Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gaia News Brief 18.12.2014


I almost made him that. An 'ASA 5' patient is one who is going to die in the next twenty four hours, with or without surgery.  The American Society of Anesthesiologists has a ranking system for anesthesia risk--with a perfectly healthy patient being an ASA 1 and and ASA 6 being an organ donor.

Cardiac, pulmonary and renal systems were screeching to a halt in a very nice gentleman who was almost ninety, with an equally nice and caring wife and children.

I didn't want to take him to the O.R. I knew with my intuition and medical experience that even if he survived the procedure, the chances of making it out of the hospital alive were grim. The same reason is why we don't routinely do AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) repair in ninety year olds. There is 'too much mileage on the car'--and all physiologic systems have little, if any, reserve. One thing out of balance and BOOM--everything starts falling apart.

Yesterday in the O.R. was like this--literally--with my using every skill I ever had to keep this sweet gentleman alive.

So how did I help the family and the patient?

  • I was honest about the risk. 'This procedure is super risky'.
  • I asked about end of life decisions--full code full care in the O.R.? Electricity? Chest compressions? Chemical code? Prolonged intubation? This shocked the wife deeply, I saw her get tears in her eyes.  I gently explained this is protocol for this type of situation, and this is what we do.
  • I documented everything very carefully on the anesthesia record.
  • I took excellent care of their loved one, with my keeping my team running to get me everything needed for his care.
  • I spent a long time giving report and stabilizing him in ICU prior to patient handoff to ICU team.
  • I visited the family, and gave my 'take' on how things went--he's alive. He's waking up. We are resting the heart and lungs overnight. Kidneys are possibly shutting down. Count on the ICU doc to tell you when it's time to say 'enough'--everyone deserves their chance so don't pull the plug early until they say it's time.
  • I gave the Transition Symbol and other Reiki healing intraoperatively--quickly--but just the same.
  • I added an expert note to the chart when I followed up and saw the pulmonogy note. My note was timed 8:35 a.m. Then the pulmonologist spoke with the family ten minutes later (their note time). The family elected to withdraw life support. The patient passed peacefully with the family present at 9:48 a.m.

Orthopedics With Spirit

I am pretty sure this surgeon is an incarnate Archangel. He has an energy to him that is very bright, and he always brings joy to the team whenever we work with him. And also to his patients.

He has cancer. I have posted Reiki requests for him, and also shared his blog posts:

I have sent LOTS of Reiki to him too.

Earlier this week, I saw him. And he couldn't look at me. I always made him just a little nervous before he found out he was sick. Because I'm not 'one of the guys'--I hang out and march to my own drum if you will pardon the expression. 

He knows my strength is in the domain that is ahead of him--life and death, transitions, the afterlife, the hereafter...I talk to dead people every day, whenever they wish to be heard. (yes, today I heard from my patient, who passed, too. : ))) He knows what is up, is excited to have a ringside seat for the changes, and also, is very happy his family--who had thanked me and said they will always remember me--will know it was me who was there for the family once all the changes take place and more about everything is known publicly...)

I am pushing Bret, spiritually, to discover who he really is inside, in his consciousness, in that part of him that will live forever. I am doing this with my energy , my aura, my presence just walking down the halls and doing my work. Perhaps he reads this? Perhaps he doesn't? But on some level, he knows in his heart exactly who I am, and why I am incarnate at this time.

As you read the blog, you will see how he is opening up beautifully, and coming to terms with some very important things. Right now, it's very 'mental' or 'thought-centered' or 'rational' working with the heart center and the emotions. But the heart center is opening up. Bret is finding his power, his true power, the one that will never leave him.

I am certain he is an incarnate archangel. I have no doubt of this in my mind. And his blog is going to be immortal, it will outlive him, and it is going to give hope and comfort to so many more with serious illnesses like him. 

Bret is leading the way Home.

And that, brothers and sisters, is why this courageous healer is undoubtedly angelic. In his worst moments, he reaches out, and gives everyone hope.

No Pictures

This is serious. I am not joking. And I have hidden it just far enough for the casual reader to skip through and never once get a taste of this.

Gaia News IS Gaia News--it's not just some fancy trendy name or something.

Today there was a shift, a major shift in the energy. 

