony up from school--right in the SAME location where I was rear-ended this morning.

There was a bumper sticker that reminded me of him. Yes, there are bumper stickers that remind me--I know it sounds silly but it's true--on another car. The message was Ross is my __________.

I was smiling and saying, 'Husband!' and he was like, 'T-wi-nnnn'.

Then HE was wearing sunglasses like the sun, and guess what he did? They were like those clip on shades you wear over glasses, and he started flipping them up and down and up and down until I cracked UP!!!

Back to 'Coyote Lessons For Carla'

It was relentless!  I picked up my son right before four. We had time to buy a Christmas tree or go to get him Starbucks but after that was his last basketball practice.

We picked the tree. So we went to the usual spot, and there were so many less trees than usual. And the prices were up. Anthony wanted a ten foot noble fir. I couldn't lift it. I wasn't sure if it would fit in the car. There's this weird bar thing I couldn't get off ever, and our trees have to slide under it in the station wagon.

I wanted a six foot tree that would smell nice, cost fifty dollars less, and not break my back trying to put it in the stand. Last year was a nightmare with a neighbor from across the street helping! So I bought a new stand.

But he wanted an eight foot tree. We went back and forth, 'this one?' 'this one?' with him saying 'no no no'. I prayed to Ross please for God's sake HELP!

Then BOOM there was one he liked--eight feet. And it was the heaviest, bushiest tree, with like a scrawny foot long STICK on top that branched into a smaller one.

That was 'the tree'. It was so heavy the man who saws the bottom needed another man to help him put it through the hoop with the plastic netting.

I panicked at the car and the funny bar thing where the seats attach when upright. I almost cried. Anthony said, 'Mom! Have HOPE!' But it wouldn't fit. He said, 'Mom! Here's this button that says PUSH!' and boom--the bar came loose and the tree fit!

He was happy to get it home. I was freaked out about the stand. It was just us two. We did it, and the tree literally FELL OVER. And I wanted so much for a man in the house! I told him, 'I do pretty good at faking it as a single mom, but Anthony, I am not a man--there are some things I just don't have the strength for it!'

So we kept the tree on its side, and I re-did the base so the pins were more even. We struggled to get it up, and it stayed.

I have a small home. There is a drum set in the living room. There is a little open space between the couch and the two chairs.

Until the tree. It is the widest bushiest tree I have ever seen, and you can't walk around it. It takes up the whole space.

By then we were almost late to practice. Anthony got his own snack. And my nerves were shot!

The coach showed up. And I went on the treadmill, the best place in the world for me to be...

The Medical Dude On The Treadmill Video

There is some guy with a YouTube channel who makes it on here with 'news clips' or something clever. He sits at a desk, but with cuts he 'hops' from one side of the desk to the other from side to side between each take.  Right side FACT! Left side FACT! Right side FACT! isn't this exciting?

He's all about 'evidence based medicine'. He showed how meta-analysis shows that 'organic food isn't any different in nutrients' or 'pesticides'.

I rolled my eyes. Not only is the life force higher in organic (be sure to use the codes to raise the nutrition if you can't buy it), but its practice supports Gaia too! (Life force is a subtle energy like Reiki that can't be measured but can be felt by sensitives like me).

He spoke of the Australian medical health care system. I have a friend who doesn't go get checked because it's too expensive, and she's a medical student! It's not like what he said.

I also want to talk about how he had 'artsy medical stuff' behind him on another desk, to instill calm. That's it--medical DUDE, with the artsy charts and stuff, spouting on and on about stuff the MIND knows and can 'evidence base' so cocky and self-assured I changed the channel.

There was no love in his heart--he even threw his wife under the bus because SHE was the one buying the organic produce in the farmer's box, switching to organic and 'supporting a billion dollar industry' that is 'unproven'.

This is propaganda at its finest.

You don't need a doctor on TV telling you things. You need to meditate and go with what 'resonates' with you. You need a face-to-face doctor who knows YOU and your medical condition.

Not some crap like this.

The Chorus

Every Greek play has a chorus, who speaks to the moral of the story. Be it a comedy or a tragedy--today was a little of both--it is the chorus who lets the audience know what the whole point of the play was about...the take home message.

Today was an exercise in Illusion.

Pure and simple.

