Monday, September 17, 2012

Seawater, Sunshine, and You

California Sea Lions hauling out on a buoy

To cleanse your aura from negativity, there are two effective ways:
1) immerse yourself in salt water
2) sit in direct sunlight for ten minutes with no UV protection on your skin

If you would like to accelerate this, lie on the ground, float on a raft, or walk barefoot to get good direct contact with Mother Earth.

If you get a new crystal, what do you do at home to 'clear' it?
1) soak it in salt water
2) let it sit in the sun

Are you starting to make the connection?

You are a crystal! You may not believe it, but you are!
1) You are over 70% water, a little more if you are pediatric, and a little less if you are geriatric.
Either way, you are well over 50%. Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown with his experiments on water crystal formation that water has a memory.
Water exposed to love, laughter, and beautiful harmonious music makes attractive, perfect crystals that are balanced and unique.
Water exposed to anger and hostility makes malformed, unbalanced, and misshapen crystals of water.

2) Your 'junk DNA' is anything BUT garbage! There is a purpose. The three dimensional, 'duality' function of the DNA is to utilize only two strands. But for higher dimensions DNA transforms into a multi-strand crystalline conductor of Light. And for the past eighteen months, give or take, I have been a member of a team that has been sending waves concentrated energy to upgrade DNA of people throughout the world.*
I myself have made possible the upgrading of the DNA of over two thousand individuals. And the team has done over twenty thousand on the last three months of this project alone!

You are a crystal. You are a complex, interwoven crytalline being of water, DNA, and Light.

Take good care of it. And your Light shall shine for others who are still walking in their sleep.


Reiki Doc

* the most important thing for an individual being upgraded is rest, and lots of it. And drinking plenty of water, too. If you feel the need to rest, please do.