Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She is Catholics

This image represents the chalice and the blade, an emblem of the Goddess

Last night I heard a story of a man, who was thrown out of his bed and dashed with ice water in the middle of the night. He did his research and discovered it had happened at the same moment the Titanic started to sink. He told that story with delight for years.

The ghost tour guide knew the man who heard this tale from the one that experienced it.
The tour guide, on a different investigation, discovered that there was a man from Victoria who had died on the Titanic. He had always stayed at the same room of the hotel as the man who was drenched.

Who was this man? "I knew the man that knew the first one with the story," said the John Adams, the ghost tour guide, "he was masons. And so was the one who told the story in the first place. He was masons as well."

I asked if John was a member of Paranormal Victoria, the group Reiki Master Alicia Nickle, our other tour guide was associated with. He was not. Was he part of the other group in town? No, he said. He didn't want to take sides, as both groups got along fine. He didn't want his thirteen year business of ghost walk tours to favor one with his membership.  I had to think about that. He must be getting his paranormal experience from somewhere...he must be Masonic himself.

I am not mason. But there is a hierarchy to the organization. I will explain the only sister organization I know and am associated with, the Catholic Church.

First there are the parishioners. We are baptized and go through first communion to participate in mass. It takes confirmation to become a full member.

The lay person is given rites: baptism, communion, reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, and last rites. There is also a rite for the religious, for the priests and nuns who devote themselves to religious life.

That is where the church organization starts to get murky. Ninety nine percent of the laity and the religious are on the level. They love God, they believe in the church, and they obey and do what they are asked to do.

Somewhere deep in the church, Satan is present. I do not know where or how, but clearly molestation of youth is but one sign of the darkness of the church. At levels up, the power is more frightening. In the old country of Sicily, my grandfather knew and warned my mother as a little girl of this risk.

Online, if you look hard enough, you will find evidence to back up these fact. Cobra's little red pill is an excellent start.

This post is a apology to the masons who are like the ninety-nine percent of the Roman Catholic Church. And not to the members of high rank, I am not sure where exactly, but I understand thirty-three is not good. I let you go to your fates and to justice.


Reiki Doc