Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why the Ghosts Haunt Victoria, BC

I had a guess that Victoria is an energetic point, kind of like Stonehenge, where the Gaia's energy is close to the surface of the earth. Whales are in abundance here. People flock here as tourists. Hawayo Takata lived and taught here at the end of her life. And I personally feel replenished, and healed.

Sure enought, last night John Adams said on our Ghostly Walk Tour that two ley lines intersect at Victoria: one running East-West, and the other running North-South. There is a golf course at the exact intersection, he said.

That cinched it, my theory about Cabal, Illuminati and this most haunted place in all Canada.

Ever lived in a bad part of town? Gangs leave little signs to let people know who's in charge. They tag graffiti. They wear gang colors. They flash gang signs. They guard their turf from rival gangs. There presence is felt as terror by those around them.

I have been seeing 'all-seeing eyes' in the architecture all over the harbor. Little iscoceles triangles at the top of buildings, little pyramids of light that remind me of the one with the eyeball that floats over the pyramid on the back of the US dollar.

John questioned why out of all the statues that were on the back of the Parliament building, of all seven or eight figures, each one was known for haunting.mthere was an Indian chief. The hanging judge (he made me double over with supernatural stomach revulsion at the sight of him). Sir Francis Drake, who was a Pirate. A doctor. His father in law. The founder of Oregon. All of them haunted their homes to this day. And all of them were known to practice the occult.

Their wives would haunt their homes too.

Might they have been mason*s? The placement of a town at the intersection of two ley lines, with bedrock and salt water to trap the energy of the deceased certainly supports this argument. What the tour guide didn't know, and I did, is that high-ranking illumi-not-i, trap souls on earth to harness them. To use the tortured soul for eartly success. It was widely known that one of the statues people had made a pact with the Devil. His building or whatever went up in days, not weeks or months.

I think it was something dark across the living and the dead.

Did you know at the far right hand side of the Parliament building is a garden? At one end of is is a cypress of Lebanon, a rare tree for Canada. It has supernatural power. Four yew trees stand guard over the walkway, trees with Druid ability to house the soul of the most recently deceased whose coffin has passed by.

The pathways form a Celtic cross, with the circle abound the intersecting arms of the cross made of boxwood, another metaphysical powerhouse plant. At the center of a cross all time stands still.I
And certainly enough, there is a sundial right in the center of the circle of this Celtic cross. This is a rose garden, and in Roman times, roses were considered a means to talk to the dead. Like a cell phone across the divide between the Here and the Hereafter.

BC has an eight-five percent rate of cremation. According to John, after busy weekends guards and gardeners often find ashes of human remains scattered among these roses in this garden.

On some level people here know this garden is different and special.john Adams raised the question,did the builder of this garden know what he was building? And I picked up there whad been ritual sacrifice below the Parliament building and also at the Celtic cross. There is known ritual abuse at Point Alberni, and lawsuits are set to be placed on behalf of the poor first nations youths who suffered there in the past.

In my humble opinion, the answer is YES, and for much more in this town too. The more we can do as Lightworkers to counteract this Darkness in places like this, the better. Exposé the Truth. Clear the trapped energy. Perform ceremonies for the light. Drive the Darkness away.