Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reiki and the Service Nurse

Next in command below the Charge Nurse in the O.R., is the Surgical Specialty Service Nurse. This type of nurse is the go-to person for the surgeon and the O.R., the one who makes sure 'everyone is happy' and 'everything is ready' and 'the job is done right'. Circulating nurses are responsible for many things: the right O.R. table (there are different ones, for orthopedic procedures, for spine procedures, ones that permit x-ray fluoroscopy, and higher weight limit beds for bariatric surgery, to name a few)...the right equipment (there are special bovies, there are ultrasound ones, bipolar ones, ligasure, etc.)...the right instruments (every surgeon has a 'preference card') and that everything will go smoothly in all surgeries in their specialty, even if they are not personally performing the circulating role in that case. We have them for ENT, Gyn, General surgery, Urology, Neurosurgery, Cardiac surgery, Orthopedics and Robotic Surgery.

The old Service Nurse that left the service I worked with recently was a dynamo. Knew what I needed to do that was 'different' for each surgeon, and promptly communicated it with me. Was gregarious and outgoing. And very responsible.

I got to work with their replacement Service Nurse not long ago. Sparks flew. This nurse is really stressed, so much so that I was introduced to a 'helper' nurse that was hired to co-service nurse that particular specialty. It takes two nurses to do the job of the one that just left!

Where is the Reiki in this? I tell you, it is fascinating. I am the Continuous Source of Reiki. But it is my new ability to read the intent and history of the aura of somebody else that is in conflict with me that is astounding!

Within moments of the I don't think this person really likes me, AT ALL. I wonder why?
I got this:
1) RN is insecure
2) RN is very negative thinker and therefore of a lower vibration
3) My vibration is making this RN uncomfortable
4) My intelligence is threatening this RN because they are very mental. So much so to the point that 'I rarely gamble but when I do I win' because this individual is 'always right'.
5) Hypertelorism and behavior shown demonstrate this person is an Adult Child of Alcoholic
6) My intelligence is super-charged by Light and Heart, and it is really quite a combination!
7) This Generation Y nurse is having difficulty accepting the dedication and long hours required of their position, and is resentful.

I was like, 'WOW! Thank you! Now I don't have to wonder what is going on between us. I don't have to worry about what is being said behind my back-and believe me, there has been major character assassination attempts from this Service Nurse against me. I feel free! Unburdened! Love is the Solution For Everything. I will focus on raising the vibration as we work, and ensure that the rest of the team has an excellent experience for this day.'

As we Ascend, things like this are going to happen. Intent of the person you are dealing with will be totally clear and evident, instantaneously. This is how it is going to happen: World Peace. How can you shoot to kill at somebody when you 'get them' when you are in their vicinity? And you 'get' the distortions of the truth from your command?


Reiki Doc