Friday, September 21, 2012

Lifting the Veil on Fairy Tales

Last night as I was chopping kale for my salad, I thought, how damaging the fairy tale really is to the listener!

As defenseless children we are drilled from early childhood how the princess is beautiful and she needs a handsome prince to save her.

What kind of story is this? It perpetuates the Illuminati and their 'normal' structure in our life. I know I have a deep belief in me that 'some day my prince will come', and I have been married not once but twice! And so under the radar this time of mind-control is! How would you ever think something meant for children could be so harmful to their spirit, their personal power, and their free will? For the parents, it was read to THEM in as kids. The control perpetuates itself.

No one has any clue of their power to create, to manifest, and the ability itself atrophies with time.

And the movies? Who makes the beautiful cartoon movies about Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty? Might they be in on it? At the lower levels, I don't think so. But at the very top? Quite possibly, yes. (Here is a link if you are interested: I have a love for castles, and I travel to see them. When you stop to think about what they represent, and what happened inside, it makes you think twice.

How about Sports? The 'opiate of the masses'? We want us some FOOT-BALL! I used to go to all kinds of sporting events. I grew up watching boxing with my father. We would watch the T.V., and he would drink beer and take off his shirt. I used to sit next to him and take my shirt off too when I was three and four. I had no idea that these boxers were hurting each other, that the blood was real, and that when one would lie on the floor after the other one hit him in the head, that his brain had stopped functioning on some level, and that he had been knocked out. We saw them all, cheering for Joe Frazier, Cassius Clay who went on to become Muhammad Ali. I met Ali once at the Carnegie Deli. He had Parkinson's disease real bad. He was doing magic tricks for us diners once he came up with his group from the celebrity dining downstairs. I took my picture with him. And I have his autograph. I thanked him for all of the happy times we had cheering him on to victory. He said I was pretty and hugged me tight for the photo...

How many self-reinforcing behaviors can we see? Let's make it a game. And be sure to add to it in the comments.
1) TGIF! It's FRIDAY! Party on!  (this reinforces the 40-hour work week)

2) Television. 'I have to see my show', with TIVO even. I think even though we fast forward through the commercials, the brain comprehends it. Television is getting you to watch the commercials by bribing you with a show you like, not the other way around 'with the commercials to pay for it'.

3) Fashion. Look at the lifestyle and eating habits of a supermodel. Cheryl Tiegs used to only eat vegetables and her treat was a small bag of potato chips. Fashion primes the female that happiness is only a mall away.

4) Food. Do you think that the reason we meet up at restaurants for family get-togethers instead of at home is an accident? Or a slow, deliberately-planned trend? I don't know. But the food itself is 'dead' energetically. Eat organic, locally-grown for a month, and tell me how you feel.

5) School. Everyone I have spoken with who comments on how much homework our children are being given these days thinks it is wrong. Is this is priming children for success or breaking down their creativity? I don't know for sure, but today's child is afraid to go out and play (someone might kidnap you), and to enjoy nature (something will sting you or bite).

What do I have to say about all this Illuminati mind-control? And the Cabal?
Poppycock and Balderdash!


Reiki Doc