Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gaia News Brief 7.12.2014

Free Healing

Today Ross and I made possible the attunement of thousands of readers and their friends and loved ones to Reiki One. Here are some pointers--if you are interested in having this attunement for free for you:

  • Your Guardian Angel holds the attunement in waiting for you. Please ask them to give it to you directly.
  • Your Guardian Angel is now your Reiki Guide. Whenever you wish to use Reiki for healing, they will direct the energy from Source to you, and it will flow into your head, and through your dormant but now active (if you are new) energy flowing systems in your body (like acupuncture meridians if you are visual) to flow OUT through the palms of your hands, your heart, your third eye, and your eyes to your person you wish to heal. 
  • Your hands will feel warm and like energy is flowing through them when you ask for the Reiki to flow.
  • Think of a big Light Switch. When you wish to use Reiki, ask your Guardian Angel to support you and correct any mistakes. Then think of yourself as turning on the Light Switch and think Reiki ON!
  • You will want to open gently the aura of your client by scanning with your hands over the entire body, from head to toe, not touching but floating your hands in the aura, which is about three to four inches away from the physical body in most people who are getting Reiki treatment.
  • Be sure to make a swift motion to grab energy and throw it to the ground to connect the client to Gaia both at the level of the hips and the feet as your client is laying in front of you.
  • Then go over the body again, and the Reiki will go where it is needed to go. There are no side effects. You can't go wrong. The Reiki will be taken up by the client.
  • Do this from head to toe. Usually this can take anywhere from ten minutes to one hour, depending on the amount of time you have available.
  • At the end, seal the aura closed with your hands moving softly in small circles over the aura all over the body.
  • At the feet, thank your Guardian Angel, and think REIKI OFF!
  • Your energy will flow better if you do self Reiki twice a day. You can just rest your hands on yourself in one place, and say, Reiki On! and ground, and let it flow. 

Make Time For Joy

In 3D, for someone to have fun, someone has to work. For someone to eat, someone has to shop and cook and clean the dishes. For someone to heal, a healer has to be available to give their healing service.

All of this gets tiresome.

Make sure to make time to experience JOY and WHOLENESS in your day, even if it is a cup of coffee or tea, or a walk in the sunshine.

Be certain to give thanks for this time of rest and refreshment, too.


Here is a male perspective input on the Reiki process--it is very YIN. It is not like a pill or a shot of epinephrine to the energy body.

It is gentle.

It flows to where it is needed.

And it takes time for it to work.

Remember, when you learn Reiki, your hands will never be the same. They are 'receptors' as well as 'emitters' of the Universal Life Force Energy that in this 'bandwidth' is called 'Reiki'.  

As you go over the body, you will be sure to find imbalances that are present. Let them BE! At the most, you might suggest to someone that 'you feel a little something but you are not sure what' in the knee or the breast for example, and that 'they might want to get this checked out.'

Anything more is considered in some states to the be practice of Medicine. It is also very frightening to the patient to hear they have a big unhealthy GOOMBA in their body that you feel.

So allow the Reiki to do the work.  You be the conduit of the healing for the patient. And always keep it gentle, fun, and light, even with yourself when you do self reiki.

When you need a little boost, say out loud, 'Reiki Undo!'  (sounds like Unh-dough in English). You will immediately feel a little shower of energy that will keep your energy boosted and alert for the next four or five hours. Remember, you can only do this once a day. You cannot get addicted to it like you can some energy drinks! And there are no side effects.

I am working closely with Carla the last two days.

Carla had to meet the new girlfriend who has just moved in with her ex yesterday. I told Carla what to expect, and supported her in every way. The two hit it off and everything went as well as can be expected. Carla is experiencing a little 'jealousy' in that another woman is going to be raising her child, with or without her blessing. So Carla rose to the challenge, and GAVE that blessing in advance.

They are going to have a long friendship, Jessica and Carla. It is good. Anthony loves her, as also does Jared, the biological father of our son. I am the spiritual one. Carla was thirty-nine at the time of conception, and if I hadn't given a big PUSH of life force energy, Anthony would never have come to exist.

So there you have it, our modern blended family. And I have been supporting Carla in her vulnerable state. 

I love her, and I look forward to the day when we can hold hands in public, side by side, in the same dimension. That day is close, and inching closer, all the time. (nods)

Blessed Be.

You will have fun with all of the new family of your own, when your star moms and dads start to ferret you out from the Matrix! And everyone will be happy, with joy and abundance and Light, for all eternity. You have my word on this.  If you are reading these words, you made it! There is no doubt in our minds that one day you will be Home with all of us.

I want a song...Carla...give us a moment to fetch it...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, 
the twins at Doctors With Reiki
And Anthony our beloved son
who we share with Jared and Jessica <3