Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Aboard!.

Next stop, adventure!

This morning I went was invited to come aboard a light craft!  It was unexpected. I was actually taking a shower at the time, and as I was rinsing my hair, one of my guides, the Handsome one with a beard and most kind eyes who wears an ivory colored space suit. I have spoken to him for almost ten years in this outfit, and seen him at the helm, as a visitor. He has shown me one of their chairs, which has no legs or support from below. It is Jesus. And he is so kind and magnetic to be around, I have been ready to start his fan club all this time! He is gorgeous. Smart. Courageous. And nice.

J: Think yourself aboard! 
C:  I did, all of a sudden, whoosh! I was inside. The lights overhead were pretty, and bright, like in the OR. Next I marveled at the fresh air! It was like one mountaintop! How do you get all this fresh air when you are on a ship?
They were pleased, and excited to show me their new filter technology. It is also what they have been using to clean up the atmosphere on Earth from all the chemtrails.

There was one big round room, with about ten to twelve chairs full of people, looking at me. Something went 'boop!' and next thing I new I was in my own space suit. It was the same design as Jesus' but purple. It felt silky soft against my skin, not tight or binding. How do you go to the bathroom in this? I asked.

J: You won't be needing to go to the bathroom any more.
C: oh.

I felt like I had to welcome them, or bring a hostess gift because I was invited aboard. I thought of milk and cookies, and they popped up on a tray in my hands. We take these after school when coming home. They are very welcoming. I like oatmeal raisin, but these are chocolate chip. I manifested Oreos, oatmeal raisin, the italian Stella D'Oro assortment box. But nothing felt 'right'. I looked around at everyone politely holding their milk and cookie, but not eating or enjoying it,

All at once I understood how barbaric a gift this seemed. How crude. How antiquated.
I panicked. I manifested cotton candy! I manifested ice cream on a stick. Nothing was right, and I started crying uncontrollably.

Gently, I was shown a mental picture of native Americans offering gifts to the Europeans, and how they were accepted as crude signs of hospitality from someone less evolved, and accepted with the intent in mind.

I also discovered that the nicest gift is a thought of appreciation.

It dawned on me that this might be a longer-term visit.
My kids!?
Boom! Right next to me in matching purple suits.
Mom? Relatives?
I was shown they would have holographic images of me, and would never know that I was gone.
Would it really be me? With my heart? Or some high-tech cut-out life-size poster?
It would really be me. They would be happy. And I could go and visit anytime I wished.
They were instantly there, behind me, not in matching purple suits. I was warned the fifteen baby rats would eat a lot, and must not get loose.
Can you imagine the Galactic rat problem we would bring to other shores?
I was not sure if they were serious or not. I said I understood.

Mentor or something, please? To get used to life here?
Boom. In steps Ross (my twin flame) in a matching purple suit. He embraced me and the children alike, totally accepting of us and the furry feathered family.
At this point all the survival, all the guard, all the stress of being Lightworker ground crew just broke loose. I cried in his arms. Can I just be a woman now? Is it over? Can I relax? Will you help me to remember who we are?
He showed us on a romantic date, in earth clothes, like in a Paris cafe.

Then I saw figures shaping up to the right. My guardian angel. My reiki guides! It was time to say goodbyes. I didn't take it well. They promised we could have coffee together and catch up. I profusely thanked them for their service to me.

Then my consciousness was back in the shower. This happened in like, three minutes, all that I have written.

Later today, I was guided to meditate in the sunlight on the patio at work. I am on L and D, so I had the time.
Guess what? I went aboard again! This time, the roof/ceiling was like a dome. It could show anywhere,  but for now it was the stars in the sky. They showed me the technology how they listen to anyone they want. It reminded me of how mom saw the two families on her space trip she wrote about, one huddled in Dickinsonian fashion, in a hovel in those times, and the other at the hearth. She had me read her diary of her event once.
Before I had to go, they had a gift for me. A caramel apple on a stick, with no nuts, just the way I like it. They were all holding one, the ten in their chairs, with a big heartfelt smile just for me.


Reiki Doc