Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Manifest 101

When you wake up to your higher dimension ability, one of the most distinguishing differences from life in 3D is you will have the ability to access what you want through mind power. I have been playing with it the last few weeks and would like to share with you a story from yesterday's success in Manifestation. Let us begin with my first waking up.

Guide: what would you like to do for today? 
Me: I don't know. Something really fun and for the highest good.
An image of a white sail and a sailboat flashed in my mind.

Me, while washing the dishes at breakfast:  I really like this Sunday thing! What would it be like if it was Sunday every day? Or Vacation every day?
I thought about the sailboat, and decided to go to a Lake nearby, rent a sabot, invite friends, and go sailing together. That would leave me time to roast the chicken. 
(I still cook meat for the family, but 'happy meat'. My Reiki Master son is starting to eat more fish and less meat, like me, though)

Well, the friends couldn't make it. And the kids wanted to go whale watching.

Inwardly, I laughed. My left ankle has been sore, and body boarding puts a lot of stress on it. I had been craving the beach and seawater for two weeks now, but afraid to risk further injury. What a clever way to manifest it into my life!

We took out the pendulum, and together, we 'got' NO for lake and YES for whales.

Today was the first time in two weeks they had seen a blue whale. It was 'spooked' by non-professional whale watchers getting too close, and didn't put on a good show. But it was a blue, and the weather was perfect. White sails and sailboats dotted the ocean as far as the eye can see.

After we came back to shore, the children wanted to go eat at our favorite restaurant, the one with outdoor seating that overlooks Laguna Beach. What about the chicken? I thought.

We took out the pendulums again. It was funny, the answer was 'yes' to both the restaurant AND dining at home!

This was when I popped back on the space craft again, in my mind*. The night before, I had learned it was Andromedan. Several times, during rest, I have returned. Now I was here, and the room was the same. The circle of entities in chairs was the same. My uniform was the same color as theirs now, and I had my own place to sit.

When you manifest, it is important to accept that which comes forth from the Process. 

I realized my desire for the beach came along with the whale watching, and that we should go where the entire family loves it best.

Worrying about the chicken, the money spent on it, and my 'plans' at home were very 3D, they pointed out.

Make the choice that your soul desires at the present time. Don't try to override it with your mind. Go towards the new, exercise your ability to Manifest, and the plans will be fine the next day. (I was low on the list, and able to cook dinner at home)

So we went to the restaurant in Laguna Beach.

As I was sitting listening to the waves, and enjoying the sunlight on the water, and soaking in the breeze, I relaxed. You know that little knot of tension in your being that you carry with you always in the third dimension? The one that takes three days of vacation to let go? It did. And I realized, I needed the beach and restaurant as much as it needed to be manifest.

They ran out of baked potatoes. But we all had out seared ahi. Strangely enough, this time I did not order a glass of white wine. And my vibration felt better because of it. My rice pilaf was terrible-converted rice with long chunks of vermicelli that was overcooked. But the cheesecake we all shared was the best!

As the sun was setting, we walked to Main Beach. I had my bathing suit under my clothing the whole time. There was a wedding taking place the minute we stepped on the beach. I stood at a distance behind the ceremony and gave reiki, in front of everyone, with hand symbols, to bless their union and transition into married life. Then we went and played in the water until the sun went down. 

The wedding was over in minutes. The timing was impeccable for us to be there.

Guides: what is your most powerful message/premonition you have been given?
Me: when I was staying in Diamond Head at the W Hotel, alone, for a conference, and I woke up and was asked, 'would you like to have a baby?'
I answered back, 'whatever is for the highest good. I would love to have one, yes'.
(I thought nothing of it, but in two weeks, after I got back, my boyfriend and I ended up with a child on the way.)

I was given a similar message, not about a baby,  but still a life-changer then and there at the beach.

Okay then. I thought to myself. Kind of like before, a little in denial and more like, 'whatever'.

The ocean is good for me. I must be Lemurian, I thought to myself, as I jumped through the waves with delight.

When I came back home,while checking my work assignment, I found I had the day off! And there is a 20% off coupon for my local metaphysical store in my email inbox! Looks like it is going to be Sunday twice this week for me.


Reiki Doc

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