Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Energetics of Tobacco Use?

Do you smoke tobacco? Have you done so in the past? Have you thought to quit?

If you have quit tobacco, congratulations. You have kicked the hardest drug known to man, tobacco, the most addictive substance on earth. You also have done more for your health than a thousand doctor visits could achieve.

Tobacco use is prevalent in patients that I see. This is out here in California, where non-smoking is somewhat more popular a trend than in other parts of the country. I took care of a former smoker, who was 'known for his violent wake-ups' recently. 'It took six nurses to hold me down when I woke up from anesthesia. I didn't know where I was at the time, and when I realized what I was doing, I stopped. I kind of felt bad about it.'

Patients hurting their caregivers is a not-often discussed part of medicine. I know of a psychiatrist who was super gifted at their art, who had to quit in the devastating psychological aftermath of a patient attack that was so severe this doctor had to be taken to the Emergency Room.

The turbulent wake-up of a smoker is not seen in the non-smoker patients. For some reason, the smoker, especially the younger male patient, wakes up looking for a fight. Recently, I had my surgeon a big man (and also a lifelong vegetarian!) not leave the O.R. in order to help in case the patient was too much for myself and the four Filipino nurses in the O.R. Fortunately everything went well. I kept the breathing tube in, while this patient was breathing on their own. And upon waking up when the patient was ready, I came to the bedside and pulled the breathing tube.

The little wheels in the back of my subconscious started to turn. Upon my own waking up from sleeping this morning I had this connection flash onto my mind:

In Spirit Work , the breath is important, it is a part of the soul
think about it: in Yoga, meditation, and Higher Spiritual work, the breath is a point of focus
(it is called Prana, Qi, Chi, Mana, and The Violet Flame)

In Smoking, the fumes of a burning plant are inhaled, and nicotine goes into the bloodstream
Nicotine will calm you down if you are anxious, and perk you up if you are sleepy
Edgar Cayce, a chain smoker himself, used to say, 'there are no cigarettes in Heaven' and smoked more
An entire industry is based on this practice

Where did tobacco use originate? Was it with the Native Americans, and their Peace Pipe? I am not sure. But what if sharing a pipe to 'seal a deal' had a metaphysical side linked to it that has been lost in History? Those First Nations people are descended from the Star people. They know what they are doing. (Just yesterday I read about Time Masters, and how the Mayan Calendar was a gift to Earth from them.--it has to do with the 'year' of the sun. Just like how we circle the sun, the sun has an orbit around the galactic central sun that takes about 13,000 years.)

I don't know metaphysically, the exact impact of tobacco on the  human soul. Not yet.

But for the human body, it produces a profound peripheral vasoconstriction in minutes (that's why it helps headaches, but also creates non-union of bones that are trying to heal.) It affects the heart and lungs in the short term, and in the long term. Skin loses its elasticity, and the smoker appears to age prematurely. But nausea and vomiting after surgery is less of a risk in a smoker. But in putting something into the mouth, and sucking on it, it triggers all of the early childhood bonding mechanism of 'latching on' and 'having oral gratification'. There is a lot of money to be made off of the addiction to the substance plus the health effects can be fatal in the long term. An entire industry of 'smoking cessation' is now doing well too! I don't know for sure, but I know enough to ask the question:

could it be possible that the nature of tobacco and all of its metaphysical and physical effects on the human body have been exploited in the submission of others?

If sports are the opiate of the masses, could tobacco be a similar substance introduced to keep population down, population 'happy', and everyone sinking in Vibration with every puff, only to be more beholden to Big Tobacco?


Reiki Doc