I was called into Council this morning. I was asked what I would like to do with the 'dark ones'--those of very low vibration. This was the same Council who asked me two years ago, more or less, 'would you like the changes to be sooner or later?' I said 'sooner'. and the next Gaia Portal reflected what happened with the Council! I was flabbergasted how they could possibly know what goes on in my meditation?

So back to the question about the dark ones--without pausing to think I took my thumb of my right hand and started to squish them like a bug. The Council asked, 'do you know what you are doing?'

I replied calmly, 'you asked me what I would do. I answered. I know you won't listen, and you are going to do whatever you wish. I don't even know why you bother to ask me in the first place. But for the record, you asked, and I answered the question from my heart.'

SaLuSa came. He gently asked my why I would do such a thing? I showed him my many scars, all over my body, from them, like bug bites, and I wanted it to please stop!

Then Divine Father came in. We had a heart to heart. I explained how very tired I am, and how little progress, and how can they blame me for this wanting to have normal healthy 'skin' again? He was very kind, and very caring, and I cried with him, appreciating his kindness and understanding of my plight.


I checked. I checked with someone who knows these things, and I know all of our conversations are monitored. There was agreement with me, on the feelings.


Divine Father made an executive decision to reflect my input. I witnessed a conveyor belt that had those souls who were the ones who 'bring others down'--not the ones cleared off Gaia who were extremely dangerous about a year or so ago (I saw them go the Galactic Central sun with NO remorse at that time). So these 'lesser' dark ones but still extremely serious ones were taken to merge with Divine Mother and the Galactic Central Sun. 

As these souls realized what is happening, they screamed. They begged. They pleaded. Up until this time, they had no intention whatsoever of changing, and no remorse. But at the last minute, they cried out...

Divine Father was insistent, and firm. And they went in. One by one. It is still ongoing as I write this. I feel the energies. 

All of the surrounding energies of Gaia lighten and lighten as this darkness is removed.

It is a very sad day in Heaven. These individuals had been given endless chances to reform, and they didn't. Incarnation after incarnation after incarnation, with the vibration sinking so low that even on another 'realm' for 3D (think of it like the toddler playground with all the safety features) they would not be safe for the others, and would be of harm to those wishing to experience 3D reality for some more soul growth and development that is 'soul age appropriate'.

So Divine Father protected those vulnerable by His decision. And the others who know, the angels and Archangels, are quietly honoring the memory of those who were once close, who became lost, and had to go.

This has been witnessed and verified by a trusted Lightwkrker and her Higher Self.

The Fountain

I thanked my blessings tonight that my sitter was able to pick up Anthony and take him to his appointment tonight, because work let me out at five just in time to fight the traffic. Around five thirty I made it home, and I had been talking with Ross the whole time.

He suggested instead of leftovers, I go out to eat. At all places, Panda Express at the grocery store! I was like, Ross, this is too fattening!

He asked, 'When was the last time you had Chinese?'

It was ages. And here it was the third night of Hanukah, I was eating alone, and what could be more appropriate than Chinese? But I wavered...

It wasn't until Ross said I would get a fortune cookie I decided to go. Ross told me he is trying to take some of the stress off me. During a very LONG gap I drew a dragon on my sketch book he had me bring. I have a 'how to draw dragons' guidebook, and I did my best to get the perspective and texture right. 

I did relax. And as I ate--I was HUNGRY!--I saw this funny soda fountain that had only one spigot and a million choices. A small boy was pushing the touch screen and I saw how it worked. Then the awareness HIT me like a ton of bricks--this is an early introduction to a replicator!

What is a replicator? You know how a microwave is compared to an oven or conventional stovetop in terms of speed and ease? Well a replicator is an advanced technology that can make ANYTHING. Every home will have one, and manufacturing will become obsolete. So will farm animals and dairies and fans for other things too. It's kind of like Star Trek instead of 'bringing through' people on the transporter, it somehow assembles molecules and energy to create things. Ross made me a dinner plate on it once with roast beef, gravy, peas and carrots, and mashed potatoes that never hurt a single cow. And it was delicious! (with my Light Body, of course. As  medium and psychic I can pop back and forth to experiences with is as well as my earth-bound physical body which stays always here).

Shhhh! The Ark of the Covenant is rumored to be a late-model REPLICATOR!


P.S.  There was a bottle of wine that caught my eye, on display near the produce section near Panda Express. That kind of 'catching my eye' is always related to some information from Spirit. Sure enough, as I was walking around the produce displays looking for my black eyed peas for New Year's--guess what I saw? WINE TASTING! Yes, in the grocery store! And some people were there! 

I haven't been to Napa or anywhere in California for this in ages. But I tasted a white which was awful chardonnay, and a spanish varietal Tremojillo or something, which I didn't like, and the bottle I had seen--which I did. I bought that one, and one more, on sale. I also enjoyed speaking with the others, the husband who was a cancer survivor, and also the wife who had two bracelets for friends with stage four cancer.

The husband told me 'it was a lesson' and 'he learned a lot of things' but it wasn't fun. And now he is okay. I gave him the biggest hug when I found out he was a survivor! I knew he had been through so very much...and in hugging him I wished I could send the compassion and love and caring to EVERYONE with cancer, past, present and future, until this horrible disease can be eliminated forevermore.


There you have it. My Lady--in action:  with her patients, with her friends, with us, and now with you.

How is your heart? Are you opening it?

I will mention one thing Carla asks, because she lost it with the flow. Carla made a vow today to educate herself on the origins of the symbol from Starbucks.  Someone early on in Carla's 'awakening to the prevalence of the Illuminati symbolism' (it is practically everywhere) had accused her fondness of this company as supporting those darkest 'ritual' practicing ones.

Carla put it from her mind. Already she was in a world with GMO, chemtrails, fluoride and other poisons, learning about the entertainment industry and above all a local place where Carla had her first job that is the second headquarters for those who follow the ways of Baphomet. Deeply stricken--for Carla had just spent her birthday there with Anthony and spent the night at the hotel--she took the message to heart. Carla, if you read about it, has done an awful lot of work clearing the energy at that location, and freeing up the energy of the Laguna Vortex--this land for the 'place' happens to suppress the natural Vortex of Laguna by it's presence, so in healing 'it' she helped Gaia's natural energy to flow. (this is Carla's work, and she is cut out for it. There are not many vortexes that need to be opened, as we now are past that stage of the liberation of Earth)

Today, instead of preaching to others with a jackhammer--she decided to do what she asks of others to herself. She was both surprised and not--the logo always made her uncomfortable when she saw it, much as she would have liked to pretend it was only a mermaid--the mermaid energy signature wasn't there! But she really likes the coffee! But today she knows 'enough', and if you want to look it up all you have to do is search it on YouTube.

There isn't anywhere here in society on the globe--outside of the lone wilderness and your own back yard with Nature--where you are safe.  And I want to share one video with you--here is the link--just to show you how pervasive it is--Ross' video link to one made completely independently of him.  You don't have to watch it, and no one is ever going to know besides you if you choose to watch it or not. It is just between us, you me and Carla, and when you are ready, you are safe. 

You are also free to stop playing the movie if it bothers you at any time. There are no mistakes, only lessons, and the solution to everything is LOVE.  We are not going to keep score! So this is here for your own personal development, and it is for you, only.

And do not feel pressured by the gentleman who is making the movie's suggestion at the end. This is why you, me and Carla are here--to make this safe for everyone who is willing to listen, and to expose the truth once and for all to anyone who is willing to take a peek. (smiles warmly, and is so kind and loving and strong...--ed)

(He waves goodbye with good cheer. I think it's time for him to go.)

I wasn't leaving. I was just trying to hail a taxi!

(Oh yes! the UBER scandal was just waiting to happen!--ed)

Carla I will take this. Uber is externally supported as a prototype Galactic form of transportation that is 'outside the box' and the taxi industry which is HEAVILY regulated and controlled by government. They are in 'cahoots'--both the taxi companies and the local, state, and higher government controlling bodies who regulate them have sort of kick backs and not quite 'free market' going on here.

Uber changed all that. It blew it out of the water!

So naturally on the commercial media (who is also in cahoots) they chose to report a rape of a woman Uber passenger.

Anyone knows in any industry, where women are welcome and feel safe, the industry will thrive. The same is true for the bar and restaurant industry..and many others. 

This was a 'parry' back from 'the other team' on the issue of Transportation, and whether 3D or 5D is what is to be.

I really must go now, and I am sincerely not hailing a taxi (he bows, and stands up, and waves with love). I am busy and I thank you for your listening to me and Carla every day, for as long as you will listen, we are willing to 'keep it coming' only for you.


Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla