Monday, December 22, 2014

Gaia News Brief 22.12.2014 -- The Miracle Edition


Remember the Lightworker whose welsh corgi Lucy was attacked by another dog, and Ming had to cry out 'Archangel Michael HELP!' SIX times?

Check this out--it happened today--as told by Ming:

Good ! Get this Oh wow. So I'm pulling out of the driveway this morning and this guy keeps staring at me from across the street, not in a weird way but just staring… he has 2 little dogs with him. Finally I just open the window, he asks me from across the street do you have a corgi? I said yes I do. He said I have been looking for you . It was my dog that attacked you. He walked closer and I asked him if his dog had attacked before. He said no, her name was Tiger, he's had her for 4 mo and she is a rescue. His name , Dillon was in tears, asked about Lucy.. I told her what a horrific day we had but a miracle not hurt more. He agreed a miracle. I told him to not punish her and he promised he would get behavioral help. He told me never to be afraid again to walk on that street. I told him I did reiki and communicated with animals and that Tiger just remained silent. We shook hands and said, see you around here..

Montague Keen said that 'the Dark Ones are not going out without a fight' yesterday in his weekly channeled message (His wife Veronica is his scribe, since he has passed).

I challenged that with what I have seen by direct observation. I suspect the ones who are left are just upset that they didn't get their chance to 'make it up to the top' and don't want to change their plans now that the energies are changing. So they are electing to cause some skirmishes here and there--the most notable is the 'jumping in' of something atypical, and causing some kind of outburst or unanticipated event...

My Miracle

Koothoomi worked with me for one hour today, and he still isn't finished. Just talking and asking questions. He is a wonderful healer. He had Ross come in, and helped Ross to see my distress.  You see, Ross and I are on the 'engagement track' in a sense, although we are Twins and married eternally--we are due to meet/reunite in the same physical plane soon. Our Lightbodies are together, and it's great, but we are due to 'take it to the next level'.

Koothoomi found, and immediately alerted Ross, that due to my delicate state after incarnation after incarnation here, I thought the Tantric Ties with others meant that he didn't want to marry me. (Earth way of looking at it). Ross was totally surprised I could see it like that!  I also, as a survivor of an incarnation of Ritual Abuse, didn't like the thought that 'up there' some 'version of me' is carrying on with Tantra without my consent or my being aware of it. To a survivor, having things like that happen without your knowing it, or your being able to stop it, is devastating. This episode came too close for comfort.

So you know what Ross did? We have a new connection, heart to heart, that is one meter long, made of diamond 'fire wire'. It is so close, I can feel him breathe and move his chest. And today, he coached me in breathing with him, all day, which in itself is Tantric, and yet, not physical, and it is only with me.

Here is where my miracle took place--last weekend Ross had me buy a Carl's Jr gift card for day seven of Hanukah. Today is day seven. And wouldn't you know it, I had no time to cook. So Anthony opened the present and it was like, want to go? I was like, yes! 

I sensed it was our last time there, and that Ascension is very close (just keep looking at the gas prices!)...And Anthony had many memories--it's been five years since we used to go--and he even wanted shakes just for old times. He got strawberry, and I got vanilla for Ross. It's his favorite.

Anthony correctly guessed his day eight Hanukah present. Ross had been asking him who is his favorite player from Seattle? 

I had invited Ross to help me buy the nice Hanukah gift. And we got Anthony the number 3 (Ross' number, he is an Ascended Master) Wilson. Ross wanted me to film Anthony opening it--you see, we had to go a day early due to my work assignment tomorrow. After dinner we opened it. 

It was a combined gift, with vanilla fudge for Ross (it was the first thing he ever asked us to buy for him, his total favorite), the jersey for Anthony, and a cashmere robe from TJ Maxx (not Ross Dress For Less, LOL--this was during a large 'gap' in my work schedule last week, a clearance one).

I wear the robe now. Guess what? It feels just like Ross' mantle!

One More Miracle

I wanted you to know and share. My neighbor Frank Miller (49) was found last week unconscious and his kidneys and liver failing. He was on life support and given a death sentence. His daughter with his 1st new grand baby was devastated! I requested healing from you and your friends. The doctors tried two rounds of dialysis. After my request from you his organs started functioning on their own!! He woke up!! He is off life support, he just today is sitting in a chair eating on his own, feeding tube removed!! Sunday he will celebrate his 50th birthday!! His rebirth!! It is a Christmas miracle!! His kids lost their mom to lung cancer 10 years ago, so they need their daddy!! Thank you so much for all your love support and healing power!!! Love Pam Davis from Lost City, Oklahoma
Doctors With Reiki
Dec 19th, 1:27pm
Wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! It's a Christmas miracle!

Last but not least?

Divine Father told me this afternoon, 'Someone is coming to see you. Try not to make a big deal about it.' 



I am not in the doghouse with Carla!

She let me out today when I got her the care that she needed from my heart.

Thank you Master Koothoomi for the help with our relationship (smiles)

So what do you know?

Every day is a miracle--including one for me!

And I LIKE vanilla!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Ross and Carla