Saturday, September 15, 2012

How I Got Into the Light Box

Some of you may be wondering how I 'got into the Light Box in the first place'?

That is a very logical question. I will answer it for you.

First off, in Psychic Development Circle, I learned that we travel with the Mind as well as the body. In Circle, we had visions of Sirius, together. The colors look like Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream with the green part taken out. The shapes are different, and mentally you had to go through a special door to get there. I and two other member of the circle were able to make the trip during out session. Others got impressions, but not the visual that I and the other two got.

One day, when I was post call but rested, technically, for I had gotten sleep, I was extra sleepy. I gave up the fight, and lay on the couch. I went into a deep slumber, and that is where the Light Box came. I felt myself drawn inward into Gaia. My guides were present. And everything else was as described in the blog post, The Light Box.

Do you want to go into a Light Box? Keep in Spiritual Shape! Meditate. Eat less meat. Keep connected to Spirit. Learn Reiki. If you know Reiki, practice it. By all means keep the channels open, and when the time is right you shall be tapped to venture 'in' to your own healing Light Box.

Mom talked to me today about a man who invented a box-like device for healing called the Integretron. It was invented in 1947 by George Van Tassel. Here is the link:
This may be the first Healing Chamber on the planet. It is in Landers, California, in the Mojave Desert. The site is on a magnetic spike. My parents took me here since I was a baby, to the Giant Rock conferences. This afternoon, while visiting,  Mom shared she had seen an extraterrestrial there one time. She saw him. She knew he knew she knew, and that he knew that she was cool with it. This exchange was all by telepathy. He looked human, and had 'the most wonderful blue eyes' she said.

I was surprised to see the images on the website. It was the most natural thing in the world to me growing up. There was a swing set nearby. I enjoyed playing on it. Someone had to push me, I was so little. And I rode on the shoulders of my father and my uncle all day!

So whether your Light Box comes to you, or you go to It (the Integratron), know that everything is happening at the perfect time, in the perfect place, in all Perfection!

Let's keep those chakras open, shall we?


Reiki Doc