Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 28.12.2014

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As A Sister

We are all in this together. Now is not the time to point fingers and say, 'You worry about my speck in my eye when there is a huge LOG in yours!'

Remember the blind men in the room who meet an elephant for the first time? Each one gets their part, and experiences it, and tries to describe it to the others...but it's still not quite the same as visualizing the whole all at once?

That's how it is with The Veil.

It's pierced and in shreds but still present.

And all of us Lightworkers are blind people trying our best to describe Ascension and what is happening.

I'll give you advice, just in case you'd like it--Ascension is going to happen MORE between you and your connection to Source--the Divine--and LESS between you and other people.

That being said, we must be both mindful and responsible when we interact with others, because EARTH is a one-room schoolhouse, with people at every possible vibration from lower to higher--elbow to elbow--Ascending as best as they can every step of the way.

Remember what Dear Abby said, before sharing what could possibly be gossip?
  • Is it TRUE?
  • Is it KIND?
  • I forget the last one, but you get the picture...Is It From My Heart Center?
I'll never forget my first 'public' audience with a world-famous medium and psychic. He kept asking people, 'Do you accept this?' with EVERY LITTLE THING he said, and also checked before they wanted him to share more of what he had to offer.

This is of highest importance when it comes to making sure we don't accidentally give someone a setback in their spiritual growth and development.

Lately it has appeared that for some I have seen online in groups and about the internet, it has taken a direction of 'my invisible guides' tell me THIS and yours tell you THAT and on and so on and so on...

I think that is sad.

Heaven isn't like that at all.

So, here are some guidelines I proposed to help make things smoother in our interactions from one Lightworker to the next:
  1. Always let the person BE at their own level of development. It is up to THEM to wake up, not you. (on this page, it is 'take it or leave it'--try to have this approach in your interactions with others--online and in 3D and also in 5D)
  2. If the other is interested in information, ask your guides to help you give them just the right amount at just the right level for them.
  3. YOU are going to have lessons of your own in addition to your role as an Awakener! Some of them might be in Discernment. This is something very useful to know. Because of the nature of interaction with the Higher Realms, there is MUCH possibility for distortion of the messages. Always check internally, externally, and with your most trusted guides and friends before acting on 'intel' from your guides. (I use a pendulum and also my experience as a psychic on what 'feels right').
  4. Be extremely cautious about exploring your spirituality in groups, especially online--know there are 'trolls' present, and paid, to 'disrupt and spread disinformation'. Even when you find a group you trust, always keep on the alert.
  5. Remain in a state of Love and Gratitude whenever possible. This is the healthiest 'stance' for your own spiritual growth.
  6. In disagreement, quickly step back and allow the other to have their say. LISTEN.
  7. In disagreement that is painful to another, STOP! Next, wait until you are sincere and calm, and make a ho'oponopono to the other before the sun is set, if possible (say, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You and I Love You)

One day perhaps, it will be like this--just helpful advice from one Lightworker to the next, given in a space of love and grounded-ness, for anyone who is interested.

Let me share one more example Ross asked me to share:

Food goes bad. But I looked at the expiration date for my aseptic quart of milk after I'd put it in the fridge for a while. For some reason, my intuition kept me from drinking that milk for about a week. I had run out of other fresh milk but not opened it.

It was from April 2013 as the expiration! So even though it was 'organic' and 'expensive' it wasn't worth the risk of getting sick.

So I dumped it down the sink.

Wouldn't you know it, there were CHUNKS and all kinds of nasty stuff in there inside that I couldn't see inside the bright and beautiful package with the dairy farm on it?

And I had hoped for some time perhaps in an emergency it would be fit to drink, and let it get past its dates of 'best by'?

So even in the kitchen, it is always good to check your supplies and your sources...

Why not with your own spiritual 'food' and 'supplies' too?


Good morning. It is morning out where I am, not where Carla is in Southern California.

I want all of you to pay very special attention to what is written in these daily blog posts. It is for your good, for your spiritual growth and development, and it comes from both of us, from our hearts.

It may not seem like much, on each reading. But I want you to go back to them, just for fun, perhaps sometime something posted in September, and SEE for yourself just how very much you have grown in spirit...

Just like a child grows up, or a plant, things happen outside of your perception that are very fast if one comes tho think about it. A human life is seventy-some odd years, and it only takes one tenth of it to be able to read and write and gather much of the language skills and coordination such as riding a bicycle in that short time. And also to lose much of the baby teeth.

In this you are ONE with us, in that in the Higher Realms, everyone is respected, cherished, and very much LOVED.

But you have some growing to do, and perhaps at times, some growing pains.

In your enthusiasm at your own growth, you will be tempted to 'share' what works for you with others, in order to 'help them'.

This is not needed.

This is because you have your medical and spiritual teams who are working with YOU on your own spiritual growth and development using symbols and messages and methods which are optimized for YOU.

So when someone's eyes glaze over at your sharing which is heartfelt and completely innocent--their reaction is a gift which is telling you 'now is not the right time to teach or to share this information with me.' And respect it!

There is no 'rephrasing' or 'explanation' that is going to bridge the gap in vibrational differences that are between you...only LOVE in its purest form, which is all accepting and gentle, is going to let the other person know that you accept them unconditionally, no matter what their level of spiritual development is.

For your enthusiasm, why not share it with someone who you know and trust who is a good 'match' for you in your vibration? Or if not that, then with your own spiritual guides and teams who will be THRILLED to be acknowledged for their efforts on your behalf?

That is all I have to say.

(he puts his arm around me and draws me closer to him--ed)

I have a lot to say to Carla--in the hopes that tomorrow perhaps you will have more to see on this blog post site. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins