Monday, September 10, 2012

For Those Lost Eleven Years Ago today

I saw it happening on the TV in the nurses' lounge in the Operating Room as we wheeled a patient to surgery. It was unreal then. I saw the souls go up. There is a picture of them going to Jesus. I saw them go to Mother Mary, in an instant, in a flash, and I felt it because I am a sensitive. I never told what I saw. I just journaled it, and drew a picture. It still is surreal to me now. The loss of life is astounding. It was when I saw the metal statue that is dented from the destruction that is now at Battery Park, that the tears I needed to cry flowed... I have also been to ground zero, and paid my respects.

I have lost a close friend and colleague in Fallujah as a result of this event.

I have to be honest with you, however. I got the creeps when I was researching Lilo and Stitch for my Hawaiian Hele No Lilo post. Why? Because there had been a scene cut from the movie where Stitch flies into the buildings of Honolulu, destroying them like in 9-11. The plane hits, the buildings blow up, and they fall. It was cut because it was too much like the real life tragedy and too fresh.

Well, that seemed okay, until I read on: there was also a scene where trying-to-be-a-model-citizen Stitch warns the beach goers of an impending tsunami. It is at the cemetery for those lost that he discovers what happens to Lilo's parents. That was cut too.

That stopped me in my tracks. How could anyone predict not one but TWO horrible disasters in the same movie? The World Trade Center, Pentagon, and aborted attacks from September 11, AND the March tsunami in Japan? What is the probability of that?

Here is an article that explains why it felt so ominous. It was. This is from Italy. If you lost loved ones in NY, you might not want to know about this. Then again, you might find peace. I will leave it up to you, and what resonates with you at this time.


Reiki Doc