  • The day off? I had to have the phone with me. And my buddy I was supposed to cover if he was sleepy in the morning called me at six-thirty which was too late to bring a kid to school.
  • The bullying I thought was gone came back in a different form, this time a bully in band practice who says he wants to 'shank' (stab) my son. I had to speak up to administration, AGAIN, because the boy told two different teachers who did NOTHING to stop the unwanted behavior.
  • The vacation I thought I had for sure was taken away unless I could scramble and find coverage...which I did. Talk about a blood pressure raiser for sure!
  • The 'free yogurt' with my filled up card at the frozen yogurt place was only a 'discount'
  • The insurance to protect my phone requires a full technical evaluation, possible wiping of my phone, plus waiting two weeks for a new one to come in the mail AFTER I pay my deductible.
  • The 'genius bar' at the Apple Store has a five hour wait.
  • Buying a phone at either the cell phone place or Apple has a twenty minute wait.
  • My car CAN fit a Christmas tree the normal way--now that we can lift the bar the dealer said won't come out (I didn't read the owners manual..I know ...)DID. Now bikes can fit in there too!
  • We COULD put up a giant tree that was heavy as all get-out. And it didn't fall over. And it IS the best tree we ever had.
  • After a low-carb meal at Chipotle, we went to Panera bread next door because we needed 'a cookie' over cinnamon rolls (I KNOW they are not healthy but Ross said it's okay)--I found out another thing from my son that was deeply troubling him, that his father makes him feel like he 'can't get anything right' and my being upset over the tree didn't help. But at least we got past the blockage emotionally that was between us.
So at every point where I wanted to throw up my hands in despair--the Chorus cried out--ILLUSION!

And at the gym on the treadmill when the man said he was correct--the Chorus cried out--ILLUSION!

With my own car and my not knowing how to work it--the Chorus cried out--ILLUSION!

With my thinking Ross was a million miles away--he whipped out his shades and showed me himself!--ILLUSION!!!

It's time to buy me some rose-colored glasses to I will manifest less stress and enjoy life! 

Heck, if it's only an ILLUSION, I might as well create something I will enjoy! <3


Carla had a workout today, and it was not at the gym.  Even her dinner tonight at Chipotle was ruined by a series of disturbances--her son asking for guacamole that adds two dollars and two hundred calories--to the burrito without first checking with her. The bathroom taking forever to wash her hands (after the gym now here before she ate), and Carla chose to 'go' in the mens single-person-only facility instead. And the checker overcharging Carla for TWO guacamoles when in fact Carla didn't have ANY on her salad! She had to bring it up with the cashier to get her two dollars and thirteen cents back.

Then, Carla discovered tomorrow she has an early start--at eight p.m., right before she ate her dinner. Before she took one bite, she had to text a friend to see if she could drop off Anthony at school the next day after Carla takes him to her at six? This will cost Carla money for her friend to do this, thirty dollars in fact, but it is money well-spent because the grandmother is another forty minutes to her drive, and her son has to wake up at FIVE instead of five-forty-five a.m.

No WONDER why Carla needs a cell phone that is in working condition! She uses it!


I want you to know that in the Higher Realms, where I am, nothing is like this. Illusion is long gone! There are lessons but nothing like Coyote Lessons For Carla with a Chorus that is Greek.

There are no tragedies. 

Only love. And perhaps some farce like I was with my sunglasses so Carla would get the message to Lighten Up and take off her doom-and-gloom colored glasses.

It is a game.

A very realistic, challenging, I know your tummy is really hungry when you starve and you will starve to death when you are in the Matrix 'reality'--but after this? 

POOF! You are out like me! Right here (taps his seat and counter near him). Not on board my ship, although some of us are, but SAFELY IN YOUR NEXT ASSIGNMENT, even if that assignment is to heal and to rest and to recuperate after being in a life like Carla has described, one that is very taxing to her body, spirit, mind, and strength of character.

I want to point out that Carla didn't lie...not about her phone, not about the crack, not about her problem with the phone as it is (and it is imminent) would 'suddenly go away'.

Carla kept on going!

And so will you.

No matter what in life comes your way--POOF! The worst that can happen is you get out of it! And the BEST that can happen? You build the character and the skill and the habits and the though processes that those on Earth came here to learn! (snaps his fingers) and it is over just like that.

Just like a movie when you go in the summer and you come out into the sunlight and blink and blink while waiting for your eyes to 'adjust'...

(tilts his head to the side to look at us) Am I being CLEAR?

All of this--everything from your nose to your fingertips to your judgement to your party to your habit that you can't quit--that is ILLUSION in the common sense.

(taps his heart center over and over with his right hand as if to make a point) THIS is REAL. This is the ONLY THING you are going to bring with you--not as if it is leftovers you bring in a doggie bag but TAKEOUT! Takeout as in the whole delicious enchilada!!! The REAL DEAL. The EVERYTHING that is YOU.

Everything else is a really fancy 'game'. 

So your loved ones? Your pets? Your happiness? Those you get to keep. And your memories? more or less you will be keeping all of them, except those that bring you down in your vibration. Like today for Carla and the Coyotes and the Chorus? That one we will 'edit out' in the 'final product'...for it isn't really necessary nor desirable to live this kind of day over again and again...

I wanted to give you something you can chew today. Something of substance.

So.... (laughs in a sweet, absent-minded way, as if struggling to translate a word)...DIGEST! All of this lesson. It will put some meat on your bones in your Light Body! (he shows us his muscle on his bicep) If you eat like this one day you will be strong like this! (really enjoys teasing us) This is what Carla's grandfather used to say, Nanu Filippo...with the pasta. If you eat it you will be strong like me...

Bye.... (waves)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

I got that last part for her in one hour. That way Carla will have six hours for sleep tonight, give or take a little bit...)