Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 23.12.2014


Today was a day where many people 'took off their masks' in the hospital, and not the oxygen ones! Those inside the system pointed out things that were seriously WRONG with the system:

  • A doctor has a friend who paid five thousand dollars for her dog to get a kidney transplant, yet there are patients just like her willing to pay cash for their pets who won't pay twenty dollars for medicine to heal themselves.
  • In New Jersey, one nurse was at a hospital where they were doing ERCP--under 'conscious sedation' or 'MAC--monitored anesthesia care'. In this procedure, the patient lies on their stomach with the head turned to the right, and an x-ray machine called the c-arm is over the body. Well the patient desaturated--had very low oxygen. By the time they pulled out the huge x-ray machine, and got a bed in, and turned the patient on their back...they didn't make it. They had died. And they were young, too.
  • Another doctor has patients who are eager to get a colonic and pay cash for it, but won't do a screening colonoscopy because it is free.
  • A patient underwent a certain procedure six months ago, that had a mistake, a surgical error, that was acting up. Instead of going back in at once to fix it (which is NOT paid), this surgeon asked the specialist to go in and make a hole in the bowel so they could go to surgery to fix it, and then get paid to fix the hold AND the complication! This specialist REFUSED to create a complication of their own upon request for this first surgeon.
  • The SAME surgeon had a four person group. But the one woman in the group learned she was paid far, far less--about one third or less--than the others, who had been sharing the same office and patient workload for double to triple her pay! She left the group, and started her own practice, in the same building.
  • A nurse paid two hundred dollars to take her dog to the after hours animal hospital for injectable benadryl to treat a bee sting--yet the doctor in the room shared that if it was her kid, she would watch it and say, 'you're okay'...the point is many people treat their animals differently from their children or themselves.
  • With Obamacare many physicians in primary care are already overloaded and overworked, and now are reaching the breaking point for the system. A Big Box Hospital in the area accepted Obamacare at open enrollment, and they were surprised at how many signed up.
  • A Russian doctor confided how the new surgeons keep 'coming up through the ranks and displacing the older ones' in the area. 
  • A colleague took me aside and gave me an honest critique on my skills, and told me that another woman and myself had been picked 'because we give up too many calls' to cut back our hours in six months to make room for the new people coming in. He helped me to understand how to turn the situation around to increase the perception in my favor, to 'offer one day a week off every week but if you need me I can come in'
  • This same colleague is leaving the department because 'a tiger won't change its stripes'--the person who embezzled from the group--high at the top--has MORE schemes even through they are being sued....

One of the sticking points was that they feel between cases I am 'dragging my feet'. The colleauge confessed that although in anesthesia we need to keep everybody happy--patient, surgeon, and nurses--it's the surgeon who brings the patient to the operating room. And they don't really CARE about anything except quick turnover time--not even safety. What nobody even thought to ask me, is that the extra time I take that is being held against me is for when I go to talk to the patient's FAMILY about how their loved one's anesthesia went!

The ultrasound tech who used to work with me in the heart room at my hospital had her mother undergo heart valve surgery back home in Michigan. She said, under her breath, she was worried--because the heart room where I work is a little scary (that's partly why I left). I answered back how Dr. F (now gone from the group) kills people--and he had. Two here and one in Northern California...before he left.

My Miracle

The doc where I had things go not so great said the patient had 'aphonia'--no voice.
My heart sank.

I prayed. So did my friends. I wrote a note--patient needs ENT to evaluate. I will follow with you (I had signed off).

Results--vocal cords move properly, edema in certain places, and diagnosis is hoarseness.

I know how it happened. A large tube was needed because of the equipment to pass through it. With intubation, it irritated the area.

Mom is four foot eleven. After HER emergent intubation, her voice needed six months to get back to normal...because her tube was probably too big too. But it totally healed.

ENT gave me my Christmas Miracle--normal cords!!! That move in the right direction!!!

Thank you Raphael.

Big Changes

My brain shuts off at ten p.m. Today I have had energy all day, and it hasn't waned.

I usually get extremely hungry through a work day too. Today, I did fine, and never once felt like I was thirsty of starving.

Our bodies, once Ascended, run a little different. We eat less, and rest less. The slavery to food and sleep from 3D lessens. We still eat and rest, but it's not the same.

I am sleepy now but doing really great considering I've been up for twenty-two hours straight.

There But For The Grace Of God Goes Me

I saw some things today, very sad unexpected cancer, a dehisced wound (surgical wound opened)...and a pastor who had a terrible stroke who is in his fifties, and needs full-time nursing care.

I know it's hard to work the holidays...but's nice to be needed, and to be able to help those who health-wise are less fortunate than us.


I want to wish Carla a good night, and thank her for being my lady.

After all this time at work today, she brought through three new healing codes which I sent to her, and typed them along with one of Archangel Haniel's...and also updated the blog, notified you, and wrote this.

She also lit the candles for the eighth night of Hanukah, all by herself, and had a taste of the fudge I got for my Hanukah gift. 

I was with her.  My energy was right close to her all day. And she felt it, even once, through the diamond cord which now connects us chest to chest--she felt for the first time the beating of my heart.

I have one! It beats, just the same as you, only up here where I am know where to find me. (points UP)


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla