Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Health and Higher Discernment


This is a rebuttal to a blog post at the Galactic Free Press in the above link: '6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless, Medical System is Severely Flawed.'  :

I work on souls.

I work on souls in human bodies through my body, which is human.

I am an anesthesiologist and I see what God has written in your post today, the one that I responded to. All of it was very third dimensional. I did not like it. So now it is time to set the record straight.

Your Light Body is Perfect
Your Light Body is a replica of you, that exists in a higher dimension. When we go to all that, your lost limbs will reappear, your missing teeth will sprout back, your organs shall be returned and all shall exist in Divine Perfection. This is YOU, in your natural state of being. You are flawless and Holy and Light.

For some reason, and for some Purpose, you came down from Heaven and came to Earth.

Your Earth Body is a 'projection' of your Light Body into the Illusion called 'reality'
I see it with my clairvoyance brightest in the O..R. while I work with my patients.

There is a big tunnel of white light that goes in the head and through you and comes out the feet. It is about six inches wide, and sparkly bright white.

Your perception is what allows how this Light is to come through into the Chakra energetic system.  This is how Chakras get 'imbalance' in the first place. Emotions, personal reactions to events and the inner world that you are influences greatly this metaphysical to physical process.

Your Earth Body is a 'vehicle' for Learning Life Lessons and it talks to you through illness
When the entity does not find and correct an energetic imbalance on the etheric plane, it transcends into the physical, as illness. Every illness has a 'message' for the body and the soul that it inhabits.
Medicine Men and Women in the past were highly skilled at correcting imbalance at this step.

Your Spirit may sign up to burn Karmanic debt through powerful life lessons by ill health
Today I had a 92 -year old in the O.R. He stepped out of his body, and showed me in vigor and strength the Light Body of his choice. I saw the manual labor he had done, and how it had strengthened him. I half-thought but then corrected the logical, 'so why are you in your old ravaged body still?'
He heard, and politely answered, 'I stay here for the kids. They need me. Even if they have to feed and diaper me, I am of help to them. I have chronic illness to get them used to the fact that I might die at any given time. I want my time of separation to be as effortless for them as it possibly can. I am in no hurry.'
Souls have a choice and live in a realm that is beyond common thought.

There is no place in blaming the patient for their suffering, no matter how much their choices were a causative factor
A soul in suffering is wanting a heart to understand, and to comfort them, in their lesson.
'My boyfriend lied about how much alcohol he has been drinking', the girlfriend said, in the lobby when I went to see her after the case. (It was a lot)
'Is there any chance he might go into DT's on this admission?'
'No. He hasn't had any for five or six days, because he was not feeling well.'
'I am glad you told me....' and then I opened up. About  a disease. About Al-Anon and how it helped so much in my life. About 'you are a child of God and have every right to deserve love and happiness. Being around an alcoholic does a number on you. Go and learn from those that know the disease best, who can love and support you.'
'Can I give you a hug?' she asked, tears in her eyes, tears of relief from sharing the secret and being one step more free
'Yes, yes of course' and I gave her a big hug back.

A great doctor does not work alone, a great angel is always by his/her side
Reiki acknowledges the presence of the Divine in all Healing Activity. In traditional medicine, one can feel it when one is around a Healer who is in balance in body, mind and spirit. Reiki accelerates this process, and gives a common foundation from which to communicate.

The problem with randomized-double blind studies and arguments is threefold:
1) the biological sciences are no match for the accuracy and solid information found in the physical sciences
2) in market research for consumer products, I learned it is the market research design that determines the outcome of the study
3) people with 3D mindset can have their day with all the papers and arguments in the world; I am bringing my angels with me to the operating room, and to my blog, and invite Divine Intervention to take its course. I look ahead to Light Boxes and my eventual obsolescence as an M.D. Until then, I am going to hold hands and hold hearts in the paradigm that people believe in best.

My patients are the best indicator that I am doing something right
There are critical care nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other physicians taking the path I walk: the path of Mikao Usui, who followed his inner guidance closely. By sparking the hearts of healers all over the globe, we are bringing in the Light to a world where there is Darkness, the hospital, the twisted cabal-run industry of selling 'health' that in fact is anything but (I think the author of your article is coming from this angle), to overpaid CEO's and layoffs and short-staffing on the front lines...We are doing Reiki one patient at a time, no matter where we work, and increasing the Light-fold on the planet with the assistance of our angels, guides and deceased loved ones until it is time to quit.


Reiki Doc