Friday, December 26, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 26.12.2014

Breakfast With Mom

I had to work today. There is no school. Mom had promised to watch Anthony, and since she felt well enough to host Christmas at her house (we had takeout)--Anthony and I spent the night at the house where I grew up.

This morning, while he was sleeping, and after I was dressed for work, Mom made me breakfast.

What was fascinating was listening to her thoughts about Jesus as she made my English Muffin:

  • Every morning I say to myself, "Jesus, please come back. Please come to my house and have a cup of coffee with me."
  • "Jesus must admire my thinking...about having a cup of coffee ready for him."
  • (whispers to me) "The Bible is kind of iffy...'
  • "What I can't understand is this:  Jesus WAS God, right? So how come on the cross the Bible says, Jesus said, 'my God my God why have you ABANDONED me?'--how can this be? How can GOD abandon HIMSELF? That's one reason why I think something isn't right in the Holy Book."
  • "Jesus was not poor! He was upper middle class! Everyone knows that.  The people who made the church made Jesus poor so that the poor people would feel better about themselves."
  • (yes, I was literally taking notes on a napkin while she spoke! I have it right now in front of me as I type! -- ed)
  • "Jesus had to be married. And if he wasn't married, then--he was gay. He REALLY loved those apostles!"
  • (about the Nativity) "I think the angels were aliens and the STAR was a UFO."
  • "There were SIX women out there washing the clothes, not one, and they were gone for five days. When they came back they had no recollection and they were all pregnant. This is factual.  I think that Avatars came and bred with the Earth people because we were so far behind in our development..."
  • "Ministers have tunnel vision...but it's better than nothing I suppose."
  • "The Bible has a one-track mind. They used Jesus to serve their agenda. They made him celibate and all the women prostitutes. Even they say his Grandma (Anne) was a prostitute."
  • "I think that Mary had Artificial Insemination when she got pregnant with Jesus."
  • "The priests are the most dishonest people on Earth. I come from there (Sicily). One pope John had a wife and kids!"
  • "Jesus wasn't really born in December. His parents would have frozen in the cold on the trip to Bethlehem because Herod was killing all the first borns. It was really in late April or early May. The church took the Solstice because it was pretty well known and celebrated already to make Christmas. Back home we used to have a celebration to Santa Jannaro --January-- in the hope of bringing the sunshine back from the dark winter, in Sicily, on December 8. We used to build great big bonfires and have them burn all night."

My Growing Awareness Of My Ability To Manifest

Here are some things I thought fondly with my heart, that almost immediately--or within a few days--came true without my saying anything to anyone about it:
  • My surgeon today--I had a long line up with him--bought pizza for the whole O.R.
  • My family went to the Huntington Library today (I had missed it and wanted to go...they must have picked up on it.)
  • We all went to dinner tonight after work at Hof's Hut, and it was so cozy and warm after work.
  • I thought about the leaky pipes in my garage that cause flooding, and lo and behold, the next day, a burst pipe after our Christmas with Anthony's dad's family! My water is turned off right now. It dries in forty-eight hours, and wets in ten minutes with the water on. (I use this for toilet flushing intermittently and also for pet care.)

The Nightmare

Last night we slept in the bed in the spare room. I awoke with the worst nightmare ever--a lion was attacking Anthony and had his head in his jaws, and bit. I saw a fang go right through Anthony's eye. Then in an instant, Anthony was next to me, and said, 'Mom, I am all right' but his face was swollen a little around the eye. There was no blood. 

Anthony had a dream that we were by the pyramids, and then they took us to a place underneath something that was like a maze. Then people were chasing us, and he got away but I didn't, and he didn't know what happened to me but it wasn't good. 

I wonder if we had a lifetime where we were Christians who had been thrown to the lions?

The only consolation was that we both woke up, and hugged each other, and today was okay.

The energy of that room had changed to a very low vibration. We used to feel joy and protection and peace when that room had only been used by Nana Angelina. When mom offered us to spend the night again, we declined politely. Later, once we were home, we shared about the nightmares, and how we were uncomfortable in that room.

There Are No Accidents!

I met my family in the waiting area at Hof's Hut. I excused myself to use the washroom. I enjoyed walking the length of the restaurant and looking at the food the other guests were eating--it's like a living menu to see how things really look. 

I felt 'watched' but was in my own world, but the thought struck me that someone had recognized me.

When I came back, at the waiting area was the estranged family of my brother-in-law. For some reasons unknown to me, I have only seen the father and mother, for example, to visit at the hospital when one of our family was sick, but never on big holidays, and never ever brothers and sisters of my brother-in-law.

There was bad blood, and the two families are basically separate after some really unequal treatment favoring some of the children (two of four) and not the one (my B.I.L.). There was a fourth child who died in young adulthood in an accident.

I've always liked the other family--perhaps not always seen eye-to-eye--but also not seeing ANY of the 'ill-treatment'. I'm removed enough to not notice such things, especially when I am trained by my guides to see with the eyes of Loving Kindness.

So I was surprised to see how much the kids had grown, and how much age had changed the faces of the brother, sister, and in-laws of my own brother-in-law.  I also 'sensed' that the father was near the end of his life-contract--both with my physician's eye, and my third eye too.

So I hugged these people I hadn't seen in fifteen years, and chatted simply, and enjoyed this 'chance meeting'.  Some of the family had moved to Idaho four years ago, and were flying back home tomorrow! That was some coincidence, wasn't it?

Apparently they had seen me walking by to the restroom...but then saw the rest on their way out.

Ever the Sicilian, on the drive home mother confided she had told the husband of the sister that 'he had married the nicest girl in Long Beach.'

She wanted to have him tell his wife--the one who was cruel to my sister--, and get HER wondering about mom, and to understand it was an insult and not a compliment.

My head just got majorly confused!

I spoke simply and from my heart, and said, 'Mom? I love everybody. I wish they were nicer to my brother-in-law and my sister and niece and nephew. I can see they are doing the best they can and have a lot of spiritual development to go. Mom? I am happy I saw them today.'

She said she is trying to be more loving too...

Taking Next Steps

Today I was with Ross in 5D, with my Light Body, in meditation. And I asked him to always promise to tell me if I did a faux pas, to let me know, as I adjust to life with him in the Higher Realms.

Then he introduced me to a woman, who was very much like this one here only with her hair pulled back. She is to be my personal assistant once I am home. Her name is Molli. I asked what it was, and was told and also shown how to spell it.

In a quick whisper--I asked Ross is she like Siri? Some robot? Or is she a real person?

She IS a real person! 

And I found out she has studied me for some time, so she understands how best to work with me. I explained to her how there are not a lot of people like me up there right now, as I speak my mind freely, and when needed, break with convention. I said, 'I am a handful!' and she laughed a delighted laugh, as if I was someone she was eager to be around, as if I was a movie star or something.

I called her on it, and said, 'I have no idea about this feeling you have about me--are you sure it's not a mistake?--I am very simple and look forward to working with you.'

Ross has a personal assistant too. His name is Sam. (This is not the Twin Flame of someone I know, who is Samuel--the two are different Sam from Samuel--I asked Ross) And already on the ride home from Mom's house tonight, Ross offered to Anthony to have Sam help him when he comes home, and Anthony smiled and said, 'Yes!'

So my appointments and other things to do are going to be taken care of by a real person, Molli, who is from Sirius. 

That's all I know!


I love Carla.

There is no more to say tonight.

I want Carla back home so much.

And also my boy, my little Anthony, who I love like a father to his heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla