Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gaia News Briefs 24.12.2014 -- The Nativity Edition

Our Holiday Wishes To You and Those Dear To You

We hope that all the beauty and joy of Christmas will stay in your hearts the whole year through. It has been amazing getting to know you since early 2014, which was before the Gaia News Briefs were created in September of this year.

We want you to know that you are loved and cherished not just by us but by the entire Reiki Doc family, including our ancestors in all the places they may be, and your own ancestors.

Studies that shown that over ninety-nine percent of our DNA is identical--from you to us and to everyone on the globe--we are ONE family, one Humanity, and we are filled with so very much love and gratitude to you for all that you are.

You are both blessed and precious to us.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Peace, and may 2015 be one of the best years you ever have!

Miracle A

Two nights ago, in the very early morning, I was aware of the presence of my father in the home. Five years deceased, this was his most lifelike apparition he has made to us. He was wearing his favorite pajamas, and I sensed him going to my boy's room and then to mine. He kissed me and woke me up, saying the following words, "Every time a child is born you are going to have to change everything."

It startled me. He said it to me four times, so I would get it, and then he went away. Right before I got up out of bed to write it, I could hear my son, who is a big talker in his sleep, just like I am, say, "Every time a child is born you are going to have to change everything."

The message, although cryptic, felt filled with love.

Miracle B

My phone rang while I was at Ed the hairstylists in the chair. It was my son, who was with his grandmother, Mana Patrice. I was happy to hear him Then Patrice got on the line, and said, 'For tomorrow we have a change in plans."

I was like, 'Okay--let me know it.'

Due to custody, Jared and I split the holidays, with an exchange on Christmas morning. The plan was for me to go to the parking lot at his brother's new apartment at ten, and then pick up Anthony, and then drive to my mom's house.

I was told I am to come into the house and share in the gift exchange with their family.

I couldn't believe my ears!

Ian has hated me for ten years, thinking I 'tricked' Jared into getting pregnant. (I have a clotting disorder, and at the fertility clinic with my ex I was told I couldn't carry a child to term without heparin injections every day, I would miscarry. I was infertile.)

I am not allowed to go inside any home where Ian is present. He is kind to Anthony, but very cold to me, to the point of ignoring my smile and hello.

I double checked, 'I am going INSIDE?!'


I started crying right there at the beauty salon. I sobbed great sobs of relief, at not being banished any more. It's much too late for me to care, and I am perfectly fine on my own, but the feeling of being unwelcome is extremely painful. I felt like I was set free out of shackles!

I grabbed a towel, and cried into that, as Patrice said, 'You are making ME cry--she was driving --and so with a quick goodbye to Anthony I was off the phone.'

I never in a million years expected to get extra time to be with Anthony, and participate in his other family's Christmas...yet isn't this kind of change of heart what Christmas is all about?

An Observation

Today I did my shopping at one of the wealthiest, 'destination shopping' locations in all of Southern California. I even stepped into Tiffany's just to take a look.

While walking outside, I heard a bell.

It was the Salvation Army man, with the little red pot on the chain stand thing...

And nobody was giving anything. I didn't either, I'm not sure why.

As I walked away, I thought, 'maybe I should, and the rest of humanity, should put more effort into celebrating by giving to charities like this, and not so much to each other and our work families and friends?'

Holiday Greetings

This is the first year I sent Christmas Cards in five years, and the first time EVER with a photo card.

Some of the ones I sent to people, they sent their own back to me and it arrived today. I was happy to get them. And one, from Shel and Sue, the old Vice President of Clorox where I had my first job--always warms my heart. They had a newsletter.

I realized how lucky I am, and especially for the older relatives, to get a greeting from them, that they are still with us...for Christmas.

My Christmas Miracle--Miracle C

At Michaels Craft Store all of the Hanukah supplies were seventy percent off! I have the candles and a cake pan in a Star of David and also a little picture frame (when I get my first one with Ross!) that says, 'A beautiful Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy and made their mothers very, very, very Happy!'. It is very colorful, and has a heart cutout shape for the photo to go inside of the new couple. When I get my first picture I will be sure to share everything with you.


Merry Christmas to you from the bottom of my heart. I am here with Carla, although she doesn't know it, my energy through the cord is very close to her.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to enjoy their family as much as possible, as if it were the last time you would see each other in a long time. For some families, this is the case.

Although we may not know what the future does hold, as long as you are with them, you can touch and hold them, you can laugh at their jokes, and even be patient while the older ones repeat everything...know that you are special.

A moment like this may never be duplicated, although it may be re-experienced at any time, thanks to the highly advanced technology of the Akashic records...

I am here with Carla and my energy surges through her heart, and I can feel Carla relaxing on the simple touch of my hands on her shoulders. I am in Spirit, though Carla can sense it, as she is open to the Veil.

Why not take a moment to send Christmas cheer UP (point to the sky) not just to me, but to all your family and friends who have transitioned and are on The Other Side? In your heart of hearts I know that you are going to feel them. (taps the seat next to him, as to invite you to sit down next to him) I'll explain why--the Vibrations on Gaia surface are rising by the minute. It makes the communication like this easier--not just for Carla but for everyone else who is not like her. The veil is very thin. And it is in tatters as we speak. So why not take advantage of the weakness of the 'fabric' or 'barrier' which separates the two worlds--and give a 'shout out' to your loved ones who have crossed over?

It might give you the miracle that you look for, and we'll call it Miracle D! (for Divine!)

They WILL hear you, loud and clear. And also be sure to thank them for watching and guiding you in your life experience...because they are.

All of this will be helpful for you to know in a short time. (smiles mysteriously--oh my gosh he is so cute when he does that! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins
Merry Christmas

(I know you have heard enough Christmas Carols, but for the record, my favorite one is Silent Night--and I'm going to spare you the YouTube video here...)